Handsome bi male looking for bi cpls and singles for nsa fun and friendship 

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Just a normal, over-sexed bloke looking for a mature lady for casual, mutually satisfying meetings. Perhaps a lady who is in a sexless relationship & needs some intimacy. I still believe in romance, anticipating and making sure a lady is treated with respect and discretion. I am tall, fit, with long blond/grey hair, pony tail and an out of control libido!. I run daily on the beach and look and behave younger than my years. Retired, so any day is good for me. Warm and passionate. 

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
HI . IM a young 18 year old guy whos willing to do anything for you or your partner, you have an idea please send me it....im up for pretty much everything =p
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

I so hate talking myself up but here goes nothing..... OK I enjoy boating.camping kayaking. Going to the nudist beaches. People say I'm down to earth with a good sense of humor. Anything else don't be shy to ask feel free to contact me on my ( removed by admin ) ( str8 couples or females only) I'm not a full member as yet but soon will be so if you would like contact me through.... kik or Skype feel free to do so... .........( removed  by admin )

( removed by admin ) 

Thank you all xoxono

Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

We are a professional married couple. Seeking fun in the bedroom. Single males, not married ones cheating on their partners, Bi curious females and mf couples, please have a look at our profile and feel free to drop us a line.

We will answer all messages, dont be rude, be polite. I will add some photos in due course, thanks for looking...Mrs L


We looking for a ff and same partner sex with soft swap foreplay. We are very new and shy. Like to meet first and take from there. No pushy ppl

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hey, thanks for checking out my profile. A little about me I guess, I'm just a regular guy who's basically looking for someone for some casual fun. I'm open to nearly everything so if your interested send me a message. Just keep in mind though I am a bigger guy so if thats not your thing fair enough

Gold Coast, Queensland
I like to swing -
I'm a fun guy seeking fun times with people that like to have fun. Let's party!!
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

We are looking for some clean/slim fit women between the ages of 18 to 35 who are open minded.. or Bisexual the same as "me".... Add us if you want to chat.. or have some "fun" with us.. hehe.. Come on girls don't be shy... I don't bite... Much... just joking Sorry..... Sorry Guys.and couples ..We are only looking for girls.ONLY..I don't cam/chat with guys.or couples... I don't add single guys...I don't add couples... Please read our profile...We are looking for women only thanks....Guys and couples  please don't add us...ask for pics.....Please respect that....please no guys or couples you will be deleted..

I am Chinese and My hubby is an Aussie....

Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia


Mixed European happy go lucky single male..have a very open mind, great massage skills, strong belief in power of deep relaxation and healing through sex or more creative forms of nudity like nude meditation, nude swim etc etc. I enjoy a bit of kink with the right female/couple

Into regular exercise, roadtrips, bbq, camping, and stills photography/filming..

*Sydney University and all other institutions using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.*

Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

We are a Hot Highly Sexed and Kinky....not over the top as some think our pix depict.

We never play harder than the others limits. Get a bit closer to the Edge!

Safe Sane Consensual, and don't bite (unless asked to!)

C'mon wheres all the Fun People???

swingers site but only seem to be getting hits off single guys!!!

Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Into anything kink. Travelling down the east coast this weekend Sun 11th June to Sydney. Stopping on the way to nude beaches and looking for single ladies or couples to meet with. Contact at:  palmfrond@hotmail.com

Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Just a quick note to all that messaged us and especially those who we had said we'd meet. Last night Erol had a stroke. I've been with him all night at the hospital and he's going to be OK but we won't be meeting anyone for a while and as soon as Erol is allowed to fly we'll go back to the UK. I need to work out our insurance today and find somewhere close to the hospital to stay. I'm sorry to those we've let down.

We are a UK couple in our late 50s. We retired 3 years ago and have been travelling ever since. I am a large 6' BBW and proud of it. Erol is 5'6, not well endowed and very bi. we look a total mismatch but we love each other. Currently in Airlie Beach but heading to stay in Labrador for 6 weeks arriving Friday 21st.

I recently had a bi lover who played with Erol. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them and would like to again. I would like to meet a 50+ 6 foot plus experienced lover. It would be perfect if you were a bit bi so I could watch. Before the main event.

