Sexual Healing Fiction

A weird stay in hospital…


I don't know where I am.

I feel strange. I am lying down. I know that much. I am washed by a wave of warmth that floods from my feet, up my legs, rushes into my groin and swirls just below my stomach. It is an intensely sexual feeling. Overwhelming. I feel an orgasm hit me faster than I've ever been taken before. I lose my breath for I don't know how long. And before I catch another breath, another wave hits me again. As if I am … Read more

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Start of the curiosity Other

Loved it…

My wife an I decided to go away for a bit of naughty weekend to the Sunshine Coast, we walked around town for a bit taking in the sights, beautiful woman and hot guys which we both enjoyed watching.
Later on we went back to the hotel, I went for a quick swim to cool off, seeing more woman tanning in skimpy bikinis, and good looking guys, couldn’t help admiring got me really horny, got back to the room and saw my sexy wife on the bed in sexy… Read more

A Slow Burn Meetings

A Stranger on a Beach…

You're lying on the beach. I see you. Admire you. Try not to let you know I'm looking at you. I lay my towel at a respectable distance and lie down. I read my book but often glance beyond it just to watch your body. I love it when you stand and stretch and go to the water to cool off and come back and towel yourself dry and lie down once more. I love the way your body moves. The inadvertent poses you strike while towelling. I don't think you noti… Read more

Dreaming Fiction

What happens when you sleep.....…

Waking up, I stretch, feeling the slight tenderness of my ass and sex, testament to the previous nights events. Opening my eyes, my lover lay resplendent in his naked glory before me. His legs a skewed, his dormant cock, the bringer of my pleasure,resting on his thigh. A smile passes over my lips as I recall last nights events, images of our bodies joined, taking each other into ecstasy.
I reach out my hand, touching his cock, he stirs in his s… Read more

After Hours Fiction

What happens after work.....…

Everyone else has gone for the day, but this report needs to be completed. The place is in darkness apart from your desk lamp, silence your companion. Focusing on the report, you don’t hear a car pull up, the door closing or the footsteps approaching. It is only when you hear the door knob turn that you look up from your work.
I enter the warmth of your office, you can see I am wrapped in my long winter coat, a scarf hides my throat, a smile… Read more

BBW first meet Fact

A wild first time…

I met her on a kink website, she was a younger BBW with nipple rings and a very healthy sex drive. Of course I couldn't assume that I'd end up doing anything with her for real - you know what websites are like right?

It became clear very quickly that we really clicked sexually. Days of online dirty chat about our experiences, fantasies, a few pics and videos to make the chat come to life. We were hooked!

So we organised for her to come over… Read more

Gf first 3some 4some Fact

Great sexual fun…

Hi we would like to thank your play mates from this sit we had fun with over the weekend we had a great time and heeps of oral and some sex and heeps of fun we hope we can do it all again soon 😜😜the gf seed she hasn’t cum so much before and I think all are all in the same boat there 😋😋and think you T for talking me into trying my one cum out of the girls 👅😜… Read more

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2 cocks for her Part 2 Fact

She loves DP…

The breeze from the ceiling fan washes over us.  You lie on your back between us, tugging our cocks back to life.  Gary and I are running our hands all over you.  I see his hand move between your legs.  You turn your face to me and kiss me slowly.  You lose focus on the kiss and moan softly as his fingers part the lips of your pussy.  I am rock hard now.  You take your hand away from my cock and put both hands on Garys growing member.  Yo… Read more

Naughty bday surprise Fiction

Video booth…

On your b day I organise a day of fun for us.
Started with the wake park, but it was nice to get u in your bikini😋. Next stop was some shopping I bought u a nice short silky nighty,
And some nice underwear.
But the real fun started in the afternoon wen I stopped by the adult store. Still in your tight shirts and bikini top. Looking dam fine.

Entering the store we both seen the video booth sign. As we walked thru the door. Looking aro… Read more

She gets what she wants Fact

I want your cum…

Following this bloody hot chic up the stairs that I've spent the afternoon perving on in the pool, had me so nervous, and I wished i could of had a few drinks to calm myself.
Since the moment I seen her thru a small crack in the fence, looking dam fine with her bikini body layed out beside the pool, I wanted to touch, feel and taste her.

