melbourne dogging /vouyerism reality or rare phenomenon

hie guys i know mite be rebirthing old thread here. but am just curious about the idea of dogging/vouyerism.i have been searching for dogging around various advised sites but never any luck..jus wanted to know from people who have actually been successful at this.been to many parks etc but never seen anything... guys anyone ever seen some or may be just prior organized ones.. how rare ?

very rare

Never seen a thing, even on arranged meets.

There is but

Yes dogging does happen and yes it comes down to luck unless pre arranged. The problem is so many different locations. For us we are guaranteed that there will be people at Club X. We choose one dogging spot in Sydney we visit and try to promote this spot so there is enough interest. For example it was a nice warm Sydney night last Saturday and we were there between 8-9:30pm. Only one guy wanted to watch the show. Yes we turn up unannounced but statistics show we usually play just on dark on a Saturday night. Stick with it and hope your luck changes.

Come on guys " dogging"

Guys come on any input on dogging am sure am not the only one interested in dogging here. icon_winkicon_wink

I've been dogging 3 times with mixed results. Have you tried posting in the dogging forums?


we have visited dogging spots on the coast near us and never seen a person there. one is supposed to be a hot spot but every body i speak to says theyve never seen anyone there must just be bad luck
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