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As you've read my profile. I like crossdressing and masturbating. My wife loves sex. She has a strong drive too.Some time ago, I had asked her to have some sexy photos taken at a photo studio. I only wanted to take pleasure in this as I like men taking photos of my wife in her underwear. At first she resisted but later enjoyed the pros. making her feel great. So I had ordered lots of Victoria Secret lingerie, bras and panties from the US and made… Read more

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A horny night of "Role Play" in our bedroom.…

Shane was perfect for both Shona and I, he had shown serious, very flirtatious, interest in Shona. As we chatted, we both found we trusted him, he was clean, and he was pretty hot. Shane was what we wanted, olive skinned, quite tall, dark hair and he was also very, very handsome.
Shona and I met up with him in a hotel well away from home at 6pm. We spent over an hour there and we all chatted, flirted and teased about what we wanted. Shane wa… Read more

My first Cuckold experience Cuckold

its about to get hot in here…

I was in Perth with work and had been chatting via SH for a couple for a few days. They decided they wanted to meet that night and at my motel room, which after a couple of days chatting I was up for as I was very horny... So about an hour later after I had hurriedly done some pubic area grooming and showered I had a knock at my door, I opened with some trepidation and there in front of me was a larger lady wearing a trench coat wrapped very tigh… Read more