lingerie shopping Cross Dressing

Sales girls can be so helpful and seems nothing puts them off...…

I went shopping for some new lingerie yesterday, the young attractive woman assisted me and I think assumed I was buying a gift for someone. After I decided on my new outfit, I paid at the counter and when handed the receipt by the young woman, I asked if I could borrow the fitting room to put my new lingerie on as I couldn't wait until I got home.
The look was priceless but she simply said ok and pointed me to them, lucky it was a slow day and … Read more

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Addicted Cross Dressing

Well yes but still prefer the women…

I was warned about something once and I didnt give it a second thought but it seems amongst alot of other things now.. Im addicted to CDs/TGs, weather they be a submissive or a slut.

Perhaps its the best of both worlds for some or its my head telling me its time I had a different type of fun than just dominating, I sit and look at ALL the fetishes I have and groups I am in and boy has my dynamic changed!

I know there are a few "old school" … Read more

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