16 Sep 2019

As you've read my profile. I like crossdressing and masturbating. My wife loves sex. She has a strong drive too.Some time ago, I had asked her to have some sexy photos taken at a photo studio. I only wanted to take pleasure in this as I like men taking photos of my wife in her underwear. At first she resisted but later enjoyed the pros. making her feel great. So I had ordered lots of Victoria Secret lingerie, bras and panties from the US and made her do more photo shoots.

This hobby started to slow down a little after a while and she wanted more sensual touch which I didnt give. Later we asked me if I was willing to let her get favors from other guys at work. I said ok. She had been building sexual intimacy with a colleague from work. Usually on weekends she goes over to his home. Occasionally this happens on weekdays too. Recently she quit from her job and did not make much contact with her co worker.

So she startedusing online websites to meet some male partners.

I wish to create my fantasy and I want it to be like this:

Invite a partner to our home. While my wife gets changed. I assist our guest into the house. We have some wine and watch maybe some soft porn, like from playboy - swingers. I chat with her guest for a while. Get comfy with him.

Then my wife comes to greet her partner for the night. She will dress in her kimono robe or maybe a full slip dress with panty hose on. I dim the lights few minutes later. We exchange places. Maybe she can sit next to him. I excuse my self for a while while they do their intro. She may flirt and he may put his hands around. I return back and glance at the TV screen still watching a show from playboy channel. Hopefully by then, they will be a little aroused. I then suggest my wife to put on a show and tell. Its something to get the guest to be in the mood. So she goes in our room and transform into a lingerie angel. She wears a bra and a half slip. Puts on heels and walks to the living room. Does the cat walk thing and teases her guest. Returns back to room and changes to a bra and underwear (we can decide color earlier on) plus stockings on. With heels. This time she sits on his lap pretending to be a stripper. Next round, She wears a sheer bra and G string with a chemise on. She takes off the chemise in front of us and spins around. Presentation is done now is the real moment.

I show our guest our room. Then I dim the lights and pull a chair and sit next to our bed. My wife with her baby doll lingerie lies on the bed first. first they get warmed up and when the underwear and bra comes off, Id request for him to toss it on me special request. I might not watch the entire show but will be outside and then popping in. I would prefer to jerk while this is going on.

The guest may wait for a second round if he prefers. We prefer no overnight stays.

Basic rules :

1. condom use a must

2. If wanting to cum without condom make sure its outside first. You may cum on her breast.

3. you may use the shower room after or whenever.

4. Guest to treat her like a lady and do only what she consents.