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Dogging in Western Australia

Main dogging sites and directions for Western Australia.


My Henry Bridge (Mt Pleasant side). Little car park quiet at night



Anyone interested in meeting and trying some sounding? Watching or joining.?

Hillarys Northern Suberbs


Any couple fancy some fun in Hillarys this afternoon


Be appreciated with assistance for dogging loacations in Mandurah thx cheers.

Piney lakes


Has anyone tried it. Love to meet people there

Woodman point play tonight


Looking to have some fun at Woodman point or Coogee if any couples are keen. 28 male clean looking to have fun. Comment below if you are keen as i dont have premium.

Black Swan Island


Ascot waters is attached by bridge to Black Swan Island. A large recreational space covered with grassed areas and bush land. It has many places to enjoy one another in the outdoors. The tables you find randomly placed throughout the bush land and small clearings will come in handy.

Middle swan reserv


Going to be at middleswan reserve tonight if anyone is interested in some fun.

Hartfield Park


Go to the main car park if the interior lights on that means up for some fun 😈 Friday and Saturday nights 😉

Forsyth’s Mill

Forsyth’s Mill outdoor area. Travel on the great eastern highway from Mundaring to Chidlow. Drive past Chidlow and take the very next right turn off the GE HWY. ( its close to Chidlow so be in the right hand lane or you will miss it). Turn into Gorrie Road the park area is first right close to the junction. A quiet area day a night with lots of park up areas surrounded by bush. Also easy to see traffic entering due to one way system so you can cover up if needed. Who goes there? Quiet at the moment so only a few couples and single men.



Went to Mindalong beach this evening for a look was a nice night but quiet and was to be expected. Now don't mind me and don't let me stop or interrupt you, I'm just at the beach for the views and happy to enjoy the sights from a respectable distance.

Park off Russell road, near Hammond park SOR.


Car park on the right hand side after roundabout, past Hammond park. On Russell road heading to Frematle/ headind to the coast. Will be there early mornings or night time. Lots of bush and trails. Men, woman and couples. Walk through gates, wait at the sign /map and wait till other follow in for some fun.

Thomsons Lake Success


Thomsoms lake nature reserver carpark 2 near last drop in Success. Left Branch Circus turn left off Hammond road at the roundabout, follow narow road to carpark on right. Lots of bushed for couples or singles fun. Early morning fun or late night. No trafic very private.

Woodmans point

Woodsman point dogging fun after dark Friday and sat nights , for couples singles CD, four secluded parking bays facing the ocean on your way out to the point , put your interior light on and have fun in the car or in the sand dunes or beach

Mr Chris

Live near Doug Hawkins park anyone who wants to play