30 Aug 2019

Shane was perfect for both Shona and I, he had shown serious, very flirtatious, interest in Shona. As we chatted, we both found we trusted him, he was clean, and he was pretty hot. Shane was what we wanted, olive skinned, quite tall, dark hair and he was also very, very handsome.

Shona and I met up with him in a hotel well away from home at 6pm. We spent over an hour there and we all chatted, flirted and teased about what we wanted. Shane was more than happy to oblige us, and he was excited we had taken up his offer to meet. We all wanted to do this, and he seemed to relish our play/voyeur fantasy.

We all decided to move back to our home, we asked Shane to meet Shona there at 8pm, so they had a chance to get “warmed up” without me. We had it all planned, we all knew exactly how we wanted the night to play out and what we wanted from this night with Shane.

My wife is a bright, auburn haired woman, with soft brown eyes and a very cute smile Shona can be kinky in the bedroom but an absolute perfect lady in the street. She is amazing, and she definitely knows what she likes from a cock.

We returned to our home and relaxed into our room. I opened a bottle of red wine and we sipped on that whilst we enjoyed our big bath, before Shona chose a lingerie outfit from her collection that we both thought would get Shane’s blood boiling. It was a full body, tightfitting, net weave elastic bodysuit with holes in all the right places. Then we settled onto our lounge for quite a bit of kissing and heavy petting.

It was soon approaching 8 pm and I knew Shane would be arriving soon, I dragged myself away from my excited and very randy Shona. I re-dressed and left the house, her pussy scent still on my fingers, heading out to amuse myself for a bit. Time passed quickly and at about 8.30, I was sure, by now, Shane would be in our bedroom probably sucking Shona’s pussy. This was all part of our play, I really wanted to walk in on them fucking and then sit back and watch.

Just before 9pm I walked back into our bedroom and sure enough my wife and Shane were making out on the bed, his hand buried between her legs. Shona, legs spread, still in her black lacy lingerie bodysuit and Shane was shirtless. I teased and told them to stop but they just laughed at me and told me to "shut the fuck up" everyone laughed.

Shane told me that he was going to screw my wife so hard and so good that she would want him back again and again, I smiled and sat comfortably on the chair in the corner of our room and watched on as Shane pushed Shona’s legs back to her ears and went down on her.

Shona didn’t moan at first, but the longer Shane was down there the hotter Shona got, the more urgent her breathing became. Shona soon was moaning and groaning at his attention, getting louder and louder. My cock was rock hard, and I wanted nothing more than to climb in with them, but this was our fantasy and I waited, and I watched. (Although I did feel like Shona was enjoying it just a little too much, ha-ha!)

I stripped naked and started stroking myself, Shona eyed me and winked as she checked out my erection, the view of her before me was amazing as I watched Shane eat her out with the best oral. Shona closed her eyes, returning to Shane’s attention and grabbed at the bed sheets. spread her legs wide to him, her toes curled, she moaned out in joy and horny ecstasy.

I watched my Shona as she rode Shane’s face, edging herself, holding off an orgasm, stretching out the intense attention of his luscious tongue, but eventually she could not resist and giving in, losing control to the attention, she was overrun by an orgasmic wave, shaking, grinding and cumming hard onto his face. Her entire body glistened satin with a light sheen of sweat as she writhed. When Shona had ridden out what was a very long-winded orgasm, Shane lifted his face from between her legs and turned to smile at me. He said, "I told you I could get her going” Shona could do nothing but lay there momentarily spent, panting, her heaving body settling down from her brutally strong orgasm.

Shane stood, he did not care to wait for Shona to recover, his cock was rigid, raging horny and wet with pre-cum. He was gonna not wait a moment more. Shane pulled Shona up onto all fours, they were side on to me, giving me the best view. He knelt in behind her and teased his cock into her excited pussy lips and up onto her arsehole. The cheeky action was quickly renewing Shona's horny ache once more. It was easy to see how sticky and wet Shona was as he teased her. Each time he brought his cock back out of her pussy lips and up past her arse crack, the head of his cock glistened with her liquid gold sexual juices.

