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One night stand

So hot to watch...


2 minute read

I watched on, wanking my leaking erection, my pale skinned wife in action. Right there in front of me she was lifted in the strong arms of this sexy man and thrown into our bed. They wasted no time, both of them were so excited and he was quickly buried in her willing body, pumping her hard. “Deeeeeper, deeeeeper” she groaned as they sexily rode each other. “I need you to fuck the living christ out of me” she squealed out. This fuckin beast of a man didn’t stop fucking her and in fact eventually went on and on for nearly 50 minutes. Shona was wet as fuck with spunky fluids and clearly enjoyed a couple of heavy, shuddering, very loud orgasms during his 45 min pounding. This animal of a man didn’t let himself blow until finally he thrust forward with all his might, pinned her down under him, and digging his strong knees deep into her soft milky thighs, spreading her legs wide apart, he came. He spread her legs so completely apart I thought he would tear her open. With the loudest grunting I have ever heard, he bellowed out and emptied his pent up very, very thick load of cum deep inside my beautiful sexy wife. After a small break, our guest said to my wife, "I have wondered how you would look naked in real life. In my imagination I have tossed myself so many times, thinking of you on your back” As he said that, he lifted her back to the centre of the bed, spread her legs, erect again, he buried himself in her sloppy pussy and mounted her. Hungry herself, she pulled him down onto her body, he split her open one more time. He was so vigorous, he pushed her all over our bed, impaled on his rigid cock. She came twice again and he amazingly lasted nearly 20 mins. That night he stayed with her. They both slept in our bedroom and I could hear them again and again. I tossed myself raw. I joyously imagine how used and ruined her pussy must be. He was not shy at all and was loud as fuck in his screwing. When it was finally morning, my wife made breakfast for our sexy guest, then coyly she walked him out of the kitchen, past me, kissing my cheek, "Back soon" she teased, taking him back to our bedroom for just one more. This is just what she does...God I love her...

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