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A sweet arrival...

Just how hot it is to have my wife come home late.


5 minute read

Your front door opens and wakes you up shortly after 1.30 a.m. Your wife walks up to your bed and has a beaming smile for you. Neither of you says anything. She doesn't need to. She took a chance tonight, you did not know drinks after work would be so late and she’s not sure how you’re going to react. You eagerly pull your wife down and kiss her. The kiss is hot and wet. You mash your lips tightly against hers and work to get her out of that little dress. You are hungry for her, everything she hoped you would be. You want to ask if she did more than make out? It was hours between her last message and her arrival at home. What happened in all that time? But you don't dare ask. You unzip the dress and push it down to the floor. Then the easiest way to find out if she fucked is to check her panties. You stand her beside the bed, step back, drop to your knees in front of her, and pull aside the lace of her underwear. That’s when you immediately smell it. It’s strong and unmistakable. That’s the sensational odour of cum in your wife’s pussy, you inhale deeply the sexy scent. She has been fucked, but better than just a fucking she let him cum inside of her. Pulling the gusset aside with one hand you lightly run a finger along her outer folds. Her sex is puffy and so soft. Thick wet male seed is slowly dripping from her perfect cunt. Cum is in your wife’s pussy and she is now smiling down at you… What do you do now? This is a common right of passage for so many of us horny, dirty minded husbands. If you are supportive enough, encouraging enough, if you’re in this lifestyle, your wife will need regular and unprotected sex with men. She will lay back, pull them deep, she will whisper, sometimes scream, sometimes even beg and they will cum in her pussy. Other men will fill your wife’s pussy with strong, steamy, thick seed and she will squeal with relish in the sweet and sexy release. You’ll be excited, even a little anxious, but you’ll always be horny. There’s a mammoth difference between a new man spraying her chest and face with cum in a horny orgssm and his raging cum load actually ending up deep inside her. That’s not going to stop you from wanting it though, is it? You want to know that she wants other men and they want her. You want when her need is so strong to see another man has cum in her pussy. If you can be so lucky to have her skewered with another man, you want to be there for that moment when he groans, buries his cock to the hilt inside her, and unloads. You love to watch your wife's eyes, sometimes they go wide, sometimes they close, but always her body is in orgasm. You lust her every orgasm. You want to see him relax, a job, your wife well done. Watch him pull out his softening cock. You all enjoy the sight of that wet cock. You know his balls are empty, the evidence of his orgasm, his heavy balls load of cum splashed thick into her, now leaking down her thigh, oozing from her freshly-fucked, fully-satisfied pussy. It’s perfectly natural and so damn sexy for a woman to want her lover’s cum inside her. Bareback sex is built into our genetics, we all need it. But let's face it, it just feels so much better, there’s just something so Neanderthal about the idea of hot cum in her that drives her, all if us, crazy with lust (as long as he’s safe and clean, of course). For a wife, when it’s another man blowing spunk and your husband is either fucking her also, sitting right nearby or even just watching, it’s so much hotter. Saying those sexy words, “Cum inside me,” while your hubby is right there listening is so intoxicating for you both. The first time it happens, you’ll be overwhelmed with lust. When you’re treated to a vision of your wife being treated like a cave woman, you won’t know what to do with yourself. You’ll be so overwhelmingly turned on, you’ll have to grab your cock and stroke it or you will need to jam it into her and relish the slick warm slop. She’ll feel the same way. A wave of pure satisfaction and warmth will wash over her. She’ll feel bliss at having her lover’s cum inside her and knowing that her horny husband is overcome with desire and a raging erection, ready to reclaim his territory. This could be your wife’s pussy, if you can help make her feel comfortable enough with other men. Wouldn’t that be the most beautiful thing in the world for both of you? Wouldn’t you like to be the next man between her legs, her lover’s cum, thick and warm, oozing out of her soft and sexy body? Seeing her raise her arms to you, pulling you down, onto and into her sexy sweating, naked body? Wouldn’t that turn you on like nothing else ever has? One word - YES!

Tags: anticipation, arousal, bareback, creampie

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