blow job was not all Cuckold

about this time last year i had a blow job and got a lot more…

wow had a fantastic night Friday arranged to meet a lady and her partner in a car park so she could jump in my car and give me a blow job ,just before we where to meet her partner change it to his house when i arrived he greeted me at the door and invited me in, he guided me to his lounge room where she was sitting with no clothes on ,she was beautiful looking very hot ,sexy and she looked very horny ,i sat beside her and in no time we where kiss… Read more

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My first Cuckold experience Cuckold

its about to get hot in here…

I was in Perth with work and had been chatting via SH for a couple for a few days. They decided they wanted to meet that night and at my motel room, which after a couple of days chatting I was up for as I was very horny... So about an hour later after I had hurriedly done some pubic area grooming and showered I had a knock at my door, I opened with some trepidation and there in front of me was a larger lady wearing a trench coat wrapped very tigh… Read more