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Club Whispers Gold Coast is on the only 5-Star Swingers Club on the Gold Coast.

This all new boutique 5-Star club is due to open its doors for the first time on Friday 25 July 2014.

Club Whispers will be all about serving and providing for our members insofar as:-

1. making sure to the best of our ability, that we provide an upmarket hygenic fun club that you can make your home away from home; and also

2. making sure that every time you leave one of our amazing parties all you can think about is coming back again because you have just had such an amazing night of sexy fun.

As an organisation we will pride ourselves on being friendly, welcoming and very accepting of everybody, but for the benefit of our members we have also developed standards we want to maintain across just about every facet of the club. These standards include but are not limited to the club’s dress code, party themes, venue, our online presence, the staff we hire and of course our membership base.


Club Whispers offers the following Membership Categories

1. Couples (M/F)
2. Single Females
3. Single Males


1. Emerald
2. Sappfire
3. Ruby
4. Diamond
5. Black Diamond


Your journey begins as a Club Whispers Emerald Member which delivers great basic features.

Each time you visit the club you obtain status points which will quickly have you on your way to elite status. With a Safire, Ruby, Diamond or Black Diamond membership, you'll enjoy additional privileges and benefits with each level you reach based on your qualifying visits to the club.

A qualifying visit is any visit paid for by the member with cash/credit card.


Each Membership Application we receive is very much assessed on its own merits to ensure the quality of our membership base is always maintained to very high standards.

Anybody wishing to become a Member of Club Wispers is required to complete an Application form which is available online through our website at

All potential members are screened via telephone (at a pre-arranged time) before being accepted as members to Club Whispers. If you are a couple wishing to join, we will need to speak with you both.

Any information you provide to us in your application is kept strictly confidential and is never released to any third party for any reason whatsoever without the members written approval.

Remember, your privacy is our best asset!

Club Whispers is a club where members can and should expect innovative quality on every level.

Nonstop and

These are the 7 ‘pillars’ this club was founded on and as such, they will remain the very foundation of our existence.

Members and their guests are always greeted and made to feel extremely welcome by our attractive hosts and hostesses who have all been handpicked for the job to ensure your experience with us is as perfect as we can make it.

We hope you make the decision to join our Premium Upmarket Lifestyle Club for Swingers.