U invite me in to watch some TV , it's dark and cool as we sit on the couch, as the movie plays we make … Read more

Cheating is fun Fact

Dressing room slut…

Taking deep breaths, licking your lips, and trying to hold yourself together, but all the dignity u once had was quickly evaporating, as he looks up at you, his smile and soft hands now sending shivers up your smooth trembling legs. As he ask u once more, " r u happy with the sizing miss, they look absolutely beautiful". Thinking to yourself,u admit the red heels he was now removing looked dam fine specially in his hands. Now that this young ma… Read more

Teenager again Meetings

Teasing times…

My knees r shacking as u answer your door. A compleat nervous wreck as our eyes meet for the first time. U already have a drink in hand for me as u know how shy I am.
U invite me in to watch a movie, it's dark and cool as we sit on the couch, as the movie plays we make small talk, "it's like been a teenager again" not sure how or wen to touch u. So I ask if u want a massage and u agree.
As u sit between my legs I rub your shoulders and arms. … Read more

Naughty holiday fun Lesbian

Let the girls play…

We were a young and horny young couple always willing for a quicky wen Eva we get a chance, let it be at a party, or just using your leting me have control of your remote vibe while out drinking and danceing.
We were on holidays and having a good old time in Hawaii with cooking classes, drinking on the beach, partying at the local clubs, and massages everyday.
During one of the hottest days on the beach, we were getting served cocktails in… Read more

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Fist meet. Meetings



Finally i gets to meet cheeky in person. All day ive been thinking about everything that could go wrong, even thinking to himself "wonder what side cheek I should kiss" I know it's silly but can't help it.
But I am so xcited and nervous at the same time, and 9pm can't come quick anoth.
As I pull into the carport, gathering my courage, and most important my drinks lol. U answer the door and, I know instantly I'm in trouble, your smil… Read more

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2 cocks for her Fact

MFM with partner and her ex.…

You pick up Gary from the airport in the early evening.  During the drive back he tells that you look great, and that he has been looking forward to this weekend for some time.  You reach over and put your hand on the front of his jeans.  You feel that his cock is hard   You give it a playful squeeze and say "me too".  The conversation turns to sex, and by the time you reach my house your panties are soaked.  I am waiting in the kitchen wh… Read more

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The 3 of us Fact

Fun with our friend…

Well, it all began some months ago now when Brad answered an ad we placed on Swingers Heaven, searching for a bi curious male to join the two of us. We are all fun loving adults and it was to this end that we invited Brad to join us one night. Brad and I had worked in the same industry, so found we had quite a lot in common. We met, we talked, then we adjourned to the bedroom, where in record time, we had despatched our clothes to the floor, or m… Read more

Holiday magic Fiction

Sex in the gazebo…

I was lying by the pool totally oblivious to what was happening around me, just enjoying the warm morning sunshine on my trip away.
The resort day bed was so comfortable I was drifting in and out of sleep. Right now my decision to take the bonus holiday package, which gave me a private gazebo was the best decision I ever made.....
The waiter asked if I would like another green tea, I thought for a moment and decided, as I was on holidays, a vod… Read more

Fantasy Fiction


It's a fantasy of mine to watch my wife be fucked by another man. My fantasy starts when go camping at our favorite spot on the river. We set up our van near the water and it's so hot that we go skinny dipping as soon as it's done. Once in the water I start to get frisky with the wife ,splashing water over her head so she can't see my buddy paddling down stream. He pulls his canoe in about 30m away from where we are swimming and walks down … Read more

A wonderful night Meetings

Thank you Ms M…

Last night my partner arranged a great late Birthday present we met up with this wonderful person we have been out of the swinging life for about 6-10 years and her and husband made as feel so comfortable. We talked for most of the night and got down to business she grabbed my member for dear life he got hard and she made me feel so great so thank you Ms M and Mr S . We had a great time.
Yours sincerely
Sharon and Michael… Read more

was a fantasy Meetings

something different…

by the way... in regards to your idea about riding …

how does this sound....we could do that again...

we meet for a drink and chat... we like what we see and agree to have some fun...but since its our first naughty catch up away, we don't want to go to far....
we go to my apartment and have a quick drink, I tell you I'll be back in a min or 2...
I race in the bathroom and have a shower...
I rub and have a bit of a play while I put the… Read more

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The Adult Shop Fact

So I'm a naughty wife but I love it…

Well my husband had been away for some time now and I wanted something special to welcome him home with. I had several sexy little dresses b ut I wanted an especially sexy piece of lingerie that would really excite him and something that would sort of thank him for helping to change me and letting me be that naughty wife.

