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Beach Cougar

Have you ever been seduced by a cougar on the beach


9 minute read

I had seen her several times when I was relaxing on the beach after my walk. She was about 60-63, about 5,6 tanned and very fit. It was obvious this woman was stylish, confident and very sensual. She walked in a very smooth and sexy way. Almost effortless in the sand. I had seen the way she walked past the crowds with her light shirt blowing in the breeze and her stunning breasts bursting to be free from her bikini top. Not even paying attention to the men checking her out. Then when she was past the crowds she would silkily removed her bikini top but leave the light shirt blustering in breeze giving just glimpses of the stunning breasts of this very sexy woman. Today as I got out of my car she pulled in behind me. I didn’t think too much about it just that I wanted to be in front of her walking so that I did not look like a pervert when I e acc liked behind her with a hard on!!! I headed to the beach and as I passed the crowd I paused and removed my shirt sad o I could continue to work on my tan. I secretly wanted an all over tan but was to shy to get all my gear off. As I slung my t shirt over my shoulder I was surprised that she spoke to me quietly and asked if I minded if she walked with me. I stammered “ of course not, please do!” So smooth..... We walked and she talked so easily and comfortably and then just asked if it was okay to take her bikini off to catch some sun? No worries from me I stuttered and did my best not to look as she passed me her small bag to hold while she took her top off. We continued to walk and I continued to try and not look at he magnificent chest. I also tried to think of anything but those amazing boobs so I did not crack a big hard on. We were getting close to where I normally stop and lay down fo a bit of ray catching and she said” you should keep walking with me as my sun baking spot is much better than yours” “Ok “ I nearly shouted in excitement. I was wondering how she knew where I sun baked. I thought that she was oblivious to everyone as she walked along the beach.... but obviously not. She must have read my thoughts and said” I have seen you there quite often when I walk past but you always looked so peaceful so never interrupted you”. I am glad she could not read my other thoughts as my naughty cock started to get harder. As we walked she was asking about my tan and if it was an all over tan.. I blushed and said no , not yet. I really wanted one but was a bit shy about getting all my gear off! She did not say much and then all of a sudden said “ here we are follow me” It was a great spot, A very small entrance through the dunes that was surrounded by trees, open enough to let heaps of sun through but far enough in the dune that you could not be seen. She pulled a very large towel from her bag along with water and sunscreen. She laid out her towel and set about getting her stuff organised. I through my towel down and and was getting out my water when I saw her remove everything!!! Fuck I did not know where to look. She laid down on her front thank goodness. I took off my shorts and left my jocks on and laid down as quickly as I could before the bulge on my jocks was to noticed. We lay in silence for about 5 minutes before she asked if I would mind rubbing sunscreen onto her back and shoulders. I was a bit nervous and did not want her to think I was a pervert so I adjusted myself to be able to rub the sunscreen in without my cock being on show. As I adjusted she rolled over to get the sunscreen to pas to me giving me a full view of her amazing boobs and very smooth and hairless body.... She smiled a coy smile as she rolled back over. I quickly put some sun screen on her shoulders and back and gently rubbed it in. I swear I could hear very slight moans coming from her but told myself to stop being stupid. I rubbed down her back careful not to get to close to her tanned and quite impressive firm ass. When I stopped she looked over and said “ can you do my legs too please” Fuck this was awkward... I was hard as a rock and would have to move to be able to reach. Sure I said as I moved slowly and started at her calves and moved up her toned legs. Making sure I stayed away from her ass and pussy. I finished and quickly laid back down. She said thanks that felt amazing... but you missed some places?? And giggled. “Thank you for not being a sleaze and not taking advantage of an old lady“ she laughed. Fuck if she only knew what I wanted to do!!! I laid there facing away from her and could sense that she was looking at me from where she was laying. I did not want to look so just enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on my back and shoulders. “ I will rub some screen onto your back otherwise you will fry “ she said. Before I could say anything she was on her knees and at my side and rubbing a lot of sun screen into my back and shoulders. She started at my neck and shoulders and moved down my back and then she moved and straddled my legs as she then used both hands to run down my sides and closer to my jocks. Fuck I was hard. You should take them off if you want to get that all over tan she laughed and hopped off. I thought she was joking so just laughed and stayed static. Then I felt her hand start to pull them down. Come on she said it is only me here and I am not going to look. I was really worried as my Vick was like a rock. She continued to pull them down so I lifted up and she pulled them but they got stuck on my cock as she was pulling them down. I quickly reached under my stomach and let them free from my cock. There she said now you can get a nice tanned bum! Laughed and laid back down but this time on her back. I really wanted to look and pretended to adjust my position. Wow those boobs were amazing. She rolled on her side towards me giving me a full view of her tanned svelte body. “ have you ever been seduced and fucked by a cougar on a beach “ she said confidently as she ran her finger nails gently down my back and across my ass. Uhhm know I stammered.... “You are about to be” she laughed teasingly Then She started to massage my ass and spread my legs so she could tease my balls. I nearly came then and there, She told me to roll over and as soon as I did she had her hand around my thick hard shaft. I am going to make you cum twice so don’t hold back she whispered. She moved her mouth straight to my clock and slowly licked the head and shaft. I reached over and ran my hand over her lower back down her ass and towards her pussy. It was soaking wet and she moaned and took my cock deep into her mouth as I gently massaged her clit. She did not hesitate and face so I could eat her as she sucked my throbbing cock. She tasted incredible and I was so glad I had not put sunscreen on her ass . She cupped my balls as she sucked the helmet of my cock . I licked and sucked her pussy lips and then concentrated on her clit. She came without warning. Grinding onto my face and stroking my cock. It was too much and I just started cumming everywhere with every stroke I shot more cum all over me and her. Her hand was covered in thick cum and my belly was a mess. Ashes topped cumming she started to lick the tip of my cock and suck the head. It was amazing. It kept my cock so hard and she quickly turned and sat straight on my cock. She glides on easily as she was wet and my cum acted like a lubricant. She took my whole Vick and then starts to tighten her pelvic muscles on my cock as she rode me slowly at first. She looked me straight in the eyes and scooped up a load of cum off my stomach with her finger and placed it into her mouth and ducked it clean as she pulled her her finger out of her mouth. Fuck what a horny and kinky lady. She played with her clyde as she rode me adjusting her pussy tightness like an expert. I want us both to cum again she said as she picked up pace on my cock and her clit. I could feel her building as well as my cock getter harder and my balls getting tighter. She came without any further warning! Loudly and she was shuddering. She leaned forward and kissed my deeply. I started to thrust harder I to her and pulled her tight as I pumped a load deep into her pussy. We laid that way until she released my cock from her pussy. I was done, she was done and neither of us wanted to move. She kissed me deeply again and said that we should have a swim to clean off and that we should definitely do this again. But that is another story!!

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