Bigger changes everything Swinging

Wife has first time with guy she meets on beach…

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. She is 55 I am 51. We have talked of spicing it up a little many times but Carren always says she is not interested in swapping or anything unfaithful. We have however started going to the nude beach and Carren gets excited looking at the naked people as well as displaying herself. Being a mature she is a little large in the hips and also the tits, has cellulite on her thighs but a pretty face and he… Read more

Trish (pt1) Fact

The beginning…

This story is completely factual and begins a number of years ago. I had been separated for about a year and during that time had spent most of my energies on survival: moving away, getting work, a place, etc. I moved to an area north of Sydney and worked for a local company with a staff of about 15, with a relatively even mix of males and females.

One of the females on staff was Trish. She was 15 years my senior and was one of those women tha… Read more

Our foursome with extras Swinging

Two married guys extra fun…

My wife and I had met a lovely married couple through mutual friends at a party. As it turned out our new friends lived in the same suburb from us just a few hundred meters away. We would go out for dinner and drinks and one evening they invited us back to their home for after dinner drinks and coffee. They had a spa bubbling away in lovely enclosed centre garden courtyard with soft almost darkened mood lighting and her hubby who had obviously be… Read more

Nude beach Fact


Decicded to take a trip up to the central coast one weekend, visit a popular nude beach we heard a lot about. We got there undressed and started to enjoy the sun. About half an hour later a guy comes over and starts chatting to us both. My girlfriend asked, what goes on over the other side of the lagoon? He said guys and couples wandered over there and sometimes had some fun. He then asked her if she would like him to take her over and have a loo… Read more

Cock Virgin No More Gay

When Bicuriosity Becomes a Reality…

I can’t remember when I first started to sneak a peep at men but I always thought that maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to act on my growing thirst for a same sex experience. This thirst was getting harder to keep to myself and clear signs of my bi-curiosity were starting to surface. For as long as I can remember, my wife and I have always watched porn together. We watched all types of porn, but a trend towards transsexual movies w… Read more

Blue moon Romance

The city of raunchy…

The thing is women are so good at sizing up a mans mood.... I'd hot hauled down to the old lion the xu was parked and the sun was going down I pushed in through the glass windowed door big brass handles and I glance in looking for my friends and see a really good looking african american girl as I close the door she's way down the long bar and I look away and spy Craig and Kezza supping suds mates from way back a coopers with a dash o lime … Read more

First encounter Swinging

Joining a couple for the first time.…

I am going to join B and S for the first time. We have exchanged messages on SH and texts, but I have never spoken to them.  They have sent me pics.  They are an attractive couple.  We are meeting in a hotel room.  I feel excited on the drive down.  My mind is racing over all the things I expect to happen.  My cock is hard.  I am doing my best to stay calm by listening to the radio on the drive.  I pull into the carpark.  Butterflies ris… Read more

first time fist Fact

fisted for the first time…

after arranging for a visit he showed up got naked asking my likes to which I replied I was willing to try anything so as we sucked each other hard he worked on my ass whispering when he had 4 fingers in before I felt him go deeper pounding me as I came . Then he got me in the doggy position and fucked me till I felt his warm loved so much can't wait till next time.… Read more

Woolworths voyeur Fact

Shopping trip voyeur.…

Living in a university town means there is no shortage of sexy young ladies around town.
On my weekly shopping trip tonight I notices a particularly sexy young lady with a very short cutoff top on.
I headed round the other side of the isle to see if I could get a better look and boy did I. As I headed down the isle she reached for an item on the top shelf. As she reached up her shirt lifted exposing magnificent breasts and nipples with no b… Read more

While I was camping Other

a great time…

While I was Camping

I went camping one weekend to an excluded spot you need a 4x4 to get too well I set the camping trailer up unhooked the car then got some fire wood for the open fire for latter.

I made a coffee and sat down in my camp chair then went for a walk down to the beach to think and gather my thoughts then went back to my camper stripped off my clothes and sat in my chair again with a beer.

