Outdoor Fun

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My Little Girl and i are looking for one or a few males for a very specific outdoor fantasy. she will be tied up in a discreet outdoor location ready to be used. If you are successful applicant you will be given that location and you can go unzip do what you want and go its that simple BUT let me make it clear I HAVE A CLEAR NO DICKHEAD POLICY
She is there to be worshiped not abused you will approach her with respect and kindness.
You must wear a condom for fucking
no photos or videos
Remember this is a small town if you recognize anyone you keep it to yourself and be adults about it we are not interested in playing with little boys. You will have much better shot by showing me that you understand the need discretion and respect than telling me (or worse showing me how big your wang is)

Now we have got that out of the way if your keen to make fantasy a reality let us know most likely it will be a late afternoon/early evening (while sun still out) possible a Wednesday night or weekend. Those who impress may get future times and locations those who don't show or its all about them will likely not

My little girl is a BBW !!!