Written by Anonymous

Cross Dressing
14 Apr 2019

I was warned about something once and I didnt give it a second thought but it seems amongst alot of other things now.. Im addicted to CDs/TGs, weather they be a submissive or a slut.

Perhaps its the best of both worlds for some or its my head telling me its time I had a different type of fun than just dominating, I sit and look at ALL the fetishes I have and groups I am in and boy has my dynamic changed!

I know there are a few "old school" submissives I know who would say "your a dominant you dont do this or that" Well guess what, I like the idea of what they represent.

Yes I have my dominance over then and I also like with one some TPE but at the end of the day I am seeing at my age a late surge (for want of better words) in finding what I want or want to try even just for a one time.

No, I have not intention what so ever to put a dress on or makeup but I applaude the ones that do as it is thier choice, something they feel is right for them, makes them feel good in body & soul, some have put on womens cloths since childhood.. that was the start of thier journey.

So for the people who have visted my page and had to have a second look at my friends list (very mixed and kind list), fetishes and groups , I am still me.. we all are our own being but in our mind and body we do have things we like and sooner or later (preferably sooner to enjoy/experiment) these thoughts if you will come out.

What ever your addiction or change of dynamic is, it is about you, NOT about them, rest of the world or friends and if the friends are true they will take you as you are.

I have so much I want to do now in so little time its ripping my mind apart.