Our story

We met at university in Sheffield in a Review group. We married 3 years later and we were both total virgins. We hadnt even seen each other naked till our wedding night. I was terrified of what would happen but in the end I was pleasantly surprised that I didnt feel a thing and it was all over in 30 seconds. Our love making consisted of these 30 second sessions once a month for 2 years. After 2 years I was invited to a hens party by a friend. It was her cousin who lived in a really rough area so she wanted support. They had a stripper there and I somehow got really drunk. He did his act which totally shocked me as he had a huge 10" penis. Erol is about 2 1/2. After the strip someone drew a raffle. My name was pulled out and to m shock I won 1/2 and hour alone with the stripper.

I have no idea how it happened but I ended up naked with him on top of me about to enter me. He started to push then jumped up saying "youre a bloody virgin, Ill get a towel" . He grabbed a towel in the en suite and put it under me. Then he pushed into me and I felt a tearing sharp pain. Then it was incredible. I had never had an orgasm and hadnt even ever masturbated. He filled me and just kept going. I couldn't control the pleasure and I had my very first orgasm. He cam in me and I could feel his whole cock throb as he came. Yes it was unprotected but I was on the pill. The towel and both of us was covered in bright read blood. We showered and then I joined the part to embarasing cheers.

I was addicted from that moment. I lasted 2 weeks before I found a male prostitute in the Sunday paper. I saw him every couple of weeks for about 6 month and felt really guilty but could bring myself to hurt Erol by saying something. Then one Saturday morning the police turned up at the door and took Erol in for questioning. Erol had been caught in an indecent act in the local park toilets by an underover cop. Apparently they had been watching the place for weeks and Erol was a regular. Anyway Erol confessed his interest in men and I did too. We talked and agreed we would both enjoy ourselves but that we loved each other and would stay married. I was really worried about aids so I banned Erol from masturbating at home and made him use the toilet in our outdoor shed. I also made him wear plastic pant to bed so he wouldnt leak. We he went to his gay sauna I made him soak all his clothes in napisan. That went on for 6 months. I finally weakened.

When I was 28 my biological clock start ticking and we agreed to start a family. This meant giving up my lovers which was hard to do. Erol had a test for aids and was clear. We tried for three months before going to my gynecologist . Erols sperm count was practically zero. We both wanted children so we agreed to choose a lover for me to get me pregnant. Erol was always present during our sex as he wanted to be a part of it. Within 8 weeks I was pregnant. We now have 2 gorgeous boys, tall and strong in there late 20s. Both have the same father, Alan, who is a close family freind and occassional lover. The boys think of both Alan and Erol as their fathers.

We have both had a fantastic and varied sex life. I got into the BDSM lifestyle for about 5 years. I even had a live in slave girl for 6 months.

Three years ago Erols mother died and left us a substantial amount of money. We both retired and now enjoy a travelling life. Because Erol is very small we found it difficult meeting couples that were interested so we now organise bi parties in our hotel rooms. Life is really amazing and we still both love each other.

Gold Coast, Queensland

***Couples only please***
We're a fun couple (in our own opinions lol), who are still happily married after 20 years. We spent many years talking together regarding taking our relationship to a new level before getting the guts to take the first step. We have read extensively on the subject of monogamy, consensual non-monogamy and polyamory and found the topic extremely interesting and exciting. We went to our first club for a look NYE 2013. Despite our nervousness on that first visit, we were really impressed by the empowerment of women compared to the general meat market of a night club. Interestingly, we've found that many of the "firsts" we've experienced regarding this lifestyle can be a bit nervous and then the second time it's like "meh, done this before, we're veterans." :)

We prefer to meet up before anything progresses where possible to make sure we have some sort of connection and we click. In the case of more longer distance couples, we can have a couple of the "electronic" meets to make sure the e-connection is there before the road trip. :) If either of us can't hold a decent and fun conversation, we should probably move along. We are not the droids you are looking for. We are D&D free and like it that way. 

We don't have any dick pics or colonoscopy photos for you. Discretion is a must for us. Face pics are in our private gallery for those who we've organised meetups. If you have a pic for us, we find photos of couples in day to day huggy, smiley shots in combination with sexy lingerie shots which titillate the fantasy as our preference. We don't mind if you have the anatomy lessons in your gallery but be creative and mix it up with some allure and sensuality. Please understand that we are simply trying to give you tips which will make us consider your profile more seriously instead of filing it in the electronic glory hole bucket. We would hate to miss out on meeting an awesome couple because we moved on from your profile too quickly. 

