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Main dogging sites and directions for Queensland, including major towns and cities: Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Mackay, Rockhampton, Toowoomba.


  • Carpark at park before you get to conservation park. carpark area by park also near entry to walking track to bald rock ()

Picnic Point

  • head down towards the waterfall and stop in the gazebo inlet that is private ()

Mt Tambo

  • lookout at top 10pm fri&sat ()

Coolum Beach

  • In the national park carpark just off David Low way located between Coolum and Peregian on the Ocean Side. Approx 1 1/2 kms south of Peregian roundabout. Always someone in the bushes or car during the day. ()


  • wynnum north rd. big carpark at end near bird watching area. 9pm friday nights. leave interior lights on to watched. ()


  • Park opposite Ocean international Mackay,Fri and Sat nights ()

Main Beach

  • just past Sea World driveway in to boat ramp area at waters edge between kerbline has about 4 to 6 meters to waters edge and has trees Sunday nights last 3 weeks there has been good action here ()


  • sat nights with the best view of rocky .head for the hill... ()

Pyramid Walking Track

  • south past gordonvale and mulgrave river turn right into cane field go to track. ()

Mount Archer

  • Drive to the top of Mount Archer after dark and park near the toilet block. Watch the interior lights of other cars for an invitation. ()

Sunshine Beach

  • Car park at Northern Sunshine Beach. Usually Friday nights sometimes Saturdays. There's a big interest up here but it needs someone to take the reigns! ()

Coochie Mudlo Island

  • go to coochie mudlo island and walk to the right of the boat ramp and follow the road around till it ends... walk on beach and go for it ()

Hervey Bay

  • gattekers bay boat ramp point vernon, it's easy to find! just follow the signs ()

East Leichhart Dam

  • Turn off 30 klms west of Mt Isa ()

Shute Harbour Car Park

  • go though airlie all the way to shute harbour before you get to the ferry take a right ,go up the hill,past the big car park and as you go further up the hill theres a secluded car park on the right , always couples and singles there ()

Kemp Beach

  • On the beach just off the Scenic Highway at Kemp Beach. Located between Yeppoon and Emu Park. Be careful as this is a family friendly location during the day. Best to meet up and go for a walk to the nearby lookout. Cheers ()

Forest Lake

  • Cn:t miss it. Forest Lake Blvd crosses the lake and turn into the carpark off the Esplanade. ()


  • Robertson park, palleranda, under the figs. TUesday-Thursday nights 730pm-9pm. Be patient as it can be hit and misss ()

Tiaby Beach

  • 30km east Rockhampton, go to Emu Park left at first roundabout, drive till you get to New Subdivision on right go down road till you get to paved park area on left. ()

Southport Spit Nude Beach

  • Just passed sea world/narra resort. There are a number off walking tracks into the nudist beach. Plenty off action in the dunes & amongest the trees. BUT be warned the police patrol these areas sometimes. ()

Sunshine Coast

  • Go to Gamban esp (west end) and walk to the water with torch flash a couple of times and wait. First Monday of every Month around 7 pm (night for the dumb asses) ()

Dingo Beach

  • Take the trip out to Dingo Beach and find the track to Nellie Bay - lots of beach and no people - often tourists seen in campervans ()

Carrara Emerald Lakes

  • from nielsons rd turn left (going east) in to the car park at the lake. after dark in the car park. but also saw couples in the morning. seems to be jogging and dogging. ()


  • Point Cartwright, top carpark near the end of the boardwalk and platforme any sunday night at 9o'clock p.m. ()


  • tyalgum road near the fruit stall ()


  • jabaru island night time 7 days paridise ()

Mt Cootha

  • all along the road up to the top of Mt Cootha ()

Araluen Park Tallebugdera Creek Road Tally Valley

  • public nudity and dogging location fri and sat nights 9- 930 pm ()

Hope Isl Rd

  • hope isl rd toilets under the trainline ()


  • carpark at base quite spot close to the rdcliffe jetty ()

Mackay Town Beach

  • most nights of week between dusk and 9pm ..go to the beach end of shakespere st then turn right park along posts near rock wall, have seen meny people getting on there , and one couple fucked on there car bonet ,i just stood there and watched ,then th ()


  • Try Venman Reserve, Cornubia, VERY quiet. Gravel road leading to parking area, very private. ()


  • Laurel Bank Park near the fountain ()


  • Deshon st woolloongabba just 2km from Brisbane city. Theres a park beside the takeaway shop that goes through to the next street. There a two spots one is down the back on the picinic table and the other is about 100m in in a rotunda. very secluded spot can be used day or night, have meet and seen several couples here ()

Red Beach @ Bribie Island

  • 'Red Beach' is a long stretch of sandy beach running along the southern side of Bribie Island between Skirmish Point and Bald Point. Great place at dawn or on nights with a full moon. Open or secluded places all along the stretch. ()

Wildhorse Mountain Carpark

  • Half way between the caboolture and caloundra turn off on the bruce highway, just after the south bound bp servo (take the servo exit and drive 100 metres past) in the wildhorse mountain carpark. Try friday or saturday nights. ()

Glass House Mountains

  • Glass house mountains carpark is a good spot on weekend nights. ()


  • Deshon Street - Woolloongabba - Environmental Reserve Cnr Deshon St and Turbo Drive. This parkland area is very cruisy with lots of natural bushland areas creating some good private areas. The park looks small from the street and carpark but opens out into a large bushland area with a circuit track with smaller tracks leading off to some private areas. ()

Mt Cootha.

