Wild night Fiction

Wild night of Sex with Strangers…

We had a routine when attending hotel takeover parties just like most couples in the lifestyle. Checking in, cleaning up, eating dinner and having some pre-drinks in the room while getting ready. This night my husband was in a particularly dirty mood and set the stage for one of the most exciting and satisfying nights I can remember. We had always toyed with the ideas of role play and tying each other up, spankings and blindfolding and wanted to… Read more

My first “Orgy In The Woods” Swinging

The ultimate sexual encounter…

Shortly before Getting together with the Gorgeous Barbie, this is what happened......

My orgy experience

I’d love to contribute my experience in the lifestyle
I have always had an extreme interest in sex, A few years ago I separated from my wife of 20years , I have been busy fulfilling my group sex fantasies ever since,.
By far the best thing I have ever done to advance this was to Join a group called NBO (nude bi orgies) I was lucky … Read more

Business trip cuckold Fiction

She does a young guy…

My name is Sara and I am a horny 40 year old at the peak of my sexual energy. My Husband Colin is 55 out of shape and over worked. I however love him with all my heart but a lack of interest in sex led to an adventure that has in fact revitalised our relationship and sexual life. After another night of frustration i fronted Colin regarding my needs. We had a long discussion which among other things, reaffirmed our love for each other and confirme… Read more

pleasure and pain Fact

pain and pleasure…

It was a time in my life i prefer to forget, i had just finished a two year battle in court to see my children, i had lost a considerable amount of my wealth and i was working around the clock to save what little i had left. I thought i had hit rock bottom but i was wrong... my only pleasure at this time was my soccer, i loved it and played with passion but that too was to betray me. The day was easy to remember, mothers day ironically, a wreckle… Read more

"Zoumi Tis" - The Conclusion... Fiction

My sexual ordeal was not over yet, not by a very long shot.…

After the Chief had eventually finished with me, finished pumping his never ending gallons of seed into me, he left. Then after I was able to pick myself up, Adah softly helped me up and we quietly walked me back to my hut, Adah was so sweet.
Ric was not inside when we got there. I thought that he might have awakened from his drunken state and gone for a walk to clear his head. Adah led me to the small bed, settled me in, gave me a soft kiss … Read more

Zoumi Tis" – Part Two... Fiction

Zoumi Tis" – Part Two Under the willing aphrodisiac effects of the "Zoumi Tis", I had sex with the village Chief…

"Zoumi Tis" – Part Two
Under the willing aphrodisiac effects of the "Zoumi Tis", I had sex with the village Chief.
Walking back to the village, shivers of my desire passed through me as I thought back to my bathing encounter with Amare. The salty aftertaste of Amare’s semen lingered strongly in my mouth and throat. I had never cheated on my husband before, and yet, beyond the guilt, I regretted that Amare didn’t fuck me. How bad and ran… Read more

Computerman Part 2 Sue Fiction

Sue was shy and her computer wasn't being her friend, so I became her friend…

Sue rang me because her computer was crashing.
“After I use it for a while, a blue screen appears and I have to shut it down,” she said.
“Do you remember what the blue screen said?” I inquired.
“Oh, yes. I wrote it down. Fatal Exception OE.”
“Ok, I get it. Can you bring it here? I’ll need to check it. It could be a faulty memory chip or something.”
“Ok, give me your address and I’ll deliver it straight away.”
A knock… Read more

one crazy girl Fact

where is she now…

It was one of those mornings, been away a while and had catch up sex all night, i looked in the mirror and splashed my face with water. Kinda just stare at yourself for a while, then i notice it, the small scare on my right eyebrow, i laugh to myself as its a permenate reminder of a girl i meet nearly 20 years earlier......

I was living in Cannonvale just out of Airlie beach in the Whitsunday's, a group of five had made it home for the last si… Read more

"Zoumi Tis" – Part One of Three. Fiction

Heavy rains forces a couple and their tour guide to shelter in a remote jungle village.…

Just a fun story I have been working on. Hope you enjoy...

