Wanted - members over 45 years old, and living in Brisbane to form an exclusive swingers club

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I have found that most swinger groups do not cater for seniors. After several disappointments with joining groups - I have decided to create an exclusive club to address this issue. In my thinking about the needs folk might have - I have the following ideas:
- Club meetings will take place during daytime hours - to cater for retirees.
- Club activities will include a wide range of activities including dogging, orgies, gang bangs, couples, sugar daddies and mommies etc.
- Membership will be restricted to those who meet an age criterion
- Membership will be controlled to ensure there are an equal number of males and females - to ensure no-one is left out.
- Depending on the response meetings can begin in January 2020.
Any one who is interested please respond so that I can begin planning to meet your needs!
Email me at :[removed]