  • Mt Cootha circuit - Slaughter Falls - Simpsons picnic area - plateau on city side ()


  • Nudgee Beach The birdhide where the action takes place is at the end of the boardwalk where it meets the dirt track. Most action happens during the day or late arvo as there are no lights along the boardwalk or track. ()


  • Lomandra About 2km past Ferny Grove train station on Samford Road. Drive of the road into parking area. ()
  • Redcliffe foreshore. ()
  • Marchant Park, off Ellison Road. ()
  • Shaw road park next to football field right hand side at bottom of hill going towards city. Parking area but best park outside ()
  • Lomandra About 2km past Ferny Grove train station on Samford Road. Drive of the road into parking area. ()
  • Bulimba: Memorial Park, Oxford Street. ()
  • Colmslie Off Lyton Road Turn off at State Hockey centre, and take drive down to river, second park off junction rd ()
  • Karawatha Park Brisbane South/Logan the entrance is through a road just off compton road (corner off petrol station). The entry is at the peak of the hill. ()
  • New Farm Park, off Anthony Steele McBride Drive. ()


  • At the nude beach at Bowen, plenty couples and singles having fun ()


  • Downey Park, Windsor go north past the hospital, after the creek turn left into Northey Street. Park around the first bend. ()
  • Meadowlands Road Parklands Belmont, back of park popular spot betweeen old cleveland road and wynnum road, adjacent the gateway motorway. approach from creek road or belmont road 24/7. ()
  • Toohey Forest, Toohey Road Salisbury check it out through the day goes off at night..cruisy park top spot. ()
  • Skinner's Park Carbrook/Cornubia turn right off Redland Bay/Mt Cotton Rd - head down towards the river. ()
  • Lawnton, Heading north along Gympie Road turn left into Leis Parade and then your first right into Leis Park. Leis Parade is just before you go over the AJ Willie Bridge into Petrie. If you get to the round-a-bout at Petrie you've gone too far. ()
  • Grinstead park Shand St between Alderley and Stafford Best after dark as is busy during day due to playground there. ()


  • MT archer top of the look out interior lights flashing signal its on :) ()
  • About 10k south of Rocky on the old Bruce Highway. Over the level crossing and on the bitumen. Pretty private near the rail line on the old road. Truckies can see doggers at night from the highway going both north and south over the rail line if the doggers stand on the road in front of the car and leave their headlights on. Cars are too low for drivers to see. Hard to get caught as cars coming along the old road can be seen by their headlights. Have seen a number of couples out there. ()


  • Denmark hill environmental park the toilet block or bush walks ()


  • Furber park seen a few cpls playing. or as heading south out of mburra,turn left at ned kelly servo and follow till u get to the weir.lots of action there too. wld be awesome to see some more there havin fun nd joining in. ()


  • At the public camping spot in tiaro quite a few backpackers put on a show sometimes inviting, grey nomads r known to suck n swallow often. ()

Tuesday Night Dogging, Nth Gold Coast

  • Couples, Singles, seems to be a quiet secret, each week is better, Parklands beside Paradise Point boat ramp, behind boatshop, Paradise parade, use your interior light, late after 9pm. Has been too busy for mornings with walkers. ()

Deshon St Wooloongabba

  • Thursday nights 6-8pm plenty couples and singles ()


  • Botannical Gardnbs Park Toilet Block Windmill End some luck sometimes. ()

Fortitude Valley

  • Thursday & Friday nights at the adult cinema, lots couples and guys ()

Glenoma Park, Cairns/Brinsmead

  • How to get there: Travel to Smithfeild from West Cairns on the Western Arterial Road, go past Mobil servo, thru lights , next turn to left is glenoma park. Brightly painted toilets near entrance. Hours / Best Time: 24hours, Families use the park days/weekend. Best time is evenings. Other info: Scout the area during the day if your first time there. Has lit car park but large park to go for a wander. There are always people doing the rounds there !Every Nitght! ()

Centenary Lakes, Cairns

  • How to get there: Greenslopes St and look for the signs. Hours / Best times: After Dark, used by families days/weekends Other info: Mix of both dark and better lit areas, both 'fresh' and 'salt' sides to the park area. There are usually cars parked on the main road, the drivers have got to be hiding somewhere ;) ()

The Rocks, Cairns/Redlynch

  • How to get there: Head towards Crystal Cascades/Redlynch Valley. Turn left down 'Rocks Rd'. Hours / Best times: ?? Other info: Secluded with small toilet block, very quiet 'ruralish' residential area several hundred metres away. ()