“This is not a good idea,” I complained to my husband Ric for the 5th time in as many minutes.
“For the last time, Shona, I think our guide knows where he’s going,” Ric said again.
The jungle was alive with pesky bugs, big ones that bite skin until you brush them away. There were spiders and all sorts of creepy insects crawling around. Our safari trip had been planned t… Read more

Computerman Part 1 Sheri Fiction

Sheri needs help with her computer and I give it to her…

Sheri lived about five minutes from me. I’d seen her at the drop off and picked up of someone every day, but we hadn’t had a chance to talk, only nod.
After Sheri’s arrived to pick up someone, we sat down and chatted while having a coffee.
“What do you do for a living?” she asked.
“I fix and sell computers.”
“You should come over and have a look at mine. Since my husband left, it’s been playing up.”
I gave her my card… Read more

Worth the wait Meetings

7 months of back and forth, part 1…

I'd been chatting with a lady 28 and I'm 43, for 7 months, she contacted out of the blue I was very surprised, shes blonde, 5"4, nice butt, hand full of boobs, and a nice shaved pussy, these were the pictures she sent.

We'd been conversing back and forth for 7 months, sexting mostly but just general chit chat, we tried meeting on a few occassion but it would always fall through at the last minute.

Anyways I had an opportunity where I would … Read more

Why a man would want his wife to sleep with another man? Swinging

it’s all about her pleasure…

Why a man would want his wife to sleep with another man?
Because I am proud of her and want others to validate that
Because I enjoy knowing that other men find my wife attractive
Because she has interest in improving her body and appearance as she dresses for other men, feeling sexy and desired
Because I want to bring out the sexy and confident woman in hiding
Because it’s all about her pleasure
Because I enjoy viewing her as the free ind… Read more

It was late Sunday afternoon Meetings

How a house guest could possibly come to this is incredible...…

It was late on Sunday afternoon, we had both spent the entire weekend on top of Shona and as I watched my wife Shona groan and shudder for at least the 6th time today, Ryan's thick cock began to pulse and pump his third load of the afternoon into her. Watching the creamy scene before me had my cock hard again and I was excited ready to feel his wet spunky warmth around my cock once again, however Ryan was still deep inside her, still fucking he… Read more

By chance Meetings

camping is always fun…

It was by chance we meet, I had the weekend to myself as the wife was working away, so decided to take our van down to our local camping spot by the river. All set up, I was relaxing with a few beers and decided to have a quick swim (butt naked) as it was a very warm day. Whilst in the water a younger couple arrived and were happily setting up their tent when I exited the water, I got my towel and was drying myself when I noticed the young lady c… Read more

Going to the next stage Fact

Jen and I have fun being watched…

I previously wrote about how my partner, Jen and I, began to get interested in group sex. It was certainly a journey that we realised one day had taken us to a completely different space in our sex life.

Jen was a year younger than me, short blond hair, 5’1”, size 8, great legs, a cute bum I could fit into my hand and a tummy with the slightest, sexiest bulge (that fitted into my other hand!). She had a small amount of blond hair over her … Read more

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Solo Pool Fiction

While I was waiting...…

I text you to visit. It has been way too long since we have seen each other. My visits always seem welcomed and enjoyed.
Your text back tells me you are out until 10pm but happy to catch up late.
So I arrive at your place at 9.50 to wait for you. I sit out the front but I am too excited to see you again. My hands start to wander my body. I rub my neck a little, then move down to my breasts.
I am longing to smell you and feel your hands on my b… Read more

First time dogging in Southern Adelaide Dogging

Here I was thinking dogging was only a urban myth.…

Being a guy, I had fantasised about dogging since watching porn on the pc. Thinking it more an urban myth that was posted but never really happened. Then there it was on craigslist (remember when that was a bout) an ad indicating dogging was to occur at a southern Adelaide Park.
I had seen a few of these ads before and turned up, only to be with myself and no-one else, so my expectations were very low. Since the park was nearby I thought bugger … Read more

Wife and I fix up the bill Threesome

Shady deals…

Greg and myself had been meeting regularly at our finally finished house , to tell the truth I found myself hungrier to eat his cock than I did to eat my wife . My wife was meeting us at the house that afternoon to pay Greg for his electrical work . She had always fantasised about seeing me with another guy and loved when we sucked her dildos together. She had also hinted that Greg was a very “ hot tradie “ and his girl was lucky indeed. Alth… Read more

The beginning of my interest in group sex Fact

Fun with Jenny…

This story goes back a number of years to when I was in my early 30’s. I had just separated from my first wife, having married too young and with the immaturity and lack of life skills that came with that. I met and began living with a pocket rocket girl, about a year younger than me, who was in a similar situation. Knowing what I now know, we were both on the rebound. Even so, the sex was amazing and unlike anything I’d experienced previousl… Read more

My First Ever Time Fact

The story of how I lost my virginity…

Well this is the tale of my first ever time. I had fooled around as a teenager with a girlfriend over time, but had never actually got down to anything serious. It was always just soft touching and grinding against each other, nothing else.

