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Gotta love Aarows...

A Wednesday night of unexpected, unrivalled pleasure...


12 minute read

I was so excited and Shona was toying with my cock as we drove to Aarows. Shona had me so hard just chatting about what she wanted from our evening ahead. We found a parking spot one street away and with Shona teasing me I barely got my cock under control so we could leave the car. We had blindfolds for each of us in my pocket... I locked our car and we headed inside knowing that it was still early and we would be some of the first people there.. We paid our entry and made our way to the change room. We walked through excited but we were nervous at the same time. Once Shona was in her lingerie and I was naked we walked into one of the common areas. We were thrilled to find there were only a few guys wandering around and we moved to the front of a TV with a big comfy lounge and we sat down. It was so liberating to be sat there naked and watching porn on the screen with Shona in her sexy lingerie beside me. We laid back beside each other and each of us placed a blindfold on. Shona and I just sat with our legs partly open on the couch, relaxing, listening to the sounds of people sucking, licking and fucking on the screen... Shona gently stroked my meaty, cut cock, keeping me erect. "SLOWLY" I urged her. I wanted her to edge me for hours so that when I finally came, I would splash her with something extra huge! I could tell Shona was nervous as she jumped a little when we heard a door click open. We both knew people were entering and they would be able to see me naked and Shona in her lingerie, her hand stroking my cock, blindfolded and making ourselves available to any and all "cummers" Shona's nerves were soon overtaken by her hornyness. We listened as soft footsteps came very close. Shona removed her hand from my cock and rested her palm on my leg, waiting to feel anything put in front of her. But nothing happened for what seemed an eternity and then we heard the door click again. More footsteps and we both noticed that the people who had entered had not sat down or touched us. We wondered if they were still standing next to us? Shona slowly started to stroke my cock again as she listened to a woman on the screen grunting as she was being well fucked. The door clicked again and even more people entered. We heard murmuring and soft talk, some of it quite ribald. Shona squeezed my cock quite hard as she listened to the chatter. Then footsteps come alongside the couch and stopped between us. The door opened again .. others entered. One was clearly a woman, we could hear her heels. Mmmmm, now I was really hard. Shona was focused on the sound of the heels (because she squeezed my cock tighter) and the fact that the heels stopped right next to me. I smelt a faint perfume scent and then felt lips kissing my nipples! Wow, I was so turned on. A tongue circled my right nipple and then moved down my chest towards my swollen cock. The finger of a soft hand traced my cock and lifted my balls, weighing them up. Shona let go of me. Then a mouth slipped over my cock, it was so wet and warm. We felt jostling as people moved in closer. While my cock was being swallowed I felt hands from behind pulling on my nipples. Shona was thrusting her body forward, and I could hear her giving a very wet sloppy blow job right next to me. She was also squirming against me, she was being fondled I was so turned on. My cock was being swallowed so wetly and I was trying to hold my load, especially when I felt that hand cup my balls again. By now there were hands all over us. The sensations were so intense. Then to make things even more intense for me, I could smell Shona's pussy and I could hear the groans and moans of Shona wetly being fingered, fondled, eaten and fucked. They were wasting no time going to town on her pussy. It was easy to hear her excited wetness, it was wonderful that she was as excited as I. I wanted to hold on, but was beginning to lose it.... Then the person sucking my cock suddenly stopped! I heard a male voice say "not yet, don't swallow, I want to see you from the front suck his load” My cock was seriously throbbing now... My pre cum was leaking heavily as I felt the attentive jostling of several tongues licking at my cock. The soft feminine hands came back and rubbed my inner thighs as a mouth began re-swallowing my cock. I was so damn close to cumming..... again the mouth stopped and I felt the soft hands, weighing and massaging my balls again. Then another hand started to stroke my cock and a mouth gently bit my ball sack. A teasing tongue flicked over the head of my leaking cock and I raised my hips, I was now begging to be sucked again, to be able to cum! My cock was being stroked harder and as I raised my hips the soft hand squeezed my balls and my load was suddenly gushing out. I came so hard, some of it hit my chin and the second, third and fourth streams covered my chest and stomach. It was amazing! I, amazingly, was still hard as I felt several hands playing in my spunk and one mouth even licking some of my cum off me. As I was being cleaned up by that tongue, I felt the feminine hands slide up from my twitching cock, over my stomach, brushing my nipples and up to my neck. I could feel long soft hair brushing my cheek and chest. She leaned in and whispered in my ear "my turn to cum” and she pushed me down flat on the couch. Shona and I were now mostly laid against one another. Shona was being pummeled so hard, god knows what they were all doing to her, but she was clearly into it, thrusting and moaning, sucking and writhing. I heard Shona say to a guy "if you have a condom on" and suddenly she was mounted, I felt his weight lay over her body as he started to vigorously fuck her. The faint perfume scent in front of me was soon replaced by a sweet musky smell of a very horny pussy. The woman knelt over my face on the couch and was now mashing her very excited pussy all over my face. She placed her hands on my chest for balance and twisted my nipples. She positioned her knees on both sides of my face and used her pussy to search for my tongue! She found it and she began to ride my tongue, working up and sharing her liquid excitement. I returned the favour and ate up. I devoured her and she responded grinding and thrusting. She tasted amazing, so wet, so smooth, bald as fuck! Her juices