Dump trucks 2 Gay

Double loads…

" I'm ere Baz!"
"got ya mate. The dump be there in a min."
"Rippa champ! I gotta unload it all!
"No worries Andy yea upload it deep n good."
Baz said I could stop licking his balls as he gave my slippery asshole a last fingerfuck. "Ok cumdump walk over to that black semi and get in the passenger door. Andy will take ya now."
I climbed into the truck door and Andy was stroking his hard 8 inch and said "Get in the back cab and show me … Read more

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Dum trucks Gay

Long haul big loads…

No-one was at the dogging park. I was there for over an hour and gave up hope and started driving home to play with my ass and cock alone.
Yes my bomb car overheated 5mins later and
I pull onto the shoulder behind a big long truck. I was about to check the radiator etc when a voice behind me said "nice bum" and I turned to see an older guy smiling. " I could see your car steaming as you pulled in behind me so let's ava look at!
Baz the tru… Read more

My Grey Nomad Adventure Fact

I have a thing for mature men…

We went up to Forrest Beach Caravan park at short notice because my husband had a friend up there who had a problem with his truck.
When we arrived I wasn't expecting many people to be there but since the winter here has lasted longer than normal this year there were still quite a few 'grey nomads'. Retirees who travel with their caravan from place to place.
My husband got into fixing the truck while I mingled mostly with a couple of the wives.… Read more

Social isolation Fiction

“A tale of four”…

Social isolation

The states had plunged into total lockdown, leaving everyone stuck isolated and with little to do. Many found odd jobs to do while they waited, painting, home renovations, gardening etc. but a few people had some more exciting things planned.

Paul, had been stuck in his house for a few days now, doing the usual shopping etc, then returning home with little to occupy his wandering mind. He turned to the internet for enter… Read more

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Bathroom exploits Fact

I love your arse…

We sat there chatting for a while is the crowded the café now open after all the confusion and stress of self-isolation was now over. We were seated in a corner your chair facing the opposite of mine and almost by the side of mine. We were both enjoying the moment having for so long being kept apart. As we chatted my hand sat on your knee as you were facing me with your back to the café no one was aware as my hand slowly moved up your thigh.
Y… Read more

Through the strangers door Fiction

“A night of pleasure”…

The evening began with a conversation over the internet and a hotel room being booked, before long Hannah was at the hotel room getting ready for the night to come. She decided to get up... Unlock the door and begun tying her own hands to the bed end.
She knew everything was set the door was unlocked, she was positioned on the bed ready for the stranger who she just meet (micheal) to explore her body as she lay there blindfolded.As she lay ther… Read more

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Autumn nights Fiction

“The warmth of evenings”…

Quick note before the story, there is 2 stories that interlink with this one “though the strangers door” & autumn swims.
Also shout out to Hannah_Michael on SH, hot couple 🔥.

After the previous night at the hotel room, Hannah had been messaging micheal telling him how much she enjoyed last night and that she wanted to meet up with him again. They set a date to meet at a local pub. It was a lovely autumn evening the sun had just disa… Read more

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Nice Other

Taken from the real…

was a warm evening and the curtains stirred gently in the breeze of the open timber doors looking out over the rain forest. Your stepped out of the scented water of the spa having just let me wash your hair and scrub your back and walk out onto the balcony. The water running down your back and into the crease of your perfect rear. I follow you with a towel and nibble your neck before I pat down your back and wrap you gently in the towel. Putting … Read more

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Dogging Again Dogging

Another bored evening…

It was a Saturday night, I was bored and super horny. I wanted something nasty to satisfy my kinky mood.
I cruised a few hot spots around Canberra looking for a cure. I arrived at Black Mountain Lookout around 9:30-10:00 to find a few cars there so I parked up. As I got out someone in a car flashed the lights, I walked over wondering what I would find. A couple were sitting inside partly naked, he was stroking his cock and she fingers deep in … Read more

My sexy day in review Meetings

Sexy visitors…

Shona received a surprise 8.30am phone call from Phil asking if she was keen for an hour on his cock. Shona was just as keen as Phil. He was lusting her from the moment he walked in the door. Tongue down her throat as his hand delved under her nighty and went straight up between her legs. Shona was needy and horny too. Phil was impressed by Shona's moist sticky excitement. Phil fingered, hungrily ate her out and fucked Shona for nearly 45 m… Read more

Mfm married delight Threesome

For a friend…

My fantasy
We all meet up at a hotel bar where our room for the night is booked upstairs.its a high end hotel in Sydney with a harbour view. We give u a head start and have a few drinks while watching the race. We finally decided to meet u upstairs when we are greeted at the door by u in a short black skirt and lingerie with stockings heels and a sexy black satin robe on. Ur going to be out waiter bringing us drinks and nibbles as we continue t… Read more

A date to remember Fact

I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar…

I was lucky enough to have met a wildly entertaining and naughty couple on another website. Conveniently, they enjoyed wine and fun as much as me, though I hardly expected to hear from them again - such is often the case as a swingle.