Green Patch, Cairns/Gordonvale

  • How to get there: 'Easy way' Head south over 'new' Mulgrave River bridge take left exit and head back across 'old' bridge and turn right after bridge. If you know how to get to the old bridge from Gordonvale left turn before old bridge. Hours / Best times: Evenings Other info: The area is a rest stop with covered table(s), toilets (used to have a glory hole) and access route to a local swimming hole. ()


  • rest stop on right 1k from garage heading north this little town is 120k south of Cairns but lots of visitors in cars, glory hole in the toilets.I stopped once travelling from Townsville Lots of action I keep going back now. ()

Browns Plains

  • At the end of enterprise way near q ford and behind the showgrounds. Wait for a signal Tuesday evenings between 6pm and 8 pm ()

Brighton Park @ Brighton

  • After 5pm action happens at Brighton Park just off deagon deviation on brisbanes northside. ()

Dundowran Beach

  • New place just East of Hervey Bay right on the water very horny people get down there. Male female and couples take your pick. ()

Albany Creek

  • carpark cashes crossing low carpark before going north of bridgeturn right then left follow down park and walk across creek fri and sat morns ()

Cairns Buchans Pt

  • nude beach - walk around to the rocks - cpls mm ff having fun - bathing. good place ()


  • Southboad truckstop rest area (about 10-15km before Aratula) - late weekday nights ()


  • Kemp beach, at the park afternoons are the best times 2-5pm plenty singles and a few couples ()


  • A- Bay noosa any day of the week heaps of men willing to suck and fuck or just watch. Also weekends great for couples swinging group action etc great place to pick up. ()


  • At the ship wreck down on the water front ()


  • Turn off the Bruce Highway at the Big Fish, turn left and park in the carpark outside the old Pieshop (not in the Pub!) walk around the back of building, excellent views of the highway day and night, nice grassed area surrounded by trees and bushes. My woman loves it there she can get down and dirty for the world to see and still be safe. ()


  • Underground carpark at the front of Morayfield shopping centre. Park down the back and play away, best on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. ()


  • Kershaw gardens cpls playing around the back of the waterfall and near the slabhut plenty of good spots there. ()

Everton Park

  • Off Osbourne Rd past Brookside Shopping Centre turn right into parklands. drive down the back park near the sports fields. Either in your car or across in the bushes near the creek. most nights after the soccer training has finished 9.00pm. ()

Taiby Beach

  • hi all i was wondering where & when at taiby beach just outside Emu Park ()


  • Old Sandgate Rd in the Nundah Village.At the northern enterence park around the corner in Wood St. There is a brick toilet block. For guys this is a good place for meeting other guys. Best at night after 10pm or weekends. ()


  • The lookout off on Jeff Ringland Drive. Head towards the Power Station and Turn into Red Rover Road. Then take the second left which is Jeff Ringland Drive. It takes you up to the lookout. There are plenty of private places. The concrete lookout tower is fantastic. ()

Nudgee Park

  • Has anyone tried Nudgee Park after dark behind the big servo there? The picnic bench there can't be seen from the road at night. Or the duck pond jettee... ()


  • bird lookouts at town common ()


  • Take caloundra turn off fm Bruce hwy, turn left and head towards landsborough. Threes a park on the right before the kart track. Good for day or night. Warning. Well patrolled by local police. Signs up as warning. Increased risk for those involved. ()

The Lakes J.J.Smith Park

  • Action starts on the jetty and on the picnic shelters near it furtherest from the road.Monday nights are best after 8 p.m. Flash lights from carpark and head towards the jetty.Plenty of action ()

Deception Bay

  • d'bay at the bay near the fishirres end of the bay in the carpark there and in apex park every nite of the week . single girls weclomed to come play from 8pm till late ()


  • darra the park just down from woolies. Male looking for females. 8pm tuesdays till late ()


  • Mt Wooroolin car park Friday and Saturday nights after 7:30 seems to be ok, have met a few couples for play as well as some single males. ()

Park On Lockyer Creek Near Gatton- Where There Gatton Clifton Road Joins The Highway

  • Nice park thats in a creek pocket. Plenty of action on Friday and Saturday nites mainly. Look down by the creek banks or in the toilets for the best actions. ()

Majestic Park Eva Street Coorparoo

  • Follow the walking trail around keep your eyes open for the slope down into a private area, times vary though ()

Morayfield Sports Centre Carpark.

