Want to host a social Meet and Greet? READ HERE FIRST!!!

Swingers Heaven Meet and greets are social nights in a public venue. Anyone is invited and its a great way to meet a group of people in a relaxed and safe setting.
Any of our members can organise a site meet and greet!.
The meet must be open to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, and so on.
The meet must be social and held in a public place.
The host of the meet is expected to make sure people act appropriately for the public venue (ie; no headjobs in the carpark in full view of children). If inappropriate behaviour is allowed then the host will lose their right to host anymore site meet and greets.
When picking a venue, look for public transport around the area and also any accomodation if people are travelling a significant distance or are wanting to plan some fun time afterwards. It helps to list the transport available and price/quality of the closest accomodation available. Keep in mind that a public venue is the best choice for public meets.
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Put up a post in the forums with the date, time, venue, meeting point and any extra information you want to give out. Once the post is up notify a moderator (preferably by site email) to ask for the post to be made as a sticky. Remember that only social meet and greets are placed as stickies, if you wish to organise a play party please visit our parties section.
Organise for balloons or similar to be on the table(s) as a marker for people to find you easily. Also you can arrange to have labels to write usernames on for arrivals so everyone knows who everyone else is. If food is available, let people know.
and most importantly...
Have Fun!!
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