2 at once

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This is going to be the most blunt advert that you have read....
We are a normal couple, with a naughty side. She is a straight F, and I am a straight M.
We have not done this before and are in no rush, but we have a fantasy where the she is shared with two guys at once.
We are two hard working people with a busy life, so discretion is advised.
now comes the blunt part-
We are not looking to make friends, we do not need to know what you do for a living, we do not even need to know where you live. We are only looking for someone ( M for now, F in the future ) that is willing to join in, have fun and then leave. Nothing more. Essentially get treated like a sex worker without cash changing hands.
If we see you out in the real world we will pretend not to know you, this is for our privacy and yours and more like a secret society if you like.
If this is not what you are looking for, then we thank you for your time and wish you the best, however if you think that you like the sound of a no commitment, no long time friendship based fun night then feel free to message us.
The willing participant must be clean and willing to use protection, and most of all respectful.