After checking out several shop with no luck I decided to try and see if any of the sex shops around had what I was lookin… Read more

Truckers Groups

Got trucked fucked…

Ummm hi I just got so much cock to be used by five of the biggest cocks ....everyone in my mind can get my pussy soaking wet! Hey guys how’s your day going. I have drove by this group of truckers several times a good dealivery was leaving as I was slowing down to get my morning perve is ok to grab a coffee I called they all stared at me in my tiniest mini showing my but. Cheeks hit heels on my white near see thru shirt on, thanks for the coffee… Read more

Visit from our toynoy Fact


I walked through the side gate to see Sam in her swimmers in the spa, so I stripped naked and joined her in the spa where we chatted for awhile until Pete joined us.
He stood at the edge of the spa so Sam could suck his cock while I started to pull her swimmers down and play with her boobs. Sam stopped sucking Pete's cock so she could take her swimmers right off and then we get out of the spa and went to the bedroom.

Sam layed down on the bed… Read more

First Couple Meetings

Massage another guys wife…

I have advertised on and off here for a few years now with limited success. Recently i completed a massage course at a community college and while not fully qualified i know the basics. I put an advert up for couples wanting to spice up their life and surprise was rewarded with a message soon after. The couple who will be called Mr and Mrs were trying to tread lightly into the scene. Typical guy wanted to see wife do something sexual with another… Read more

Hot sis-in-law Fiction

Who's first to the shower…

"Don't even think about it Loser!" laughed my sis-in-law as I was about to walk into the bathroom for my morning shower. I stopped and turned as she quickly pushed past me wearing just her nightie that hardly covered her ass.

Ellen's sister, Karen, was hot. I know its probably wrong for a man to think like that about his sister-in-law but it was just fact. Ellen's parents had Karen later in life, so she was only half her age. She always used t… Read more

The Game we Play Pt 1 Fiction

A usual day as his belonging.…

I know not to fight it. My wrists are bound either side of me there's a little movement. My legs are spread also, bound tighter then my wrists. I don't know how long it's been since he left for work, feels like hours yet I know it isn't. He always leaves a DVD playing. Guys fucking girls, girls fucking girls, cock sucking, over and over it will play and it's only on its second time. I could easily sleep to pass time till he returns but I fight th… Read more

Meeting a Friend After We Finished High School PT 3 (Final) Fact

This is where it get's awkward…

Part 3.

So I look over after I was finished with Beck's friend and see that Beck and her friend's boyfriend are gone. I turned to Beck's friend and ask "Do you know where they went?", she looked puzzled at me, "No I don't" as she walking butt naked around the yard searching every nook and cranny of the yard. I started to walk inside yelling out her name and his name as loud as I can. Beck's friend walks inside soon after yelling out her boyfri… Read more

Meeting a Friend After We Finished High School PT 2 Fact

another story about what happen that night…

Here's part 2 of the story.... enjoy

So after we got done having some awesome sex, she got dressed and asked if I wanted to go over to a friends place. I agreed and I got dressed myself and we ended up getting a cab to this "friends" place. We arrived there 7 mins past 8 pm and knocked on the door. She was fixing herself up as her friend opened the door and answered. We greeted each other I got introduced to her friend and her friend's boyfr… Read more

Meeting a Friend After We Finished High School PT 1 Fact

This was a spicy one night stand…

So this story begins back when I just finished high school, I was 18 and she was 20...I was sitting at home and going through my Myspace account when she popped up as a friend request in my Myspace friends list. I added her and we bantered back and forward for a while, discussing the good old days of school life and the trouble we got into when we hung out.

One thing leads to another, we text back and forward, sent a few dirty nudes to ea… Read more

Public Pool Party After Closing! Fact

She saved my life!…

TThisThis Story begins on a hot summer day of 2014 in Australia.

So I was sitting at home and it was stinking hot, I had hot sweat dripping down my body. I was taking cool showers but it was that hot that I thought to myself, "Fuck it I'm going to go down to the local indoor pool centre and go for a swim and scope out some hot chick's in bikini's". So I packed myself a bag with the usual, A towel, Some clean shorts, singlet and underwear. So I… Read more

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