He - Sometimes grows a beard but then shaves it off every 4-8 weeks then lets it grow back. So if you have a preference for or dislike of beards, this can be gladly accommodated. (is that called a beardstral cycle? lol)  We will always arrive at meet ups, have the courtesy to call you if running late or life intrudes and expect the same. We will not meet up with only one partner in a couple. Even if we have driven 200km to meet you and get a message at the last second to say that your partner will not be there, we will turn the car around and have an awesome time together drinking coffee somewhere. 

We only play "same room" never alone. This is a shared experience for us and there are so many more interesting options with four of us. Verified profiles have an obvious fast track to the front of our list. Note: Photos in our public gallery were taken July 2014 onwards. (i.e. all recent)

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


PLEASE NO SINGLE MALES, or couples where the male wants this female. We are not rude just have busy lives so when we are on here we don't have the time to chat/whipser with the people we are not even looking for.

We have taken the time to write this to explain our situation, so please read and this will give u what u need to know. If u don't bother reading and wonder why no reply, or your blocked, well that's not our fault...

 Mrs has tried the scene and other males wasn't her thing. So she is only going to play with single females (or those that can play without their partner)

Male is happy to just watch, or just play with his own female while she plays with another female. And of course for us both to play with a female would be great, but this male is respectful so happy to play in the limits of the the other female.

This dose not mean this female will watch him with another couple. Has always lead to her being asked/pushed to do more then just watch, so she will not put herself in that situation anymore. 

Mr is very open minded about sexuality so......

She is fine with him doing his own thing without her. That means with straight females and couples. We know there are a lot of males that do go behind their partners back. So those that are worried about that. The female is happy to cam, talk on phone or meet in public, only to show she is aware and happy for him doing his own thing.

So that our situation fully explained....


PRIVACY NOTICE: Any person and/or institution using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have our permission to utilize any of our profile information nor any of the content contained herein including but not limited to our photos. The contents of this profile is private and legally privileged and confidential information, so violation of our personal privacy is punishable by law.

Gold Coast, Queensland

SINGLE GUYS-  strictly!

straight - gotta be a BIG cock to get the Golden Ticket. 

Bi - must be versatile, suck, top and/or bottom.

No time wasters! You MUST send your stats to get any response :- age, orientation, cock size and a decent picture!

Hello to all the other Normal SwingersHeaven people,
We are a sexy young couple, located on the gold coast, we like meeting down to earth people who enjoy having a conversation and making new friends. We love sex, experiencing it and sharing it with like minded people who like to have fun.

Who we're looking for : -

SINGLE LADIES -  fun friendly girls who like to get what they want out of a 3way with safe and respectful people ☺

COUPLES - straight swap in same room, bi couples (one/ the other/ or even better BOTH)

Looking forward to having some fun so by all means stop by our profile and send us a message.


Dutchmeistro and Miss J

Warning--any person and/or institution using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including but not limited to my photos. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

We are a happily married couple who enjoy evenings with other couples and singles. We have been playing on the odd occasion with others for about 20 years. So we are genuine and we will not disappoint you. Currently we are making a video that features a number of different scenarios we have enjoyed over the years. Each ad we place on this site will detail the next scenario for our video. So, if you don't like the idea of having your body being video taped then let us know in advance so we can alter our plans to suit you better. We love having sex and are comfortable with our bodies. Not looking for models, or stallions, or all nighters. One night stands are fine for those who are looking for a variety of experiences. We like to play in motels, someone's home and or private, discreet outdoor areas. Always interested in playing games or being involved in your scenario's. Not interested in those who haven't got a completed profile. We cant talk on the phone (kids at home with big ears) and don't do texting. Happy to swap a face pic with a genuine couple. Single guys need to be toned, muscular and skilled at giving massage and cuming quickly. Not into oral or anal with anyone but my hubby. First time couples with nervous female partners are fine by us. Same room swap or separate room swap is fine too. We don't play apart, only together. Size is NOT important. Discretion, cleanliness and fun loving is.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hi everybody,

We are a couple M straight but bi curious with right person and F is bi. We are both very open minded and enjoy having passionated sex with other couples, single females (bi or not). No stress or jealousy, because we play only together, enjoy each others company very much and we are very honest to each other. We are good looking, fit, dd free, smooth shaved and very hygienicly clean!!!!!! We like that in others too.we don't give to much on the looks of somebody. Out of experience it is more the sexual fantasies and skills we are after in other people.