I heard a vehicle coming near my … Read more

The neighbours. Fact

Two brothers for faithful wife…

I don’t believe this has happened before the happenings of last night i was a happily married faithful 40 year old but now I’m a threesome slut.
My name is Kylie and I’m 40 as said, married early in life but due to career my husband and I decided that we would live our lives without children. He owns and manages a manufacturing firm that builds parts for caravans and trailers which is very successful while i am an accountant who works from… Read more

Nude Beach Sydney. Fact

At this Nude Beach you can sunbake in the Bush just off the Beach Big sandstone Flat rocks everywhere. I was Sunbathing Nude and 2 women Put Towels Down Near me. Well I Lasted 2min when they stripped off I Got Hard Closed my eyes layed there sunbaked I Felt a Shadow Blocking the Sun it was one off them standing Behind my Head then I Felt a Hand on my Dick then Mouth it was the other women Gee did we have some Fun Both Bisexual Played with each … Read more

Today at Cobblers Beach Other

This morning the sun was out, beautiful blue sky and hubby and I drove to Cobblers Beach to enjoy being naked in the sun.
I had showered before I left and made sure my pussy was freshly shaven, taking particular attention to my big pussy lips.
All I had on was a summer dress with a low cleavage that my hubby loved. It’s so nice feeling naked underneath.
We parked and made the trek down to the beach and was surprised at how many people were a… Read more

Melbourne Voyeurism Fact

back in the 90s i advertised on a website asking if any girls would like to put on an exhibitionist show. One girl actually replied, said "maybe". we chatted on email for ages.
One nite i eventually asked her if we could try one of my fantasies. I said can you got to your bedroom window and remove your clothes, and I will be outside in the dark watching. Unbelievably to me she agreed and gave me her address!

at the agreed time, around 11pm fr… Read more

My First Threesome and DP Fact

So, this is a carry on from my last story -

First Meet at Maslin's Beach with a Lovely Fun Couple - Part 2.

This is my next meet with the same couple. In my last encounter with Mrs P was something to remember and cherish for the rest of my life. I got to have a wonderful, relaxing, erotic time with a married woman. Just her and me, whilst her husband, Mr B was at work. No, this was not a sordid affair behind his back, he had given Mrs … Read more

Young team bang Groups

I was older than the guys in the changing room, and I’m naked. I’m playing with a ladies sporr team. I’m running late thought it would be empty but half of the colts were still in there, at the moment I entered my knees went week. Young men are so hot and I’m not shy, guys in towels and a few naked wowed. Hey guys I’m sorry I’m gonna get changed In here. Hey how’s it going I don’t mind anyone else. A chorus of aggrement I was gonn… Read more

If it really turns you on that much, then I think we should just do it... Romance

If it really turns you on that much, then I think we should just do it...

Date night…(Part 1)
The Preparation...
Entering the bathroom, I see you leaning forward onto the vanity, not yet in the new red dress I had seen you carry in earlier. For a moment I stop and just watch, you are so sexy in just your lace bra and panties, leaning forward over the vanity counter, carefully applying your makeup in the mirror, getting yourself ready fo… Read more

doctor Fact

A couple of mornings ago I woke up at about 4am, my cock was aching and was almost about to burst. I had woken from a dream where I had a doctors appointment for a check up. As the doctor called me into his office I was asked to go into my boxers and lay face down on the bed, after having my back checked I was asked to sit up and face forward as I did this my cock sprung up, I was embarrassed but the doctor said not to worry. The next part of th… Read more

My wifes first BBC Fact

Hi There,
My wife and I live in Sydney. We both have just turned 50 and have been married very happily for 24 years, with a great active sex life. About 3 years ago after a fair bit of convincing from me, I managed to convince my sexy BBW wife that we should try swinging to expand our sex-life and fulfil a few fantasies. I always knew she that she had that horny, slut wife inside her and I wanted to bring it out – another plus was that I would… Read more

New Toy BDSM

just got a new toy today , looked shorter in the packet called a dragon's tail , twelve inches of balls & a cock ring all joined .Loved every inch as I slowly forced it deeper & deeper till last two balls needed forcing . Then it took some forcing to get my cock through the ring , now that I'm hard it needs a wank , would be nicer if I had playmates to help me , so I'll just cam 2 cam for now , boy am I horny , now I'll paint my body & show off f… Read more