were strong and yet very sweet. My tongue flicked and licked along her pussy folds and up to her swollen clit. I flicked and sucked her clit as I reached round and massaged her soft arse cheeks. I could still feel Shona being absolutely pounded against me and I was so happy for her. I heard the guy on top of her cry out loud and punch out an orgasm, using her soft lucious body for his manly pleasure... I drove my tongue into my rider as deeply as I could. This woman, she leans forward and starts to suck my cock. I heard many wet grunting noises from Shona beside me, she was being mounted again, and quickly full on fucked again by someone new. I could feel Shona against me clawing and grinding at this new partner, but I could not totally concentrate on Shona's situation, when this woman above me was swallowing my whole shaft.... I could not resist and slipped my tongue towards the woman's arse hole and tested her willingness.. she ground back at me and I knew then that I or someone here would be fucking her arse soon. She lifted herself up and slid her sloppy pussy down my chest and dropped onto my cock. She turning around with my cock still inside her and lifted my hands up so that I would squeeze her soft boobs and tweak her nipples. There were some many other hands caressing her, I had to fight for my handfuls of her flesh... She leant forward as she ground her pussy onto my cock. "Feed me your cock", Shona whispered to someone and she seemed to lean up. I sensed a tensing of Shona's body, her movement was near my head, Shona was orgasming with a mouthful of cock. Shona was given no respite and was fed more dick as she came, I could hear the noise of Shona's throat as she gave head with gusto. That turned me on and I fucked the woman riding my cock deeper as my balls were flattened by her arse. I could feel the woman tensing and her breathing become faster and more erratic. She pushed down hard on my chest as she pushed back against my pounding. I could feel a finger pushed up the woman's arse, I could feel it through her perineum wall. That finger lit a match to her orgasmic fire and she exploded on my cock... She came loud and she came hard. Her body tightened and tensed as she ground it out. Her whole body was shaking as she finished off her orgasm. She then said out loud for all to hear "I want a cock in my arse while I clean this cock!" Shona threw an arm out and ripped off my blindfold, she wanted me to see her action, and only then did I realise how many guys were standing watching, wanking and some were even blowing each other. Shona was the centre of sex in the Aarows world. There was a line of men waiting a turn on her, a pile of men all over her, she was buried under the fucking, touching, thrusting and cumming men... We were the main show!! The woman moved around and knelt on the floor with her arse facing out into the crowd of men. She spread her knees apart and wriggled her arse to the crowd, she busied herself sucking my cock and seconds later she grunted as some guy buried himself balls deep in her arse I could watch beside me, amazingly, Shona still maintained her blindfold, she clearly wanted the random fucking but seemingly did not want to know by who, that was so hot. The woman on her knees in front of me pushed my cock to the back of her mouth, taking my head further into her throat. She was turned on as she was enjoying being anally pounded and seemingly wanted even more by the way she was wanking my cock faster and sucking harder. Her long hair was flicking around my naked thighs and she was now really throating my cock and I watched on as she then shifted a hand onto a third cock. All the time she still wanked the second cock. My cock was swollen and beginning to burst as I pushed myself into her mouth. I leaned forward to put my fingers in her hair and push on the back of her head. This tipped her over the edge and she orgasmed. She gagged as she sucked me in her orgasm! The guy in her arse, she must have known him, I knew he did not have a condom on, he blew in her arse at the same time! She gagged hard on my cock in her orgasm as one of the stroked cocks shot their load. That dirty bastard fired into her hair and up over her back. That cock was immediately replaced, then the other cock that she was wanking, the guy took over, stroked himself and erupted over her shoulder and neck. "Cock, fuckin cock" she moaned between mouthfuls! This woman was crazy in lust. Looking across at Shona, Shona was no less hungry for fresh meat... Shona was a sex party in her own right. Two tossed cocks above her exploded, they showered her belly in cum! But it slowed nothing. Shona opened her legs to a new man with a fantastic erection. He laid his belly onto the puddles of cum on her belly and goes nuts. He plunges into her and she holds onto him tight. I leave Shona to her fresh pounding as the woman in front of me is pushing her body back onto a new cock. My flow of precum and my throat thrusts have this woman turned on and she urges me to fuck her throat, she must know I am about to throw jets of spunk down into her belly! It took about twenty to thirty seconds for my load to build and spurt blasts of spunk straight down her throat. It was amazing, the new anal guy grunted a second load into her arse, I came as he did, she relished my cock, she totally ate up all my cum and then she just stood up, slowly moved in forward and gently kissed my neck, she said only one word. “Thanks” She walked off, past the guys who were still admiring her, picked up a bag and walked out heading towards the toilets without even looking back. I leant in to Shona who was flat on her back, legs in the air and thighs spread wide apart. Some guy was now going down on her, fuck he was a brave man, fuck knows how many cocks have been buried in there tonight, but he seemed to be having the best time eating her out. There was spunk everywhere, her body, her cheeks, the mask (still amazingly in place) the couch, the floor, signs of fucking everywhere. Shona was a magnificent sight to behold. I leant in and kissed her cheek, it was wet and sticky with spunk, but really tasty. I whispered into her ear asking her, "How's your night going?" She just lifted her mask, grinned from ear to ear and then rolled her eyes back, dropped the mask and orgasmed on the dude's tongue... What a wonderful woman...

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