  • Any night after dark is good, there are toilets and a playground on the dance hall side for a bit of extra place to play. or just in your car is good. little to low light and only sports centre customers driving past some nights. there is a good spot at the back of the hall between the hall and the fence which is nice and dark. ()


  • Mt Wooroolin car park at the top seems to get a bit of action, mostly after 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights you see a few couples up there looking to show off their skills. ()

Burrum Heads

  • burrum heads boat ramp is a good spot any time after ten, or if you like the sun on your skin the south end of the beach at low tide is also a good spot you can walk out about 1.5ks in just 6 inch of water, good place to shag and watch the sun set ()

Southport Spit Gold Coast

  • Park in the main carpark at the Spit opposite Sea World carpark. Follow the track that runs behind the dunes (you should have a fence on your right side). Keep following the track until the fence runs out. Turn right & head up into the dunes. You will find couples fucking in the dunes, under the trees (including me & my girlfriend. M-28 & F-23.) Always action here. We are there Saturdays, Sundays in fine weather. We will be there this Thursday, Friday 30th/31st Dec if you're keen. ()

Capalaba Park

  • just park your car and wait, some one will go for a walk in the bush for you,or like me i like to open the door a bit and get fucked in the ass ()

Park On Bracken Ridge Road, Sandgate

  • There is a field a local Model Plane group uses for meetings on Saturday mornings. If you climb through the fence, there is a table there that is perfect height to use. A small hedge protects you from direct traffic lights but mostly visible from the road. Excellent location been there twice this week. ()

Logan Village

  • the park on the main road about 2kms past the pub on the left great action most nights on park tables ()

Tin Can Bay

  • Yacht Club Car Park very early mornings good couples spot ()

Gayunder Park

  • This is actually Gayundah Park which is the same place as the other two places mentioned in the list (It's on the foreshore and is named for the shipwreck it overlooks). Also Brighton Park tends to hot up after 7pm in summer. ()

Forest Lake

  • well if there are any couples or ladys in or round i'd be happy to help out just look for a trailer with lazy_k9 on it ()

Central Lakes Park Caboolture

  • Top end carpark near the dog exercise area, after dark, park in the carpark and walk just into the garden area along the path, have seen a few there, mostly weeknights due to teens hanging around on weekends. Dark and secluded. ()


  • •Grinstead park Shand St between Alderley and Stafford Best friday nights after 8, we be on the picnic table, come say hi ()

Mon Repo Beach

  • the nthern end of beach mainly guys, and a few couples, lots of bush out back to play, watch and sumtimes join in depends on the ppl tho. be warned park rangers patrol as do the police... ()


  • my boy and i have been getting out and about for fun dogging, we have recently found a nice quiet place to discreetly fool around n have a little fun. would love to see other people come meet up and enjoy the outdoors. We love the nice sea breeze and atmosphere.. meet Southport (broadwater parklands) behind Southport swimming pool at boat ramp. tuesday 19th 9;30pm and thursdays 9;30pm ()

Tannum Sands

  • Canoe Point tannum sands is always good for a look..fri, sat nights and sometimes during the week usually between 10pm - 1am is a good time to check it out ()


  • wongi state forest camping/picnic area very private and secluded about 10mins from maryborough on the bruce highway. only a new place not sure if many people know about it but definatly a top spot for outdoor activitys ()

Meadow Vale Nature Park

  • just north of bundy off rosedale rd cpls sngl males and females most arvos sunday also good ()

Colmslie Boat Ramp BRIS

  • Park facing East towards the park/bridge. Thursday nights 9.00pm and beyond ()

Pine Rivers Park

  • between Bald Hills and Strathpine ... early mornings and late afternoons at dusk ()

Wild Horse Mountain Lookout

  • During the day as mozzies rule the night. It is a rush to strip off using the map table and sighting chain as a stip pole and then lap the lookout floor. Have never been busted yet. The walk up there is real steep. ()


  • Lake Callemondah... every night of the week just on dark until about 9pm . Was a bit freaked out the first time due to so many there , but all seemed respectful, and only watched. Going to try a picnicbench down there next time, as she is feeling braver now. ()


  • Sandy's Crossing at the end of Second Street most nights down from the council depot in the reserve ()


  • pine rivers park out the back is a shelter, great for sucking and fucking, or in the toilet block.. ()


  • Osprey house carpark off dohles rock rd , near the very end or their is a bird watches house along the boardwalk in the mangroves, nice view while ya fuck n suck ()

Wooloowin Brisbane Qld.

  • wooloowin norman street just below the bend in norman street ()


  • Mary Cairncross Park, park out front of the park and walk about 20 meters in, play looking at the views over Brisbane, had some good sessions there. ()

Cedar Creek

  • Cedar Creek Road near Samford. Follow the road past the main picnis site and a couple of hundred metres on you'll find a spot to drive off the road and park. The creek is right there and there are some fantastic large boulders or sandy areas to go for it while you watch the road. Had a great fuck there this morning. ()


  • Head to the tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula to Scarborough, travell along Thurecht Parade to you hit a large quiet car park on the waterfront. This has been a long time favourite dogging spot for ages ()

Tygum Lagoon

  • tygum lagoon at waterford great spot at night always someone wanting to help out ()


  • At the conservation park at the northern end of Bishop Road , look for the walking track , only about 50 mtrs from the road, ()


  • Great spot if anyone is keen for it just outside of thangool tollemaches road it's on the right coming from biloela after nine mile creek follow the road round and stay to the left follow till you hit dirt there is a work site on the left with one security guard at night but I'm sure if you asked they would be keen to play must get pretty boring out there alone . no one comes down this road late at night perfect for having outdoor fun :) ()

