First timers

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Hi guys
Have a bit of an unusual request and wondering if anyone would be interested. My wife is interested in a MMF but I wont let her do it unless its with a couple. We have never had other partners and its a bit daunting thinking about someone else fucking my wife. However, I have decided to go ahead as I know it is something she fantasises about.
We are not looking for a long session or drinks etc before hand. I have agreed to do this but I do not want her to see the other couple and she would be wearing a blindfold. We have never done anything like this before.
It would basically go down like this. We would get a motel room and she would be in doggy style sucking me wearing a blindfold. I would leave the door open for a couple to come in and your M would start fucking her doggy. Your F can also join in anyway you think might help or just watch.
Im pretty sure my wife will cum really quick. Basically I just want her to experience being fucked by someone else while she sucks me.
One stipulation, must wear a condom. We are clean and have never had other partners but I would not let it happen if someone else was to cum in her. At least the first time.
We are rather nervous about the whole thing and have talked about it for a while and I think I am ready to let it happen.
If you think this is something you could help with, please let me know. This is for my wife only and I dont expect anything from your F. Im sure we will explore further once we get over the initial nerves and take the first step.