Is this for real

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Ok, I’m wondering if there are any women on this site that live locally in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands or northern part of the Shoalhaven that might be craving some physical touch. I don’t care about your relationship status providing you are sane and you might be up for a coffee, beer or wine and a chat.

Physically, and I don’t want to upset anyone because that isn’t the way I am but I love curves but I’m not into BBW. That being said, I think everyone deserves respect and connecting with the mind can be very physically attractive and can dramatically overrule the eye. I haven’t been close with a a slim women and generally they would not be my first preference, but the mind does wonder.

Getting to the point, I am a very busy person with strong community values that would like some relief from the mundane busyness of my life. I don’t care if you’re married, single, in a relationship, equally I have no concerns if your partner wants to be involved in some way. Although, I will say that the closest I am to being bi is that I’m a male lesbian (I love women), but in the heat of the moment and passion and with an exploring mind, I don’t think anyone truely knows their limits, particularly in a sexual context.

So if this gets your interest and you think you would like to know more, let’s catch up for a drink and see where it goes.

Thanks for reading and hopefully reaching out.