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18 Dec 2014

My first Cuckold experience

its about to get hot in here


3 minute read

I was in Perth with work and had been chatting via SH for a couple for a few days. They decided they wanted to meet that night and at my motel room, which after a couple of days chatting I was up for as I was very horny... So about an hour later after I had hurriedly done some pubic area grooming and showered I had a knock at my door, I opened with some trepidation and there in front of me was a larger lady wearing a trench coat wrapped very tight (which I thought was interesting as it was October...) and a big guy behind (I'm 6'3" and he made me feel small). They came in and we sat at the table and chairs and chatted for a bit. Then it got interesting... The lady (who I will call Mary) said to her husband "I need a drink" and then turned to me grabbed me and kissed me hard and with a lot of tongue. As she did this her coat opened up and to my astonishment there was nothing on underneath, my semi hard cock got rock hard... She then turned to her husband and said "we will need the a/c on as its about to get hot in here" and then led me over to the bed. I looked over and her husband was sitting in a chair in the corner watching.... I needed to taste her pussy, I pushed her back, spread her legs and went in and attacked her pussy and clit with my mouth and tongue, Mary clearly enjoying as she started moaning and started yelling are "Are you watching, are you watching? This is how you do it!" before grabbing my hair and dragging me up and telling me "pinch my nipples hard as I give you the type of blow job he only dreams about..." Holy Sh!t she was good, I had to summon everything not to cum and she knew it. Teasing me, I was so horny but the husband in the corner of the room was in the back of my mind which distracted me enough not to cum... The smell of her hot, horny (very tasty) and wet pussy pervaded the motel room making her and me hornier... She now decided it was time to ride my cock, "dear pass me one of the condoms" to her husband which he dutifully did... I was flabbergasted about the scenario I was in, but was that horny I wasn't going to stop! The was nothing subtle about how Mary mounted me, she lined herself up and just dropped onto my cock... F#%k she was tight! Mary screamed and moaned and started riding me hard until she ran out of puff... By now I had figured out that this was a cuckolding scenario and when we went to doggy style I made sure I was giving the husband a great view of my cock pounding his wife... Mary's pussy quivered with an orgasm and I could feel mine building in my ballsack and so could Mary. We went into missionary and her pussy started quivering repeatedly (a truly incredible feeling) "pull out and put it all over my tits" which I did spurting a big load all over her... I collapsed panting and spent from the fast and furious session, I looked over and Mary was the same.... "Come here and clean me up", I looked up thinking it was aimed at me but it was for her husband. He walked over (fully clothed) and licked my cum off his wife until she was satisfied. Mary then got up, put her coat on, saying "thanks, call again when your next in Perth" and they walked out... An hour later I got a message to saying "You got Dirk (husband) so horny we only got halfway home before he stopped in a carpark and bent me over the bonnet..." And I thought well, that's obviously the point of cuckolding...

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