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Hi there... In a nutshell, I'm a smart, articulate, kinky lad with a newly fleshed out love for being tarted up in slutty lingerie and such to be daddy's dirty sissy lass...i don't try to passable feminine, just a good looking guy Sissified and there for daddy's viewing, fondling and defs More...pleasure... Ideally, "daddy" needs to be at least 45, heavy/stocky/curvy build, and the rest, I honestly have no demands other then cleanliness, consideration and respect.I'm more then happy to play with older women or tv/ts/cd etc, so long as they're older, dominant (gentle!) and a little plus sized ;) I love being absolutely wasted... Guys, I've been partying for 10 years, I don't shoot anything up and I take care of myself so please no preaching and if it bothers you just ignore or don't msg me...I love the thought of panties presses tight against my soft skin as my senses are set fire o by my various chems, cock soft and submissive like in my tight lil panties, yet horny as fuck as I squirm and writhe and liberally drip pre cum, mmm...I wanna put on a nice slutty show for whoever is going to own  me for a time and make them soak their underwear in anticipation before ravenously having their way, covering me in lust to finish up, hehe, group play and  bukkake for a crowd of full  figured older admirers is a favourite fantasy! I love being felt up and ravished orally and similarly love guzzling a nice throbbing cock.. And I'm no size queen heh Looking forward to all your pervvy messages!