So, I was 19 years old, travelling the world, and settled in a Hostel in New York at the end of Summer. I had already spent a few days touring the Big Apple and the room I was staying in was tiny. The … Read more

My Wildest Fantasy -Part 2 Fiction

The continuation of my fantasy…

My Wildest Fantasy – Part 2

Welcome back and I hope you enjoy reading all about my wildest fantasy dream.

So we left off with Dee on her back, her pussy dripping wet after I had been down there working my magic, panting deeply, trying to catch her breath. Everyone around us, clapping and offering encouraging words towards us both. I pull out the Rabbit Vibrator she had just purchased and say “I think it is time for this”. Dee is em… Read more

My wildest fantasy Fiction

This is my wildest fantasy - has not happened, yet.…

My wildest fantasy - part 1.

This is not a true story, but is one that I have fantasised about a bit in my dreams over the years. Each time, the fantasy seems more and more realistic and the more I think about it after, the more I want it to happen.

So the fantasy starts that I am out with friends in a city. It is obviously a weekend because there are people everywhere, but, it is not the city I live in. There are 10 of us and we are wal… Read more

Time With A Stranger Meetings

Time With A Stranger…

Time With A Stranger.......... Part One
By...... Diamond
November 2016

As she walked out of the theater it was a warm and still night the stars were bright in the sky......
She walked down by the water's edge to have a cigarette and to just watch the city lights shimmering over the water......
She was tall and slender, her hair was pulled up to reveal her beautiful long neck, she was wearing heels which made her look even taller tha… Read more

Renovation Rewards Fact

Sparky wth extra spark…

My wife had organised her friends brother to do some electrical work for us but halfway through completing the work he injured his knee at football and couldn’t climb the ladder into the roof cavity. He said there wasn’t much left to do and he could come around talk me through it if I wanted to finish it off . I was standing on the ladder halfway into the manhole following Greg’s instructions when on passing me up the pliers he slightly bru… Read more

From behind the camera Fact

Are you any good at taking photos she asked......…

Looking on line for some adventures, I mentioned that I am a photographer but also a titties man. Not expecting a response a lady replied and was keen for some normal photos but maybe just a few topless. I mentioned that I would treat her like a model and that she will like the photos and all photos will remain her property. Are you any good she asked. As she had tried a few guys before and they were either bad photos or just wanted sex. Und… Read more

Not much fun on South Coast SA then again.... First Time

Finding a stranger online that likes being dominated…

Being a amateur photographer I am always looking for something to shoot. Being an ageing male, also looking for some casual fun. Being on the south coast of South Australia there is a lot to photo, but alas finding adult fun is impossible.. at least that is what I thought.
Finding a lady on a dating site, we chatted for some time and then she seemed keen on getting some nice photos of her. She made it clear nothing else, just photos. This was fi… Read more

Exploring a GILF Fact

A journey from instant attraction to mutual sex.…

Enjoy the background, its necessary and will help you understand the journey. Completely true and very recent.
Some women just have 'it'. That look, that twinkle in their eye, the way they move, their affinity with men. You can't teach it, you can't learn it, its natural to them and when you spot it then you know its just a matter of time.
First time I saw her, in a coffee shop with some other 'ladies who do lunch', dressed smart in a tight whi… Read more

Hotwife Ground Rules 101 Swinging

Hotwifing advice and of course..your questions…

Ground Rules

Another day of Hotwifing advice and of course..your questions and stories is upon us. Today I am going to address the topic of Ground Rules.

I have heard some major horror stories in the lifestyle from couples who swing and from couples who Hotwife and all due to this one most important topic. Due to the fact that there are 2 people involved in both lifestyles, you have to remember that feelings and emotions matter not just wit… Read more

CC plays again Threesome

More cock for CC’ at daughters party…

After the unexpected threesome with CC and Paull the tables were turned. CC had tasted the forbidden and was keen to explore further. We had a long chat afterPaull left,, CC wasn’t happy about how the night had begun but admitted she enjoyed the extra cock and that Paull certainly knew how to duck and please a woman. A small confession that she let Paull fuck her arse and she enjoyed him doing her hard and let him cum in her arse twice. She did… Read more

Couples swinger journey Swinging

Promiscuous wife…

This is a true and honest confessions of a journey into the swinging lifestyle.
It all started about 4 years into our relationship after I had moved in with with M and her 2 teenage boys. It was both our 2nd serious relationship after both having 15-20 year prior marriages
M is a very cute and sexy blonde in her late 40’s and in her younger days, she was a professional dancer for popular performers that toured her city, so she loved to danc… Read more

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