20 Jun 2020

Damn, could my life get any better! Shona was so ruined! Would my favourite delicious little hole in the world ever feel the same again? Looking down, Shona's pussy was puffy and raging swollen, perfectly reddened, wonderfully stretched and massively remained gaping open. I could not remember the last occasion I had seen Shonas pussy so destroyed.

But fuck me, "Wow was it so hot!"

I was instantly between her legs and eating her spunky pussy, well before she even had a chance to ask me to "lick her out"

"Go easy baby, I'm so sore" she panted as I ate her up. On my knees I sucked at her used pussy with my mouth and tongue. I was randy and hungry for the two filthy loads of spunk pumped into her pussy. I sucked at her like a starving man. I was turned on by the strong heady semen, leaking out of her loose and flogged pussy hole.

But I suppose I should tell you how her sweet little pussy got this beaten up.

We both went out last Saturday night with the horny goal of getting her a fucking by some new random man. Wearing her fuck me heels and a short yellow skirt, we went to a hotel bar in Parramatta.

I sat away, unobserved way off in a corner while at the bar, Shona ordered a drink. It certainly didn't take long for an age 50's guy in a suit to hit on her. He was just under 6', very trim. He sat, they drank, they laughed, they danced and they chatted, each of them flirting. Then after two shots of tequila each, Shona texted me. He had invited her up to his room to which she texted me "I thought he'd never ask!"

Shona texted, "He said it's fine if you want to watch!" "You people are crazy!" She texted, he had said.

They both came over and Shona pulled me up. Taking her in an arm each we led her to the lift and then up to the room. Once in the room it was on. They were both naked quickly and he began teasing her all over with kisses to the sensitive areas of her body. He laid her across the bed and fingered her very wet pussy, I could easily hear her squealchy excitment. She laughed "go easy" and he teased her back "I have to get you ready for my cock" he laughed. "You will have a job to take me, now relax and enjoy the pleasure of a real man with a fat cock" Shona giggled. After fingering and licking her for about 10 minutes. He leant up, he had not been joking, his erection, talk about show or grow! His dick had grown to the size of her forearm. She told me after he had left us, she was actually initially a little scared, but really excited at the moment he lined up to penetrate her. She said she felt so slutty spread out before him, but wanted to prove to me and him, she could take all of his heavy, meaty organ. He was not gentle at all when he took her. Lucky Shona was as excited and ready for his cock as she was. He forcefully shoved what he could into her. With a loud grunting cry, all the air left her body, and somehow she opened up enough for the rest of his cock. He pushed, driving himself all the way in deep. Shona exploded, thrashing, grinding, being thrown around, moaning and whimpering, eyes glazed over, lustingly impaled on his giant organ.

He was so rough, he picked up his pace and pounded her relentlessly for ages. Shona fucked him back hard, loving his tireless screwing, orgasming quite a few times on his cock.

It was stunning to watch him let rip with his spunk load, he unloaded the lot without any warning. Shona clearly knew it was coming and spread herself out wide underneath him, opening herself up for his manly spunk fluids. He filled Shona up with so much fluid it was splashing out of her and wetting his big balls and her inner thighs. He eventually slowed his plowing motion as his orgasm subsided. He rolled off Shona and immediately asked if "he had to leave?" "Could he have another go, do her again, after a short rest, of course?" Shona said "I feel empty now you've pulled that monster out of me, I'd love you back in me, I'm hot for you to tap me again!"

We all laughed and he said "give us a few minutes alone man" What could I say...I went out for a bit. I was gone maybe 30 minutes. When I returned I could hear Shona panting and moaning from down the hallway. Wow, what a sight when I walked in. I found her taking it panting and taken it doggy. Being fucked again by this stud. He pulled her hair as he pulverised her pussy. He went on for many more minutes. I knew he had lost it when he grunted "take all this seed baby and let's watch your husband clean us up! He roars out and again seeded her body. He smiled down at his handywork and Shona's sweating body as he pulled out and said "Sorry about your poor pussy" But clearly he wasn't that concerned.

He lay with her for a bit, then kissed and thanked Shona for a hot time. He didn't shower, he just dressed and as he left he handed me his card. He said I am here most every month. Your wife will be wanting more, call me when she does. With that he left and we were suddenly alone.

Shona's make-up was a mess, smeared and running. Her hair was tangled and her breasts had love bites and her nipples were extended. Her pussy lips were red raw. Her hole was open and stretched out. So much cum was leaking out. She said "You heard him say it" she said "I was her boy, her cuck" I was totally turned on by all of this horny action .

Damn! That pussy was ruined! Would it ever be the same? Red, swollen, stretched and gaping open. But wow, as I said earlier, it was so HOT! I was already eating her as she said "lick it clean, but go easy I'm so fucking sore" On my knees I ate up her used pussy with my tongue. Sucking the two big loads of cum out of her loose, tasty hole.

About a week later while we were having sex. Shona said "You feel good baby, but I'm gonna need that monster once in a while" she laughed. Can you call him for me, tee him up?

So I was a perfect husband and three weeks from now he will be wrecking her pussy, all over again…

Thank goodness Covid is over...