Bribie Island

  • On the surf side go the the furthest car park north . Enter a track going to the beach and pass a NO NUDE BATHING sign to your right. Go left as you get to the beach and head north . After about half a k head into the dunes ...a good place for couples. ()


  • Aerodrome Rd down near airfield. A lot of warehouse carparks and very quiet at nights. Drive just passed Lear Jet Dve and park on side of road before you get to airfield. Seen lot of single women and single guys. lot of couples also! Great spot for Straight people and Bi Girls! no gay or bi guys go there!!! ()


  • Haig Street Quarry Bush Reserve haig st Brassall QLD 4305, Australia dogging, swinging, gangbangs, i have witnessed first hand denmark hill has cameras watching day or night red rag hangs on gate on entry means lookin 4 fun very popular spot last friday nite seen 3 couples swaping plenty gay and bi guys too nite is best ()

Entrance To Wellers Hill Water Reservior Marshall Road Tarragindi

  • Small Car park in the entrance to the wellers Hill Water Reservior just by the north bound freeway entrance Marshall Road Tarragindi lots of couples go there Thursday nights best but weekends as well ()

Broadbeach Sand Hill

  • Broadbeach sand hills after 9pm to the left hand side of the beach is a dogging paradise. I have had many mutual cumming experiences with some hot ladies. ()


  • Bi-Lo car park @ late nights 7 days a week ()

Tannum Sands

  • 5 am in the mornings at conoe point jogging track .some watching goes on there . track to the mouth of the river. ()

North Lakes

  • Drive along Lakefield Dr near the lake there is a car park that is very private so no surprises from unwanted attention, and good lighting if you want others to watch or join in. Nights and horny early mornings the best ()

Stone Island MonRepo

  • small stone Island at the caravan park end of the beach, very secluded,loads of bushes to get nasty behind rangers hardly ever seen.. police to busy patrolling the dunes end.. lol mainly gays some straight cpls and single curious guys. plenty of action most days. as long as its not raining, bring a towel as the stones can be a little uncomfortable on you knees or back. go get some. ()

Peregian Beach South

  • Victory Park by the beach. great at night, especially if the little fat old queen from the units on the corner is sitting in the park. He can guide you to anything gay. He is a great rimmer and receiver!! Loves anyone to watch. Keen on groups Also lot of hetero at times, two paths through to the beach for privacy in a small group or follow the ususl protocol with cars, interior light on window down, flashing from the car ()

Toowong Brisbane

  • football feild on sylvan rd toowong is good place for couples the feild is couple 100 meters from the regatta hotel so the parks pretty busy friday and sat nights plenty of benches and kinky spots very fun ()

Kianawah Park Wynumn

  • Huge park with large driveway and several parking areas. There are several Gazebos that are also very handy. ()

Mudjimba Beach North Shore

  • Head north away from novotel resort, the unpatrolled beach stretch the way into Mudjimba. Very good spots for day time around 12pm, lots of men willing to suck seen the odd girl there, follow the beach accesses onto smaller goat trails behind sand dune parallel to road. Usually afew guys in cars in daytime. ()

West End

  • Davies Park is a good dogging location and often is deserted ()


  • there is also a bit of action at the boat ramp car park on the north side of the barrage for those who enjoy a bit of dogging mainly friday & saturday nights singles & couples get along to this spot ()

Mount Crosby

  • go over the weir bridge and turn left go to the sports fields right down the end of the road under the big mango tree where the 2 palm trees are best nights thursday and friday nights ()


  • just on the north side of rocky at the fresh water boat ramp there is a bit of dogging action thats happening there mainly friday & saturday nights there is a big car park there you cant miss it ()

Toowoomba Captain Cook Park

  • of a night time oppisite the captain cook park is the footy fields the car park all along there is dark and great for some dogging fun of a night time. (near airport) ()


  • the red bucket on the way into town most nights after 9pm and gloryhole in the toilets ()

Pacific Pines Gold Coast

  • Saltwater park off binstead way pacific pines, early morning before sun up and after Dark, small park behind brockman way sports park off pitcairn way as well ()


  • byellee road off don young drive it's a deadend road it takes you own to the river it's very open but very quite the road is very realy used only by railway works and fisherman it's even quite dueing the day ()

Caloundra Racecourse Industrial Estate

  • Head for the racecourse turnoff and there is an industrial estate just a little off the exit on right. go right to the end and it is ver secluded. can see if any cars are coming from far away. very dark and lots of cars there on Friday and Sat night 8pm onwards. ()

Sorrento Shops Park

  • There is a great park just next to the Sorrento Shopping village. This is about a 2 minute drive past isle of capri coming from surfers. dogging happens here down the hill just near the waters edge on thursday nights at about 10:00. nice open area so you can see who is there and public enough to have fun, yet discreet enough not to get caught ;) P.S .... If your keen there will definitely be 2 (bi) guys there on Thursday 21st of JUNE 2012 - But please dont just restrict this fun time to just guys :) ;) hope to see you there :D ()