He began teasing his cock into her arse hole, something we rarely did. He pushed inwards and surprisingly Shona didn’t resist at all, she even actively encouraged him to anally penetrate her. With her horny and eager encouragement, he was soon gently buried deep to his balls in her dark tube, initially slowly thrusting in and out of her anal passage, but as Shona's anal tube was worked wide open by Shane, finally he began riding her arse hard. To hold her position on the bed, Shona again gripped onto the sheets, screwing them up, willingly thrusting herself backwards onto his veiny pounding pole, definitely not shy to encourage Shane’s cock to take her as anally deep as he wanted.

I was jacking my cock at the wild abandon of my delicious Shona, still I taken aback, I was stunned at how much Shona was loving the anal.

Shane ravaged Shona's arse; he was quite clearly in screwing heaven. Shane had his own sheen of sweat now. My sexy wife had her eyes squeezed tight and she groaned so loudly. Shane slapped her arse and she screamed out in pleasure, I will admit to you all, I was utterly horny, and utterly jealous.

Shane turned to me and started chatting to me as he fucked, telling me how “tight her tube” was, how Shona was “so hot on his cock” and how “I would have a tough act to follow when he was done using her” It would be tough to please her like he was doing, I thought to myself. Shona laughed, smiled across at me, she knew I was always up for a challenge, but all the while she was still gripping the sheets, screwing up the material in her erotic pounded anal pleasure.


Shona finally could take no more anal and collapsed forward onto the bed. Shane lifted from her sweating body and pulled his erection out of her ruined tube. He ducked off to the bathroom, washed his cock and when he returned, he lay on his back. Shane was still impressively erect and pulled Shona over to sit up on his cock. Shona lifted her ravaged self and sat over his erection. Shona's pussy smoothly swallowed his cock up into her belly and she began softly riding him, her beautiful round breasts were swaying backwards and forwards as she ground down. Shane grew steadily more excited and started upward thrusting, going as deeply into Shona’s belly as he could drive himself. Shane eventually was fucking up into Shona so hard that, it was hot to watch, as she had to steady herself by grabbing onto his thighs.

I watched on as Shona squealed, riding on in delight. I saw white frothy pre-cum oozing down onto Shane’s balls as Shona screwed Shane. Shane never relented, he fucked Shona deep, he even moved his hand back round to her loose arse hole and pushed two of his fingers back into her arse. It just made her squeal and grind more.

I could feel my own orgasm building and before I knew it, my cock was also oozing, drooling out pulses of my white pre-cum. I quickly stood and moved over to the fucking couple. And then I began to cum, I let out an audible load groan as I started. Shona grabbed my cock and pulled me off, aiming my load at herself, splashing my spunk all over her rutting belly. I was done cumming and Shona let go of my cock. I watched as my cum rolled down her belly and formed a slick wet pool between their grinding groins. Shona rubbed my cum around her belly and pushed my wet semen down into her grinding pussy slot. Shane looked up, smiled and said he was going to "cum inside her"

Shona eyed me, she would have felt his cock expand inside her body, ready to deliver his orgasm, she licked her sticky cum fingers...and then Shona closed her eyes...

Then that was exactly what he did, he blew his load, orgasming inside of Shona and flooding her sweet wifely pussy with his fresh load of heavy cum. She thrust down onto his girthy cock as he filled her, clearly relishing the heat of his steamy cum delivery. Shona closed her eyes. I knew Shona could taste my cum in her mouth as she was feeling Shane' warm cum eruptions, pumping up into her loins. I watched her writhe about in a second orgasm, grinding her body hard and milking his pulsing streams, extracting every millilitre of steamy cum from his heavy loaded balls. When he finally relented his seminal flood, Shane relaxed.

