A weekend to remember... Meetings

A meeting and an encounter, this past weekend in Sydney.…

Our new friend David kindly settled our tab and the three of us left the bar. Our hotel was just across the street from the bar we had met up in. David walked with us and I did not quite know if Shona would actually ask him to join us. When we got to the revolving door however, Shona boldly asked David “Would you like to come up for a bit?" David of course was really keen and we all headed across to the lift.

Once on the fifth floor, as we … Read more

Addicted Cross Dressing

Well yes but still prefer the women…

I was warned about something once and I didnt give it a second thought but it seems amongst alot of other things now.. Im addicted to CDs/TGs, weather they be a submissive or a slut.

Perhaps its the best of both worlds for some or its my head telling me its time I had a different type of fun than just dominating, I sit and look at ALL the fetishes I have and groups I am in and boy has my dynamic changed!

I know there are a few "old school" … Read more

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My ABF virginity broken First Time

The fantasy came true…

Funny how things become real when you dont look until something creates a spark!

I happened to come across a friend in another state who told me he was heavily into ABF/ANR, I asked what it was he told me and suggested to I join groups on here as well as look at video's.

One day after absolutely driving myself nuts watching vieo's and reading I had had enough, ok NSW is classified as the 'dry state" so my fried said but I thought I would gi… Read more

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Neighbour fantasy Other

A fantasy about mr convict doing a hot young neighbour when I am out…

Last weekend when we were sitting outside on our computers a young blonde girl walked passed our back fence toward our next door neighbours house. I couldn’t help but notice her big tits as they bounced so freely, she wasn’t wearing a bra which immediately excited me. I am sure you noticed them also and it made me wonder if it stirred any movement in your cock as your mind started to undress her further. Trying to picture what is under her sk… Read more

I have just been fucked... Meetings

I sit here musing, writing out my confession...…

My name is Shona and I have just been fucked. Yes, I am married and my husband does not know about it yet but he will soon enough. I cannot wait to tell him. But he is at work and before my pussy settles down, I want to record my day, to share, I have to tell you all and write this down, I feel so giddy.

I am not seeking anyone's approval for my actions. I couldn't care less if you judge me or what that judgement is. I feel like a sexy woman… Read more

Sunnybeach Fact

Beach dogging…

I was strolling the beach nude one glorious afternoon. I ventured into the surf and decided to play with my hard doodle underneath the waves. The sight of everyone there male and female all in the nude made my dick hard.

I walked and waded in the water until I came across an older mature woman with her partner and another guy. I could see that the men may have been propositioning her for a sexual favour.

I then followed trying to keep up … Read more

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So Naughty, so full... Meetings

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a date.…

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a picked up a date with a new, very keen, online man tonight, I am anxious, but as she tells me he is taking her out for drinks and a “very naughty” evening. This is what we both want, but it's always out of my hands and I am always both nervous and excited in equal parts, every single time.

I arrive home to find Shona starting to get ready for this new date. I watch, laid o… Read more

A dream... Masturbation

I cannot believe this was so hot...…

I don’t know how he turned up in my room, but I opened my eyes to find Steve, behind me, arm around me, massaging my pussy with one hand (I could not believe how excited he had me already) and sucking on the back of my neck.
“Mmmmmm”. I was enjoying the attention and, getting more and more excited, I pushed my arse up against his cock which was hard as stone.
When did he come in? How long had he been here? Did Ric let him in, as Ric left … Read more

Weekend Bbq Fact

Hell of a day…

The afternoon kicked off with a group of us at a mates place having a bbq, we where all out side drinking and having a laugh and just enjoying the day.
After a few beers the conversation started to heat up and we all started talking dirty.
My mate and I thought we would get naked, exposing ourselves and see what happens. It was liberating and his wife decided to join in and striped off, we were admiring each other’s assets, my mates good size… Read more

Encouraging... Threesome

A marriage evolving...…

For the last few years, I've been encouraging my wife to play with someone else so we can either play with the person directly as an MFM threesome or she and I fool around ourselves “after the event” enjoying her sloppy, slick and very naughty pussy.
Shona and I have been married for 30+ years now and our sex life has been great, so no problems, just wanting to spice things up a notch with the woman I love.

