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Welcome to Shh Events. Let us introduce you to a friendly, respectful and non-judgmental environment where you can mingle freely.

Shh Events provide intimate, adult parties in private homes located in the Western Suburbs. All attendees are carefully selected and no disrespectful behavior is tolerated, creating a safe and comfortable space for you to explore your deepest fantasies.

Join our parties simply for drinks and socialising, a dip in the spa, viewing of the intimate action or join in and create some fun of your own. Bring your own drinks and enjoy the nibbles provided – in both sense of the word!

For more information or to register please visit our website.

  Upcoming Parties

15th July: Intimate Party

22th July: Open Play Party 

5th Aug: Intimate Party 

12th Aug: Open Play Party

26th Aug: Intimate Party

Please Note:

Gang Bang Parties have been replaced with Open Play parties as this reflects the type of play that is going on at these events at the moment.

Open Play is straight /Bi /Les /Gay whatever takes your fancy as long as its safe and consensual.

There is private rooms or open to all rooms so whatever you fancy is there is a room for it. We have a Cross, a spa and a sex swing too.

Feel free to bring your toys or kit along. See you there. 

For more info please visit our website which is listed above.