  • Look out ormeau Tenice cort marabina dr toilets jacobs well toilets rh side past school ()


  • •Haig Street Quarry Bush Reserve haig st Brassall QLD 4305, Australia dogging, swinging, gangbangs, i have witnessed first hand denmark hill has cameras watching day or night red rag hangs on gate on entry means lookin 4 fun very popular spot last friday nite seen 3 couples swaping plenty gay and bi guys too nite is best •Childrens Park Underwood Street Brassall QLD 4305, no cameras, same as the quarry hang red rag up good secondary spot ()


  • lakes park carpark after dark heaps go there guys girls couples ()

Mt Cotton

  • Gremzow Rd Mt Cotton. After 10.00 pm any night. Follow dirt road over hill until you reach a set of gates on the right , park there and enjoy. ()


  • Down on the river bank behind Albert Park Football and Cricket Fields.. walking tracks along the bank all day any day ()


  • KIANAWAH PARK- its a massive park/sports ground that has a ring road, you can be very discreat, park at the far end ()

Deshon St "Gabba

  • The reserve on Deshon St mentioned in previous posts. Met a couple in the rotunda screwing there. Available to all on Tuesday evenings. Don't be shy, just walk right up like i did and join in. ()

Riverhills/West Lake

  • Canoeing club down by the river at the end of Sumners Rd ()

Mount Isa

  • every night, meet in rsl car park, meet there then decide on venue. both couples and singles, nearly all ways bi. great fun. see you there ()

Turners Camp Bribie Island Road

  • Mainly for the guys sit in car for a while then stroll along the beach toilet action too. ()

Balding Bay, Magnetic Island

  • A secluded hard to get to beach. A few regular couples play with guys or other couples. Usually at the far end away from the track entrance. Sometimes rocks in the centre. ()

Hervey Bay

  • Dayman Park. I know my partner and i go there weekly. It is a nice relaxing place. Night time. Week end and normally a Saturday night. ()

Sunshine Coast

  • Boat ramp on Nicklen Way. Go over first bridge heading towads Kawana, turn left into boat ramp. Lots of action late afternoon. Early into the night , weekdays and weekends , around 5.00 to 600 pm.Seen couples having fun. ()

Redbank Plains

  • white rock conservation park plenty of walking tracks toilets at the end of school road redbank plains ()


  • Top of hill at the end of Boles st look out, be aware can get very busy :) ()

The Spit

  • If you follow the spit all the way to the very end then turn left and follow it right to the end again ( to the place where you have to do a U turn - where the big boat thing docks) there are usually cars there Wednesday nights! - just flash your inside lights twice to upcoming cars and if they flash back youve got a done deal! generally Bi - males and swinging couples there! ()

Apple Tree Creek

  • Rest area right on the HiWay. Look around the Rotunda at night or down around the rodeo buildings. Plenty of Grey Nomads camp there looking for some fun. Couples, Back Packers, Guys. Not long after dark, just go for a walk around the area, you find action almost anywhere in this area. Plenty of dark areas with passing traffic masking any noise. ()

Elliott Heads

  • on the beach ,river side from caravan park,weekends,some action in the dunes ()


  • Fixter park go to end of kingfisher pde walk straigt through to seats. It is a good site since they blocked beach entry there and moved it further up to the right. You can see who is coming from a distance and no one can surprise you coming from the beach. I have seen couples there about 4.pm a few times and a few gay and bi men looking for some action ()

Cameron Park Booval Ipswich

  • Place red rag at entrance to Bar-B-Que area near Swifts Bowls Club Mon-Friday evening after 7pm. ()

Mackay Botanical Gardens

  • Mackay Botanical gardens from dusk onwards, plenty of great spots, no police or security patrols, have seen quite a few couples in recent weeks ()

Palm Beach

  • Palm beach at the pirate ship playground the bush land next to that. Every night ()

Mackay Harbour

  • The beach @ north wall is good! Can wander up beach. Caught 2 guys last week and 2 mf couples over Xmas! Didn't seem to mind me watching! ()


  • Mt Archer car park Saturday nights....just casually cruise the car park pulling up and flashing interior light seems to attract ()

Kangaroo Point

  • Walkway below the cliffs, lots of quiet spots late at night. ()


  • The south bank of the river. Lots of trails and car parks but you have to be aware of the CCTV cameras, which are clearly visible. Or conceal your identity and give the security personnel a thrill! ()


  • Ransome park. End of Chelsea rd there are tracks on the right. Seen some couples having a great time there. ()


  • Down the back of crummunda park or just in the nature reserve near where the tracks first cross at the seat near the water, it's on the north side of currimundi lake, usually couples & some single guys on a saturday night late but have seen some there on the odd friday night late anytime after 10/11 till daylight ()

Fernvale / Mt Nebo / Parks At Glorious

  • Lots of male to male dogging at small toilet block outside of Fernvale on the northern side, same at the white cedar/red cedar parks toilets at the base of Mt Glorious western side, also Wivenhoe outlook you can go up onto the lookout into shelters and had good vision if anyones coming up, Mt Nebo has Westridge outlook with couples as well as males. ()