A while back I started readi… Read more

A quickie Fact

Blow and go…

At Arrows one night, single, lonely and horny.
I see a couple walking towards a private room, they enter and close the door. I hang nearby watch some porn on a tv. When I look back there’s a few guy lined up waiting. I join the line, with a few guys walking off after 20 minutes or so.
I am thinking is this couple going to let anyone in. A little while later the guy opens the door and said only one at a time. By this time there was only one … Read more

New friend Meetings

Fuck buddy…

I just moved into a gated community and I have visited the pool area a few times ,each time I have chatted with a really attractive brown haired girl with C cups. ,anyway after the 7 Th time I said I could murder a drink at least a coffee, she said you can come over to mine if you like ,hubby is at work till 7 and it would be nice to have someone over. So we left and went to her flat I was sitting on her couch as she made coffee and put a robe on… Read more

On a dark road one night Fiction

A swinging story…

MmIt’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself… Read more

Back and forth First Time

Her to me/me to her…

From her......

I lay underneath you licking and sucking what you allow me to have. You push forward filling me to the brim with your lovely cock and I love the taste and feel of you. I look up begging you to let me free so that I can hold you but I can't say anything as you fill me fully. I can barely breathe and Im gagging you have shoved your cock in so far. Just as I feel like passing out you withdraw to slap me with your cock. I beg you t… Read more

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Mind Fuck # 5 - Free the Mind BDSM

He had shared his secret with her. "Free the mind, and the body will follow."…

He had shared his secret with her. "Free the mind, and the body will follow."

He had proven it in his worship of her, and her Yoni, a Hindu term for her vagina. Many times she was translated into a state of ecstasy through his worship. He had spoiled her often. She loved being selfish. It had released her.

But now her thoughts and feelings were turning. Turning to him. She no longer desired to only be the object of worship. She desired to w… Read more

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Lingerie and toys Other

An Anne Summers party turned in to a little more…

A while ago I agreed to host an Anne Summers party; you know, lingerie and toys with an organiser and several girlfriends.
We sent V out to the pub, knowing that we’d be finished well in advance of him returning after 11pm. I also figured that the party would leave me a little aroused so I could treat V afterwards.
Well, the party was a fantastic success. The girls were really in to it and tried on lingerie and laughed when switching on the… Read more

A sexual awakening Fact

Healing through the art of Tantra…

This story is about the first Indian style Tantra massage I had. For those who have never tried it, Tantra is a wonderful experience for both men and women. The Tantra experts engage in what they call either Lingam (for men) or Yoni (for women) massage. A session will do wonders, especially for women who rarely orgasm and men who experience premature ejaculation. It has been two years since I had this incredible session. I credit it as the beginn… Read more

The Carpenter Fiction

“He only came to fix the door”…

Gary & Anna:
It was a sunny autumn weekend, the weather was starting to cool down from summer. The bedroom door began to jamb as a result of extra moisture in the air. We had arranged for a Carpenter to come around on the weekend.

I arrived at the house and was greeted by Gary, he took me upstairs, showed me to the room with the door that was binding. Gary mention he was in a rush to pick up something from the post office before t… Read more

The I had 2 women Threesome


One night i picked up my gf and her friend and we went to the drive through to get some drinks, we arrived home and we started to drink for a bit then one of the women went to the bathroom for a shower and my gf went in after her.
I was waiting for them to come out the bathroom door wasn't locked so I went in I heard the shower going and seen their clothes on the floor.
I took my shorts off and peeped behind the curtain and seen them licking e… Read more

My wife plays up in a Sydney hotel bar... Meetings

Our night in town hots up, way beyond our imagination!…

My wife plays up in a hotel bar...

I always loved the stories I read about a husband and his wife going into a bar where she sits by herself at the bar, the husband sits nearby to secretly observe while new men hit on her. I liked them so much, that I shared with my wife how that particular scenario had actually become one my intense fantasies. We thought about it for several years, playing out fantasies until my wife Shona actually pulled it … Read more

Mind Fuck #4 - Morning Sex BDSM

She said she did not like morning sex, but morning sex liked her.…

All night long they cuddled like two kittens. Their warm soft slumber, spooning and swooning sweet dreams of floating in a glassy sea of love.

