Quickie after work Dogging

Random Fuck…

One Friday a few weeks ago I’m on my way home from work And was feeling a bit hornier than usual. I thought I’d stop off somewhere and have a quick wank, so I pulled off the GDE into the carpark at the Glenloch interchange, got my phone out and started looking at my secret porn stash. After a few minutes a car with dark tinted windows pulls up right beside me so I stopped what I was doing and was about to tuck it back into my pants when the … Read more

Molly’s first time at an Adult Cinema Dogging

Molly’s first time at an Adult Cinema…

“Can we go to King’s Cross,” she asked.

“Of course we can,” he said.

On the way in the cab they couldn’t keep their hands and mouths off each other and John had again slid his hand up her dress to rub Molly’s pulsing pussy through her stockings.

When the got out of the cab John told Molly he had a surprise for her.

“Daddy is going to take you to an adult cinema,” he said.

She’d never been before but was horny an… Read more

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Maslin's Beach Fun with a Wonderful Couple Dogging

Beach fun at it's best…

This is the story of how I met with Mrs P and Mr B.

It was one April night in 2018 that I was on SH, perusing the site, chatting to people in the chat rooms whilst having the webcam up. I was naked, horny and hard as a rock. I was looking away and having a wank when I got a feeling I was being watched. I checked it out and found a couple profile watching me. I initiated a hello and off it went. Mrs P was easy to chat with online and very … Read more

Quickie Dogging

Quick catch up…

I met up with my fuck buddy last Friday afternoon, we drove around for a while until we found a nice quiet spot and started to have a little play with each other.
I lay down and Em sat on my face. After about 10 minutes of licking her sweet holes we heard a car pull up and a door open. She froze for a bit but continued to grind herself on my tongue, she rose to her feet and spread her flaps before letting go of the biggest piss I’ve ever seen… Read more