Norville Park

  • follow the road that runs along and behind Norville pool until you get to park on left. ()


  • verney ct every sat.11pm on top of big hill down in culde sack ()

East Feluga

  • Action a plenty each Friday at Mission beach end of East Feluga road. Signal with interior light and beach towel. ()


  • At the end of fryers rd take a left. At the sugur cain fields. Drive to the end and stop. Car sex or out doors. Hope to see some couples or horny ladies. Mondays tuesdays and wensdays after 6pm. ()


  • The park just past the rubbish dump every night from 7-30pm till 9pm seen a few couples down there single ladys hang a towel out the window males flash head lights couples flash interior for an invite i have meet a few ladys down there ()

Coochie Mudlo Island

  • get off where the ferry docks and go left and walk along beach till you get to the red rocks and walk past there where the beach is secluded, sometimes couples and singles naked. Or turn right when you get off the boat and keep walking along dirt road till you get till toilet block (not the 1st in front of shop) and walk down on beach, nudes there too Enjoy :) ()

Finch Hatton Gorge

  • This a great spot, go to the first falls,not wheel of fire....so when you reach the lower falls go down to the water then go down stream [it's a bit of a walk] till you reach the fork in the creek,and take the left side and there is a yellow tree fallen over the pool, and you are there !!!!! Please don't stop before you get to that pool,it just gets better and better .HOT HOT SPOT! ()

Kings Cliff Nsw

  • Beach south side of river good dunes plenty of spots to get your freak on beware very much a family beach on the weekends ()

The Spit (All The Way Round To The End)

  • Tonight WEDNESDAY 1/5/13 9.30pm, singles and couples ready to play ()


  • Sir John Chandler Park, at the end of Meiers Road. Great undiscovered location, my partner and I have used it a couple of times this past summer. ()

Ashmore,Public Park Behind Billabong Factory In Ashmore On The Gold Coast.

  • I want to start regular sessions at this park with keen couples, single women & Bi Guys . There's a gr8 spot at the far end of this large park , it's a small , low ,flat, sheltered area that is semi hidden from view . Any interested doggers want get in touch , call me , 0431750510 . Ashmore, Gold Coast ()

Chambers Flat

  • There's a nice big grassy park are at the end of Norris creek rd off chambers flat rd, have used it once and it was really good, has two sheltered benches and clear view if anyone wanders up that way :) ()


  • The boardwalk off keeleys road plenty of quiet spots and little shelters the further along the board walk you go, have had fun there a couple of times during the day, and caught a few couples there as well ()


  • Maize garden near the big windmill is great secluded spot, can stand up and see anyone coming aboove the hedge as your lady friend works down below ()

Oxenford Boat Ramp/lake

  • The large car park at the Oxenford Boat Ramp just off the highway Northbound side where the large Lake is. Nights around 8pm. Couples, singles, groups straight, bi and gay all for fun. Left side of boat ramp when you get down to the car park area. As normal, leave a light on if you want people to approach, or just get and play... good private area. Also plenty of other areas by the lake that are very private. ()

Coral Beach

  • Short walk to a council approved nude beach popular with couples seeking casual sex. Located at the small town of Bowen in North Queensland ()

Wynnum North Road Bird Watch

  • Come after 1am tommorow for me to watch couples in car park ()

Brisbane Acciaridge

  • Learoyld rd the freedem sevice station ()

Russell Island

  • Southern end of Island just before lions park. On the right is a bush track that leads to a bit of sand and some trees. Some topless and nude bathers and I have watched and been watched with a ex gf. ()

Lake Samsonvale McGavin View

  • Glory hole in mens toilet. It is the toilet block with lookout/observation platform on top. Weekday daytime is ok gates gates locked at sunset ()

Brown Lake Nth Straddie

  • go through main carpark up narrow road, the 2nd rest area is nice and quiet. Cples seen around late arvo, most days ()


  • Venman reserve during day, down gravel road. Nice and quiet ()


  • in park near train lines at night .plenty of places around the area.just before the paper mill turnoff ()

Tannum Sands

  • Beach access track across from tannum caravan park ,secluded spots along beach ,and across to wild cattle island ,,some nude sunbathing as well. During the day , have been some fun.,enjoy ()


  • 50 metres up from the Marcoola surf club is a car park on the right (same side of the road as the surf club).. Gets a lot of couples and the odd single females, there is always someone there to play on a Friday or Saturday night, best after 8pm..week days are good to find females here and have played with a few from down there.. There is a path that runs parallel to the beach and goes for about 800 metres.. wait for someone to show interest and go for a walk along the path ( a lot of sechluded places or beach exits to play or head straight down to the beach from the car park and go for a wander up the beach, u will nearly always find someone to play with, even wed and thurs nights have been good and daytimes on the right day. ()

Moggill Ferry Car Park

  • Moggill ferry side of the ferry has a car park very quiet and no one around great place to have some quiet fun not locked up at night's so far enjoy ()

