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Join our hosts, and enjoy an innovative evening with other broadminded adults, like yourself, discretely in the comfort and security of your surroundings.

Apart from the obvious high standard of fun that can be had, Mike's Place fills a void in the community by providing a meeting place and facilities for broad-minded adults from all walks of life.

At Mike's Place we are constantly striving to improve this standard further. It is important to us to continuously enhance the benefits available to members and regular party-goers. Hence the ongoing improvements to facilities and the ever-increasing diversity of service to cater for ALL of our members requirements.

What are the opening times at Mike's Place?

Every Friday and Saturday night from 8.00pm till 3.00am. Advance bookings ARE required for single men on a Friday night. Bookings are not required for Couples and Single Ladies on either night. Times and details of special events are published in the "Events" section.

What is the difference between a Friday Night and a Saturday Night at Mike's Place?

Friday Nights single males ARE permitted (up to an equal ratio is achieved with couples and single ladies. On Saturday Nights there are NO SINGLE MALES permitted.

How many people attend the parties at Mike's Place?

Attendances vary widely, but on a Friday average between 50 and 90 people and on a Saturday night between 20 and 40 couples generally attend.

What is the ratio of single male guests on Friday's "singles" nights?

We keep it at a maximum of equal numbers of single male guests to an equal number of couples and single ladies. That is 50% single males, and 50% couples and single ladies. Admission of single males is regulated closely. Single males MUST book in advance to avoid disappointment and even with a booking, single males are admitted on a "first-come-first-served" basis.

ALL single males are required to become members on Mike's Place before they will be allowed to enter for the first time.

What is the average age of guests at Mike's Place?

Mike's Place is the only permanent Swingers venue in Brisbane targeted at the 18 to 45 age group. This does not mean we do not admit people above the age of 45, but those above that age who do attend are generally younger in mind and body.

What type of people attend the parties at Mike's Place?

Warm, sociable, and friendly people, much like yourself attend the parties at Mike's Place. Mike's Place is an upmarket club, with strict rules, aimed at attracting the best of people.