A Professionally Made Film of You Having Erotic Sex?

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Hi, I am Rob and I am a professional film-maker. I would love to shoot some really erotic scenes - the only people who will get these will be you and me - they are not for distribution - but can exclude faces if you prefer. If this is something you fancy and you are based in Sydney or up to 150km south of Sydney then please make contact. I want to experiment making something far more erotic and exciting than porn.. Porn is too formulaic and not sensual, exciting and surprising enough.. . So if you want to have a unique piece of erotic art starring yourself then please contact me! Complete discretion assured. This is really just a bit of an exploration of the medium for me.. I want to try and see if I can, as I think I can, up the ante a bit in erotica.. And if it works I can get some paid talent and do it commercially for real. I have pro-level film camera and associated equipment.. It could be really, really good fun. We will have a good chat about any conditions needed to protect yourself/selves before going forward.. I am up in Sydney in a nice hotel from Sat 28th until Tues 1st - which would be a good venue. Hope to hear from you shortly! Thanks Rob x