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Imagine this Groups

So this is all in my head , I walk into a gb/swingers as a single woman and there is a large velvet wheel with 4 handcuff points it raised so that if you are strapped on it your pussy is at face level, you can be spun and eaten at random (per your consent of course) and it also comes with a raised curved bed so 69 and face to face can be done all in a common room with an audience fucked finger eaten dildo , literally someone could just tickle yo… Read more

Kamasutra in Melbourne Fact

A real life sexperience…

I am a married guy seeking sexual pleasure outside of my relationship due to my wife's sickness. I have registered on a few casual dating sites looking for women in a similar position as mine. I was able to chat with many women but couldn't get lucky enough to meet anyone for fun and pleasure. After a long time when I was almost about to give up, I got lucky! A married Indian woman from Dandenong sent me a simple Hi message. I replied and we star… Read more

Part 3 Help me make it real as written by Dream Other

Part 3

There’s a knock at the get up and go to your bag and bring out a blindfold and tell me to put it on, lie back, relax and make myself comfortable on the bed. I’m nervous but excited, not knowing who is behind the door.

I hear you open the door, say hello and someone walks into the room. I hear someone undressing. And then someone sits on the chair and someone comes over to me. I feel hands touching my legs .. slowly r… Read more

Part 2 On the journey Other

Part 2

We’re both relaxed and rested for a bit but we’re still yearning for more...

I reach down and feel your cock.. he awakens in my hand as I touch him.. slowly standing to attention.I take your hand and lead you to the shower. The water is nice and warm running down our bodies. I lather up your chest and slowly work down to your stomach, hips and find your hard erect cock. I continue to play with him while I feel your hands on my bo… Read more

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Part 1 how it starts Other

Part 1
I have the day off and have booked a room at the Mantra. I arrive early, check in and txt you the room number. I go up to the room to get myself ready. I know you won’t be too far away and am excited , knowing what lies ahead.

I slip the key card under the door so you can just see it and can pick it up and open the door.

I make myself comfortable on the bed, lying naked and slowly begin to play with my clit. I’m already wet wi… Read more

playfull fun Meetings

meetings or encounters of a sexual nature sometimes occur when we least expect it as was one Friday night me & a few it friends went out on the town doing a bit of a pub crawl slowly losing our mates along the way till only two of us remained drinking into the early hours of Saturday when we finally called a night there was only a handful of patrons drifting towards the exit and our load behaviour caused two girls to turn towards us only to smile… Read more

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Lust 💗 Romance

She was to meet him in the gardens, behind the rotunda at exactly 12.15.
Their last meeting had been a short meeting. With only coffee and lots of flirting involved. There was a definite spark between the two which neither could ignore.
It was 12.10, her nerves were starting to play havoc with her mind and body. Scenarios were going through her head "what if he doesn't want me?" "What if he gets too rough, should I have told somebody?" "What … Read more

The slow build up to a foursome... Part 3 Fact

Bill and Sandy were coming to Perth again soon and wanted to know if we wanted to take our tit and cock play to the next step. I was all for it, It would be awesome to have my wife take part in the same sexual activity that I was part of. She was reluctant at first but finally agreed to having a foursome.

The day arrived and we met Bill and Sandy at the villa they were renting. After a brief chat to catch up on what we had been up to since … Read more

The slow build up to a foursome... Part 2 Fact

As I said, my wife (Judy) was not interested in sex, but we planned a couple of days in Bill and Sandy’s home town and Judy was willing to meet them.

We met Bill and Sandy in town to have dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner we walked around town being shown the highlights. Eventually we ended up back at Bill and Sandy’s for a further chat and cuppa before Judy and I left for our camper for the night. We had talked about our first… Read more

The slow build up to a foursome... Part 1 Fact

About 5 years ago I was meeting guys to have some fun with them. My wife knew all about it and did not have a problem with it as she was not interested in sex, with me or anyone else.

One day I made contact with a couple from a town 100’s of kilometres away saying “it’s a pity you’re not closer”. The reply came back, “you never know”. To cut a long story short, they came to Perth on a semi-regular basis. So we arranged to mee… Read more