Having received a message from Mrs Swinger at lunch on Wednesday, I dutifully booked the afternoon out in my outlook calendar - I had an important client meeting in town at a local hotel in the CBD.

On arriv… Read more

Autumn swim Fiction

“Last days of warmth”…

It’s was a warm autumn day, one of the few before descending into the grips of winter. Kate a slim gorgeous women, was out on one her hiking into nature. She had planned out the day to spend lunch next to were the track met the river. She left early it was still quite cool so she’d only packed the lunch & water for the day. She had arrived at the river around noon and the sun was now up high in sky, it had turned out to be a hot day. Kate sat… Read more

Nude in the Adult store Fact

What a feeling of total pleasure…

As my nude in public experiences grew more daring, I was always turned on by pictures and videos
of couples having sex or individuals posing nude in adult bookstores and at glory holes.
I had been ringing around the various bookstores of Melbourne looking for fetish videos such as exhibitionism,
public nudity and sex in public. One store was very welcoming and I asked given my enquiry for these
genres, what would be their reaction to me wear… Read more

Late night shopping (P2) Fiction

“Night shopping is a mysterious place”…

Chapter 2,

Harry and Sarah had just gone into the main part of the store to go find some wipes to clean up. Stark naked since there was no one else around since the shop was closed. He headed straight for the toiletries isle, while she went for a snack & bottle of water. She walked so confidently up the isles with her Large breasts, hour glass body & an amazingly firm arse. Those workouts must really be something as Harry caught up the her in… Read more

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Late night shopping. Fiction

“A night full of devious adventures” part 1/3…

Thought we’ll begin with it’s a late in the evening Sarah a gorgeous blonde had been hitting the gym, she had gone into the local shops just nearby to pick up a hot chicken and some salad for something quick for dinner, what she hadn’t planned for was the hot guy who had just walked in his tight fitting suit from his business meeting. Continuing her shopping she kept sneaking in a few glances here and there, but was aware he’d been doing … Read more

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Warm meals.. Meetings

My husband pushes me to bring home warm creamy meals for us to share...…

My husband was chatting and found me a well-hung local guy from Swingers. I went to meet this guy and he was nice looking, well dressed and actually made me really horny. There was not to much talking before he was caressing my breasts and I had helped myself to his cock, and yes, when I pulled it out of his pants, I could not believe my eyes, it was near "coke can" thick and quite long. It took less than 20.mins to make it to his house.
Bac… Read more

The crying shame Meetings

dominant not so dominant…

One very boring hot and humid evening, I was so over wraught with lonliness and boredom, I found myself looking on sites that I could find a quick easy hook up without all the chatting and lets get to know each other bullshit,,
STRIKE !!!! up he pops with a profile that went against all of my grain and mental capacity, YES I answered a message to a man who was very clear on what he did and what he wanted and who the boss will be,,
I thought r… Read more

the apprentice Threesome

the early years…

In the second year of my apprenticeship, we had an older ( about 60yo ) trades assistant, Jack start in our section. He had been fairly wild in his younger days and had ended up marrying a filipina a few years previously and moved back to town. He had a limp and was not in the greatest shape for his age, so the the younger tradesmen and other apprentices used to give him a hard time. I always treated him with respect and enjoyed listening to t… Read more

Husband assisted wife breeding Other

How I planned and executed the breeding of my wife…

Are fantasys ment to be forfilled?...in my wife's case...yes..Lisa..my wife has always loved sex..and is in her late thirties...I am 10yrs older and have always had a healthy outlook on our sex life...we had threesomes ..once in a blue moon..but they never seem to hit the mark..So it was a shock when I looked over the lounge one morning to see my wifewife casually scrolling through vidios of groups of black men gang banging white women...she b… Read more