We would love to join some privat parties, cause we never did that, only swinger clubs. We swing since quite a while but found this site first now. We are keen and not into message ping pong.

More pics are coming soon.

Please drop us a line and we will do everything to fullfill all your wishes ??

WARNING: All institutions using this or any site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have our permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal action.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Holidaying couple looking for Gold Coast galz & groups to party -
Heya, how are you? Sorry bout our foward de-meaner, but are a very honest people and can only just say it as it is, so here goes... Two very lively, reasonably attractive, extremely genuine holidayers from the West Coast, looking for any sexy ladies and groups to mess about with. -Miss is 24yr old crazy sexy, whilst equally intelligent but even more so fun and very bi. Down for whatever, and always wants to party.. -Mr 25 old and cheeky, confident and pretty funny. Dominant type that loves to be control but remains simultaneously compassionate and respectful... Looking for- Girls, groups & possibly couples.. Yeah we want to fuck, its what we are here for but under no means is it an obligation. We like to meet new people, so sometimes a new mate and a funny story is as good as a hot fling. But lets be real, sex could only compliment that.. NO SINGLE DUDES... By no means & no exceptions. In surfers and want to party NOW!! but here for couple more days so get in touch.. We do not offer any payment, nor ask for any but will promise a damn good time..(maybe a good smoke too, haha) Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you..
Gold Coast, Queensland


I'm here to meet women only. I'm fit, healthy, and I can hold an intelligent conversation, and I love having a good time with good female company, without any hassels or issues. I am not here to meet my "soul mate" or "life partneri". We can't have too many friends so the more friends I meet here, the better it is. I'm pretty easy to get along with, I don't regard myself as a sleeze or a player but I suppose thats up too you to make that judgement. So if you think we could have something in common, send me an e-mail and we can meet up and see how we go. If we do meet up and you don't think it could work, then we simply part ways. (on good terms of course, i'm definately not into any nasty shit at all) It doesn't get any easier than that. Without sounding callous or mean, I am not into big girls so please don't waste your time. Don't be shy and drop me a line and we can go from there. Feel free to leave a comment on the pics and send me a msg if u want access to the pfivate folder. it's always good to get feedback

Talk soon i hope.

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of my pics, thanks

A. xx

Gold Coast, Queensland

Genuine bi couple seeking the same for ongoing friendship and fun times. We like couples, bi guys, bi gals, who like a bit of fun and adventure in and out of the bedroom. It would be great if you were bi, bi curious or experimental. Oh, imagine the fun we could have. We are not pushy and understand building a connection can take a little time, we are also happy to jump in on first meet if the chemistry is right.

We like music, socialising, getting out on the water and we are looking for couples who are fun and who are interested in connecting. Single guys and girls for the occasion roll in the sack lol. We do not have children, can sometimes host

Sydney uni or any other uni. - I support social science research so if you have questions I would be happy to answer them for you.

Gold Coast, Queensland
We are a nice easy going couple who had limited experience at this so we would like to take things slow -

We are a nice easy going couple who had limited experience at this so we would like to take things slow. However we have found in the past that you spend a lot of time writing to a fake profile. So in order to eliminate fake people we decided to just meet people for a coffee. It is always better to see someone in real life then on a photo.We are real and not time wasters so if you would like to meet us for a coffee we could see if we get along. The coffee of course is no obligation and is just a coffee, if we get along then that would be great and we can take to the next step ;) So please look at our profile and let us know. Ps. We are not in to the rough play, prefer passionate but gentle. 

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Great Massage -
I genuinely enjoy giving pleasure, am down to earth, not creepy, well spoken and reasonably intelligent. I have an average body type. Also love a good chat. I massage your whole body not just the erotic bits, feet to face which makes for a lovely treat. Don't care about your body type, we all love a massage. If you would like me to taste you afterwards that is ok too but not mandatory(no pressure, seriously) as I said I generally enjoy giving pleasure. I can host Upon genuine enquires I am happy to send a face pic so you know with whom you are talking with.
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Hey horny people!

