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Straight guys have straight mates, gay guys have gay mates, yet most of us bi guys seem to have trouble finding bi mates.
There are countless numbers of bisexuals in Sydney, but we seem largely invisible.
Given our closeted nature, the only time bi guys appear visible is when come out of shell for hookups. Yet many of us wish we know other bi guys that get us.
Do you ever wish you have bi / bi-curious mates you can hang with?
We're sure we're not the only one feeling this way.

We are a group of bi men who organise PLATONIC meetups with other bi / bi-curious men.
Note that this is NOT A HOOKUP OR SWINGERS MEET, but rather a chance to get to know the faces behind bi / bi-curious Sydney men. If you're just interested in hooking up, then BUGGER OFF. There's plenty of other avenues for that.

Meetup is planned monthly at a venue disclosed ONLY to members of the group. The meetups are just casual hangouts discreet in nature, while allowing bi / bi-curious men to meet up one another
It's most likely going to be in a discreet public venue (say a hangout at a slightly quieter beach or park to avoid bumping into people who know you).
We are not associated with any organisations and there won't be any promo saying that we are a group of bi men during the meet. No cameras will be allowed. Hoping it'll attract a bit more people that way.

Come join us
It's about time we meet the faces of bi men in Sydney