Mantigan Nightmare...Part 3... Fiction

It all comes to a head, the beast will not relent his hunger...…

Three weeks passed, I know it’s odd for a husband to say, but that night did again provide a spark for us in the bedroom. We were so horny from that one night, we fucked almost every day when we got back home. One night, I came home from work to surprise Shona with a dinner reservation. I walked in the front door, on closing the door, all the lights in the house were off, which was odd for Shona to do.
I walked through the house and looking… Read more

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Mantigan Nightmare...Part 2... Fiction

The beast has let us be and we take some time away...…

Eventually I got out of bed to find out more about this "Mantigan" monster.
I went to my PC. Researching, this creature seems to be known in European legends, more stories only to be exact. It’s seen as a large dark skinned, horned beast with the most evil smile and red eyes. That seems to be what I saw and already understood. The beast is also purported to be a shapeshifter, it apparently can be anybody or anything.

Sexually speaking,… Read more

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Bloody hell! Fiction

Its a gag…

Michael had been awake for a while but he was in too much pain to move and he was convinced that if he opened his eyes he may just bleed to death. He had obviously been drinking and drinking heavily but he could not for the life of him remember with whom or why. His soggy mash of a brain kept flashing snippets at him of a great deal of celebrating with lots of people he didn’t know.

Michael had had a few things happen to him recently tha… Read more

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Mantigan Nightmare... Fiction

A little bit of fantasy writing, Part one of three.…

Nightscare, a fantasy, a dream...

Awoken well before dawn, I felt our bed roughly thrusting. With bleary eyes, I look over to my wife and get the shock of my life.
I am stunned, before my very eyes, a huge beast, a large dark skinned, horned beast with the most evil snarl had my wife on her knees and it was brutally screwing my upturned wife's pussy. The beastly thing seemed so imposing, so tall and so goddamned muscular. The creature was… Read more

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Airport Fun Fact

true life at the airport, create your own fun…

airport fun
to much work not enough play.

Decided to create some fun. which i did just last nt. a horny Tuesday nt at the airport.

I fly regular, so there is regular pick ups from airport...regular sexy outfits worn by sexy wife to airport pick ups.

I suggested 1 week to wear her long black overcoat and nothing else, she added black stockings long boots and a smile.

It was a very horny sexy ride home.

how to add to that...

orga… Read more

I can never look at caravan parks the same again.... Swinging

my chance to be "Trailer Trash"…

We had just bought a second hand caravan and decided to go for a trip to try it out..... hubby was meant to come but at the last minute his work needed him to stay as there had been problems for him to solve. So instead I decided to travel on my own... stopped at a few free camping spots on the way up and then arrived at Hervey Bay.... Great park location right on the beach and quite a good site with trees and not too many people....

Being … Read more

Hotwife massage Meetings

My meeting with a hot couple…

Joining a couple has been a fantasy for a long time. Now single after a long relationship, I find myself in a situation where I am free to explore again. This is how I could imagine it happening.....

Mrs J and Mr J had posted an ad online, seeking a confident male to join them for a night in a hotel room.

I reached out and something I said in my response must have resonated, as they responded back and soon we were set to meet. Lucky me!

Read more

My Incredible Wife... Meetings

Three days away begin with a thrill at a rest stop...…

My Incredible Wife...

It all started when my wife and I were on our way out for a bit of time away from home. It had been over a week since the last time we had made love, needless to say we were both very horny.
Thursday came and as I drove up our drive, I noticed that my Amarok wasn't home. On the table was a note that she would be ready to go when she returned. On the table there was a carton of Corona with two bottles already missing. … Read more

Just thinking out loud First Time

Its time…

We are all here because we all love sex and every aspect that gives us pleasure according to our own individual tastes.
As a wise Lady once told me.
'No Sex messes with the brain'
She practiced what she preached.
Another wise lady once told me that.
'Repetitive pleasure numbs the senses'
Based on that it is a constant quest for more exciting experiences.
I have always been sexually aware from as far back as I can remember.
There is a psyc… Read more

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I once owned a Dog Dogging

Be careful how you name your dog…

My parents told me I could name my new pet dog anything I wanted and since I was a
mischievous little boy, I decided to name the dog Sex.

It seemed funny at first until you understand all the confusion that this caused me in my
later life.

Like the day that I went to the town hall to get a dog license for Sex. The clerk asked
me what I wanted. I told him I wanted a license for Sex.

He said, “I’d like to have one, too.”

Read more

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