We have been together since we were teenagers, and are now wanting to have some naughty horny fun with like minded couples. We have had some experience now and are loving it! We do like to get to know people first, for drinks and chat, see where it goes. We are wanting friendship also.

Mrs also likes girls and wants to play with both girls and guys, Mr only likes girls. We are in the chat room a lot so come say hi and see if we connect!

We are looking to meet and play play play.

Thanks for the interest but no single guys.

Gold Coast, Queensland

We are looking for adventurous and like minded couples or singles to experiment with. He is interested in watching her really enjoy herself with others...and to participate as well. She likes the idea of that and is keen to have sex with another woman as well.

We are happy together and just looking for some extra fun. We have a family and busy work and social lives. Looking for good clean kinky fun. If you're intelligent, attractive and looking for discreet fun, contact us and lets see where it leads.

Gold Coast, Queensland

For mature Gold Coast women only. Attractive 54yo male - slim, athletic and cut for NSA daytime (mostly) liason. I am kind, considerate, attentive and intelligent, love oral and foreplay. Prefer mature women. Single, who do not need a full-time male in their lives or married and want to discretly spice up their marriage. Sorry, not into Barbie Doll women. Prefer women with at least some padding. If interested, ask to see private album. Discretion assured.

Gold Coast, Queensland

Have been swamped with messages and invites only minutes after logging in to discuss my profile with my partner, so I will make this clear... I AM NO LONGER INTERESTED IN SINGLE GUYS!

I have my partner now and anything we do we will do together.

So please stop messaging and adding me guys. It isn't going to happen.

I will come back and adjust my profile after my partner and I decide what direction we want to head in.

Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Hi we are a dwn2earth cupl that enjoy everything sexual we hav a small family so please b respectful az we are. We love 2 hav fun and enjoy good company. We love 2 watch and also join in if so. We are very hygienic and expect the same. Always open minded and love new experiences. Please be respectful and lets hav sum fun.

We love the outdoors let us kno if you kno of some good location. Cheerz big earz.

4215, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I am an easy going male who is open to exploration of new experiences. Have had lots of 3somes mfm and a few mffm. Also a little mm. and heaps of mf. would like to experience mmf. Very new to scene. was a 12 month subscription holdr and got one invite but couldn't attend with 2 hours notice. I have hetro dates. On weekends I need notice. Week days or nights can be spontaneous.

4218, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
We are a couple looking for some fun NO! thats a lie we are looking for ALOT of fun LOL just wanna get out their have a great time and live life to the fullest thats our key word FUN AND LOTS OF IT so if u wanna have a chat or a little more just give us a yell and we will work thing out from their so dont be shy please we are just as keen as you are SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia


I found due to the combination of my sexual interests and my wholesome normal and professional life hard to meet open minded males in my normal surrounds..

Am well educated, outgoing, down to earth, health concious lady with the curse or blessing of a very open mind...

No strings attached with possibility of relationship, nothing personal but prefer people over 30.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Male new to the coast -
Hi there well i am a great outgoing freindly guy who have found it that time in my life to explore things more and meet great people with lots of fun,i am very easygoing in any situation i love to talk first while we enjoy a nice wine.I like to look after myself , am clean and also love to drees smart and smell nice,i enjoy spas too.Well hope to talk soon xx
Gold Coast, Queensland
nice board guy -
Okay here goes admirable, amazing, breathtaking, bright, caring, courageous, delicious, dreamy, encouraging, etible, fine, freaky, funny, gorgeous, handsome, hot, lovable, loving, loyal, lusious, lustuous, mischevious, mysterious, optimistic, outstanding, sexy, smart, supportive, sweet, tasty, trustworthy, unique, exciting, passionate, honorable, joyful.
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Looking for a healthy, experimental bi female to join a couple for FFM THREESOME

First time for both of us.. healthy, fun loving couple looking to make our fantasy into reality before settling down with a family...

MRS: natural redhead, attractive, easy going, loves lingerie, keen to please...

MR: muscly, fit, well hung, attractive, loves to pleasure...

