Cross Dressing
14 Jun 2019

I went shopping for some new lingerie yesterday, the young attractive woman assisted me and I think assumed I was buying a gift for someone. After I decided on my new outfit, I paid at the counter and when handed the receipt by the young woman, I asked if I could borrow the fitting room to put my new lingerie on as I couldn't wait until I got home.

The look was priceless but she simply said ok and pointed me to them, lucky it was a slow day and I think no other customers in yet. I love doing this and seeing the reaction I get, generally I haven't had a bad reaction yet but a few weird looks though..

Then walking around the shops wearing it under my jeans and jumper, the feel of it rubbing and brushing against my skin gives me an extremely hard erection and with the skimpy lacy lingerie on it can't be hidden so it was visibly noticeable. I am sure a few people saw the bulge in my jeans and as I found out later some lingerie hanging out the back and not tucked in.

It has emboldened me and I want to push my boundaries a bit, maybe go into a shop with it on but a skirt and heels on to so its not hidden under jeans , or maybe flashing in lingerie its all getting me hard to think about it.