Shona collapsed onto Shane’s chest and rested for a little with Shane's cock still buried inside her, softening. Then she kissed him before gently climbing off of him. Shona bent down, aiming her bum at me, her face to his groin, looked up into his eyes, she licked and kissed his wet cock. It was fucking amazing to look at the rear of Shona (She wriggled her arse to make sure I was watching) and check out the pounded holes, the scene of Shane’s seminal decimation. Thick cum dripped down her leg, it was so hot to see the steamy seminal evidence leaking from her pounded cunt as Shona teased me.

Shane had to go but didn't shower, preferring to leave with our scent and orgasms still strong, slick and wet on his body. That was a hot move in itself. He then dressed and making small talk, got ready to leave us. He kissed Shona on the lips, thanked her for a stunning night and winking at me, he left our bedroom.

My shagged and screwed Shona had dropped down onto the crumpled bed as I walked Shane out and closed the front door, but my gorgeous girl spread her legs wide open as I walked back from the door. I stopped for just a moment to admire the stunning load of cum leaking from my girl. Shane was the heaviest cummer I had ever seen. Shona lightly fingered herself to me, opening herself, teasing me with the mess that was loaded into her used and abused pussy.

Shona chatted to me as I moved towards her “Look at the big mess Shane made in my pussy, how do you expect us to continue to play tonight with my pussy so messy and dripping”

An erotic urge came over me, I climbed onto the bed beside Shona so I was on my knees. I reached down and massaged her big soft breasts, thumbed her nipples. I lent down and sucked on each breast and nipple, her breasts are so hot.

Shona liked the attention. I kissed my way down her tummy, then went straight between her thighs, eager for a turn at her screwed pussy. I gently licked the outer lips, then just dove right in and pushed my face into her lathered, hard worked, pussy folds.

The smell from her fucked pussy was intense. Shona’s cunt was hot and so freshly fucked.

There was the incredible strong musky, sexy scent of Shane’s cock, her lips were creamy lathered and Shane’s load of man juice was deliciously oozing from her reddened hole. I licked her bottom to top. I was really quickly getting into eating out her creamy load. I could taste the sweet tang of Shona’s fluids thoroughly mixed with Shane's wonderfully massive load of spunk. I rammed my tongue against Shona’s sticky clit and licked hard, a large glob of deeply buried semen flowed out, I loved the sensation of the thick cream in my mouth, it instantly turned me on and I was quickly erect. I was in heaven with Shona above me, throbbing, grinding and thrusting as I ate her up.

Shona groaned out and climaxed, her pussy clenched, more cum load from Shane gushed out of Shona and onto my face. I moved about licking up all I could, then finally I sealed my lips over her pussy and sucked. I was rewarded with a massive mouthful of the their sexy fuck fluids from deep inside. Hers and his. I really liked that! I swallowed and wanted to stay eating, the taste was so good, but my erection was fully renewed and beckoned for more action.

I slipped out from below Shona and crawled up her glistening body. I leaned over her face and snowballed her, sharing the tasty fuck load from my mouth, into her mouth. I then sunk my tongue into her hungry mouth and we both kissed, our tongues playing in the heavy deposit.

"Do you have one more in you?" She asked.

I certainly did and I kissed her deeply as I mounted her. There was so much slick fluid inside Shona, there was no vaginal resistance at all to my entry. Shona was sloppy to the max, her pussy was so stunningly fuckably easy. I relished fucking her tortured body and sloshing my cock around in Shane’s heavy cum. I quickly blew my own load, it was certainly an intense orgasm, adding my own semen dose over the top of Shane's, within her heaving body. After my orgasm I kept on sliding my cock in and out of Shona’s sloppy pussy until my cock softened, making sure Shane and my semen loads were thoroughly mixed within her sexy body, before I finally climbed off Shona.

Shona snuggled into my side and sleepily asked, “Happy now?” I just kissed her forehead and we fell asleep in each others arms.

The whole experience turned out to be such a thrill for all of us, and as for me, just seeing my Shona having so much fun is always definitely a huge turn on.

Shona now speaks regularly with Shane. Shona assures me, we will most definitely be doing all this again, with Shane, very soon.