Gold Coast, Queensland
Good Coast May 29th May -
I'm looking for straight woman of all ages to have some mutual daytime outdoors fun with. I can travel anywhere around Gold Coast and would love to cum to you. My kik details are on my profile so add me so we can chat for free (as I haven't upgraded here). I am happy to send you pics etc to prove I'm the real deal. Look forward to hearing from you.
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

We are so new at this, first timers, looking for a good time, we are both professionals and looking for a good time with right couple. No single males, only couples looking for a good time, and we will see where the night gets us.... we love to go for a drink, chat as we are rookies and need to feel comfortable and please send us some pics!

Gold Coast, Queensland
New to Sydney...looking for fun! -
Hey! Thanks for reading...another new guy in Sydney (POM) looking for some no strings fun...been away travelling for a while and am just looking for casual hook ups with women and couples. I'm fairly good looking with an athletic physique with lots of stamina ;-) lol. Drop me a line if interested. Will add some pics soon Cheers.
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia
anyone out there? -
Hello everyone, I'm a good-looking , easy going guy looking to meet others that want friendship and fun times! I'm very keen to explore new things and hoping to meet an open minded couple that will introduce me to some new experiences. Let's talk ! I can host and travel and hold a decent convo ! Hope to hear from you soon!
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
sexy couple looking for a confident sexy looking female to join in -
hey we are just looking for a sexy female that wants to make our 2sum a 3sum we are looking for NSA and no males only want bi / bi curious females that are confident and willing to have a good night please call or text us if your not a time waster and want to catch up and see where things lead to 04 78 026 920
4217, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I'm an extremely sexual guy with a hunger for experience. I guess you could say that I'm close to being a nymphomaniac (or am, I'm not sure as I haven't been 'diagnosed') but from my sexual tastes and also my ever present hunger for sexual activity has me looking for partners to play with. I'll talk to anyone about anything, nothing is ever out of conversation.

Interested to see where this site takes me, I'm a genuine polite and respectful person so feel free to add me and chat. :) 

Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia
All you have to do is ask :) -
Always open to meeting new people easy going friendly and happy to do anything.. Going for a walk or enjoying the finer things life has to offer.
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia


We are a relaxed, honest and respectful couple. We love to party and play with friends. We only play together. Interested in same room fun, watching, touching and more if all are willing. I am a BBW and both of us have a huge sexual appetite.

Looking forward to hearing from you .?

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Brand New -
Hi I'm 31 and a first timer very eager to please I am straight and have no interest in any Kind of homosexual encounters everything else is fine two women or couples I will respond and travel must be discreet I'm clean good looking and fit looking forward to hearing from you!!!!
Gold Coast, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

i am looking for someone to go and have a coffee, drink or dinner with. To share some company as friends with no expectations. I love to go and listen to good music and have a few drinks. If it leads us some where, thats great, if not, i have made a new friend.

Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia
I'm looking for NSA fun with Straight or Bi women between the age of 18-35 -
feel free to contact me if: U R d/d free,would like a massage,looking for discreet relationship or someone open minded, flexible to nsa or long term. I have a desire to please you in more ways than one :) Life is short so let's make the most of it :)
Gold Coast, Queensland

Looking for some fun, not after any specifics. I'm a nice, single,  respectful 26yo. Hung 8" easy, enduring stamina and lasting power. Try me out wink.gif 

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Hello everyone,I am an 18 year old male living on the gold coast -

Hello everyone,

I am an 18 year old male living on the gold coast. I am really curious about having sex outdoors, in cars etc. and am open to most things. I am straight, have experimented with anal before and enjoyed it. 

4227, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

I'm a young guy who is caring, kind, generous and loves giving great oral. I'm looking to have fun and am open to experimentation and trying new things. If you're interested hit me up at REMOVED BY ADMIN, as this is a free account.

4220, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
A mature aged sub -
I am a woman on a journey of her own sexuality. I have yet to find my boundaries. I welcome all approaches, particularly from assertive and Dominant men although I may equally be a pussycat in the capable hands of a Domme.
Gold Coast, Queensland
New to this but very keen to explore whats out there for us? -
We are wanting a petite, female interested in exploring both my own and my girlfriends sexuality. We would like to pleasure you and share you. But both of us are happy to watch and pleasure ourselves whilst you enjoy the other.
Gold Coast, Queensland