She said she did not like morning sex, but morning sex liked her. Her body took over, for she was still dreaming, her mind lost in that sea. He floated like her love boat, rising and falling with her every breath.

In her dream state her hand reached around and found it. As always it was hard and ho… Read more

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Mind Fuck # 3 - Spoiled Romance

She was addicted to his touch. He knew it, yet he was more so to her body. He worshipped her.…

It was her night to be spoiled, pampered, and to indulge her sensual self without concern for anything else but pure uninterrupted pleasure. Her man was ready, clean shaven, freshly showered, wearing nothing but underwear and her favorite cologne. His lean muscled body assured her that his Yang energies would draw out her Yin, once again into perfect rebalance.

The room where she was to be pampered was warm and dimly lit. A scented candle and… Read more

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Quickie Dogging

Quick catch up…

I met up with my fuck buddy last Friday afternoon, we drove around for a while until we found a nice quiet spot and started to have a little play with each other.
I lay down and Em sat on my face. After about 10 minutes of licking her sweet holes we heard a car pull up and a door open. She froze for a bit but continued to grind herself on my tongue, she rose to her feet and spread her flaps before letting go of the biggest piss I’ve ever seen… Read more

Mind Fuck #2 - On Her knees BDSM

He agreed. He owned her...and her body. She loved it this way. No responsibility, only obedience.…

Baby girl has been waiting all day for her man to come home from surfing. He told her she could not play with herself while he was out. That was easy for her. She preferred he do it for her. She had told him repeatedly, "It's yours, not mine". He agreed. He owned her...and her body. She loved it this way. No responsibility, only obedience.

She was freshly showed and totally naked when he arrived. He said one word. "Down". She instantly obeyed,… Read more

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Mind Fuck # 1 - Her First Tie Back BDSM

She had a deep submissive need to please.…

He came out of the shower, the steam envaporating off his muscle body. She dried him off as she admired his naked masculine form. She was naked and freshly showered, as she dried him her eyes could not stop looking at his magnificent cock.

She fell down on her knees without command. She had a deep submissive need to please. Her mouth instantly began to kiss and slowly suck the tip of his cock. It became rock hard and throbbed in her warm wet … Read more

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Update gf mfm play Fact

Anal play…

Hi all a update on my GF experience with me and a mate her first mfm play he was one of the males we played with before but his wife could make it we started off with a drink to relax then we there talking but the experience on the beach with all of us and my gf asked if she could watch us play mm in no time we where in the bed helping each other take off there clothes as playing with each other I was sucking on my gf boobs the man we call T was … Read more

New Baby Breaking Goodly BDSM

Breaking in a new cock slave…

He exited the Uber and walked straight to the motel room. She had left the door unlocked as commanded.

As he turned the door nob to enter, his balls tingled with exictment, the lava boiling inside like a volcano ready to erupt. He loved breaking in a new sub. Would this one break well, or badly?

He was a Master, and he trained cock slaves. Over the years several subs had become total cock slaves, lost in the bliss of worshipful service to M… Read more

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A Chance Meeting Meetings

They started chatting online it was a simple “Hi”…

They started chatting online it was a simple “Hi” he was shocked when he got a reply but excited at the same time. Our conversations although far apart in time and distance due to life factors still seemed to flow. You stimulated his mind you intrigued him with the people you had in common and you had the chance to meet at a mutual friends house however it wasn’t to be that night.
It was a little while after that you started to chat ag… Read more

Sharing her Fiction

A fantasy of sharing…

We are your average couple who have decided to spice up our sexlife. Well not your average couple for we are playmates ourselves, as she is married and not to me. She has a sexless marriage and we met at a cafe of all places neither looking to spark anything but after talking for a while she came back to my place and we had what could only be described as a much needed fuck. It was not making love, it was strip each other and suck and fuck for a … Read more

A night in Abu Dhabi Fact

threesome with strangers…

Well I had started a new job and have been sent to Abu Dhabi for two weeks induction training.
Being by myself I was getting pretty randy, so I tried tinder to see what was around, well a lot of expensive hookers and desperately hopeful women who wanted marriage, no one who just wanted a good time.
So I was having dinner in a bar attached to the hotel, sitting by myself and it was getting pretty crowded, so two ladies came over and asked if I m… Read more

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