Tennyson 4105

  • There is a great pontoon/jetty at the new (2013) Ken Fletcher Park adjacent to the tennis centre on King Arthur Terrace. It is a wide, clean space that is a long way away from unwanted prying eyes that may be in the park. Great fun could also be had here in the daytime. ()

Darlington Park Camping

  • Swingers Party this weekend starting this afternoon at Darlington park bring your caravan or your tent and a few drinks my girl and I will be playing and we want more to join us so if you like camping come to Darlington park this weekend. ()


  • Looking for couples and single gals, to look for some fun just up from marcoola surf club.. Where there is a car park at the start of the walkin track.. Flash ur car lights down the parth to see if anyone is interested..u should bring a touch as can be quite dark. Lets make this place a fun place to play ;) ()


  • Maze at big windmill get naked and play easy acess to see the road and walking track ()

Mount Cootha

  • Try the Ghost Gums on the upper road at Mt Cootha, walk down the park to the picnic shelter well in the park. Also slaughter falls is good for couples. I have only seen action there at night. ()

Sarina Beach

  • Ladies hover around the hut on the esplanade and single males wonder down to the beach and are quickly joined. Couples enter beach closest to the surf club. Had two encounters with good endings and watched a couple get funky. Willing ladies have a towel over the shoulder best just on dusk ()

Young's Crossing Petrie

  • Young's Crossing on Young's crossing Road at Petrie north of Brisbane is an exceptional doggingvenue after 7pm at night. Parking is either below toilet or above near Thompson buslines wlak up or down to park area and toilets plenty of space and busshy great views as well as performances. Best times: 7pm onwards great viewing area's plenty of barbacue tables or plenty of Bush . Best Nighjts mid week but mostly weekends cool of after in the fresh water of North Pine Dam ()

Gold Coast

  • Cascade Gardens Broad Beach on your left just after convention center heading north after dark an early mornings good southern end of first car park an second interior an brake lights an Maccas cup or water bottle on car roof for signals ()

Mareeba (tablelands)

  • as u cum into mareeba from cairns,rest area just before barron bridge has toilets and water.either in rest area or under bridge. ()

Charters Towers

  • Western End of Burdekin river bridge, walk / drive down beside the bridge ... most late afternoons but especially weekends ()

Gold Coast

  • Mattocks Rd burleigh waters , park on right going south (dog park)car park put water bottle on roof or if walking in put water bottle on gound between legs next to left foot lots of cocks to play with wanker suckers & fuckers ()

Gilhams Park, Mackay

  • A great daytime dogging spot, plenty of area to have fun, not a lot of people around, have had fun there quite a few times ()

Springfield Lakes

  • The foot bridge over Centenary Highway, next to railway station, best after dark ()


  • Haig st quarry parklands, plenty of secluded spots. Best after dark. I have seen couples there in cars. Lots of action. ()

Browns Plains

  • Go to the coffee club next to montezumas, there are some public toilets inside this building. Great on a Friday night. ()

Berrinba Wetlands

  • There are two sets of toilets here. They are unisex. Couples on Friday and Saturday nights. Gay scene is most nights, hang in car to see who's on for action. Unfortunately there is a covered glory hole. Was a great way to unwind with some action there ()

Underwood - Ackers Park

  • Quiet little park located in underwood... Ackers park... Great spot to have some fun at night. It's a very quiet park and plenty of places for some fun. ()


  • Beach access 128 to 129 about 500 m down the road from surf club heading towards twin water resort, lots of tracks heading up to top of bushy sand hills, lots of shade and places, very popular during the day, mostly guys but couples do play occasionally ()


  • Drive to Petrie and follow Dayboro Road out through suburb of Whiteside 2 ks past turn left onto Adsetts Road and follow to the end it is a dead end and park. tradies frequent there looking to watch is great dogging venue for Northside ()

Mt. Kynoch Water Treatment

  • Just of the New England highway heading out to highfields just after the 70km sign and before the lights. Great view of the city and always someone looking for fun. Never seen police there ever and have seen a lot of action there. Most who go are shy, give them a signal. ()

Dalby, Lake Broardwater

  • Meet here for dogging and public fun. Go past the hall and leave interior light on to be watched. Quiet sucluded place with good view of the entrance. It is a family venue so please be discreet and clean up after. Friday and Saturday nights for couples. ()

Hillbrook Rd, Brookfield

  • Drive up the Steep Rd (Hillbrook Rd) to the top of the hill). There will be a turnaround area there with parking available. This is a very private spot in a bush area with hardly anyone knowing about it. Good day and night. ()

Canoe Point ,Tannum Sands ,

  • Down to beach at conoe point ,, walk back to second beach ,back towards tannum sands beach ..guys and couples in the dunes ,,during the week mainly.., during the day ,, stop and say hi , ()


  • Mount louisa, at the park at the end of timbury way, its a new spot had some great sessions as of late, (nov 14) ()

Mackay, Paget

  • Car park at bunnings in paget very quiet after dusk, have had fun there a few times ()

Please let us know of any Queensland dogging locations that you know of by clicking here