The Morning After Cuckold

A perfect way to start our day...…

I opened my eyes just as the sun was beginning to light our bedroom. I was laying facing the window, I could feel the bed rhythmically rocking. My mind was still a bit fuzzy from our wild night before. I wanted to know what was happening and I rolled over onto my back, turning my head to face my wife's side of the bed. Right there only millimetres from my nose was my pretty wife's face. Her eyes were closed and she had an almost serene expres… Read more

Deliciously Ruined... Cuckold

How much damage can be sustained by one sexy woman…

Damn, could my life get any better! Shona was so ruined! Would my favourite delicious little hole in the world ever feel the same again? Looking down, Shona's pussy was puffy and raging swollen, perfectly reddened, wonderfully stretched and massively remained gaping open. I could not remember the last occasion I had seen Shonas pussy so destroyed.
But fuck me, "Wow was it so hot!"
I was instantly between her legs and eating her spunky puss… Read more

One night stand Cuckold

So hot to watch...…

I watched on, wanking my leaking erection, my pale skinned wife in action. Right there in front of me she was lifted in the strong arms of this sexy man and thrown into our bed. They wasted no time, both of them were so excited and he was quickly buried in her willing body, pumping her hard. “Deeeeeper, deeeeeper” she groaned as they sexily rode each other. “I need you to fuck the living christ out of me” she squealed out.
This fuckin … Read more

Your turn Cuckold

My ass now…

We ride the lift to the 8 th floor and I open the door to the apartment. You shut the door behind me grab the bag from me and lift out the toys I have bought tossing them on the couch until you find a dildo in a harness, what's this you ask and I say it's a strap on dildo that I wanted to wear so I can fuck you in both holes at once usually girls wear them. Mmm you say dropping in to the couch interesting. You come forward and kiss me deeply the … Read more

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A sweet arrival... Cuckold

Just how hot it is to have my wife come home late.…

Your front door opens and wakes you up shortly after 1.30 a.m.
Your wife walks up to your bed and has a beaming smile for you. Neither of you says anything. She doesn't need to.

She took a chance tonight, you did not know drinks after work would be so late and she’s not sure how you’re going to react.

You eagerly pull your wife down and kiss her. The kiss is hot and wet. You mash your lips tightly against hers and work to get her ou… Read more

blow job was not all Cuckold

about this time last year i had a blow job and got a lot more…

wow had a fantastic night Friday arranged to meet a lady and her partner in a car park so she could jump in my car and give me a blow job ,just before we where to meet her partner change it to his house when i arrived he greeted me at the door and invited me in, he guided me to his lounge room where she was sitting with no clothes on ,she was beautiful looking very hot ,sexy and she looked very horny ,i sat beside her and in no time we where kiss… Read more

My first Cuckold experience Cuckold

its about to get hot in here…

I was in Perth with work and had been chatting via SH for a couple for a few days. They decided they wanted to meet that night and at my motel room, which after a couple of days chatting I was up for as I was very horny... So about an hour later after I had hurriedly done some pubic area grooming and showered I had a knock at my door, I opened with some trepidation and there in front of me was a larger lady wearing a trench coat wrapped very tigh… Read more