7 May 2019

This is the story of how I met with Mrs P and Mr B.

It was one April night in 2018 that I was on SH, perusing the site, chatting to people in the chat rooms whilst having the webcam up. I was naked, horny and hard as a rock. I was looking away and having a wank when I got a feeling I was being watched. I checked it out and found a couple profile watching me. I initiated a hello and off it went. Mrs P was easy to chat with online and very open about what she and Mr B wanted. I think it made it easier because we were both from the same place and we could talk about local things. After a few hours of chatting, we agreed to chat again the next night. To her word, Mrs P was back online the next night and we chatted some more, whilst she watched me playing with myself. We decided that because the weather was still relatively warm (40 degrees in early April), we should meet at our local nudist beach - Maslin's Beach.

So a couple of days later, the day had come. It was planned and I was nervous as hell. I had never ever met with a couple before. All of the thoughts were going through my head, what if we don't get along, what if they don't show, what if we know each other, what if, what if, what if... I checked the SH site as I was about to leave home and saw a message from them both saying that they were on the way and were excited to meet with me. SO was I.

Off I went and when I got there, looking like an eager little beaver, I checked my messages and figured out where they would be. I found them on the beach, still setting up, still fully clothed. I introduced myself and we got to setting up. Now, the problem was, the day before was beautiful, mid 30's, light wind. This day, was still mid 30's but strong N/W winds. The water was choppy and rough, the wind was howling and the sand blowing felt like you were being sandblasted. I had a wind shelter and eventually got it set up, before stripping off and sitting down to relax. I watched as Mrs P and Mr B both stripped off. Mrs P was going commando (respect) under her little cut off jean shorts. Her tits were large and full looking and her body was tight. It was obvious that she looked after herself. Both Mrs P and Mr B were older than me, but I don't mind a bit of an age gap, I actually prefer it as the woman knows what she wants and will generally not beat around the bush, so too say.

SO we sat and chatted for a while like old friends catching up. There was never an awkward silent pause, just lots of general chit chat, laughs and flirting. There was no touching going on, just the occasional brush against each other whilst moving etc. Mrs P eventually decided that we needed to head to the water, so off we went. The water was cold at first, especially on the never nevers. But after a while, it was nice. We got into about waist deep water, the waves crashing against us, having to jump to keep our heads above water from time to time. I could see that Mr B was touching Mrs P under the water, his hand around her waist, pressing his cock up against her arse cheeks. This got me turned on enough to finally ask the question, "Do you mind if I touch as well?" The quick response from both Mrs P and Mr B was "Sure".

Before I knew it, there we were, the 3 of us in the ocean, touching each other. Both Mr B and I rubbing Mrs P's tits, pussy and arse whilst she had hold of both of our cocks under water and was jerking us off. It felt so good and she felt so wet as I ran my fingers over her slit of her pussy. It felt like a tight little pussy too with very little hair on the mound. Mrs P was clearly enjoying herself and kept pulling me closer, but because of the waves, we kept getting bounced around.

After a while, we decided to head back to the shelter. Back we went, both Mr B and I with semi-erect cocks, glistening in the sun. Mrs P walking between us, head up, chest out with a massive smile on her face. We sat down in the shade and continued on where we left off in water. Mrs P sat between the 2 of us and took a cock in each hand. I reached over with my right hand, slipping it between her legs. Mrs P was using a towel to try and cover what was going on, trying to keep the prying eyes away. As I reached in and found her clit and pussy lips, I was amazed at how wet she was, not from the ocean, but from her horniness. I was able to slip fingers in with ease and rub her clit with her own juices. Before long, the towel was off, Mrs P had her legs spread for the whole beach to see her getting fingered by me and she was jerking away at both of our cocks. Her moans were getting longer, deeper, louder with every stroke or her clit and pussy. I was getting harder and harder and finding it hard to hold my load any further. I could see that the people around us were intently watching us. There was an older couple who appeared to be frequent visitors to the beach because their skin was so brown and looked like leather. There were a few guys watching, but pretending not too and even another guy laying playing with himself.

At this point, none of us cared, we were too into the moment. It didn't take too much longer and I blew my load, all over my stomach, legs and Mrs P's left hand. I kept going on her clit, rubbing harder and faster as she gasped harder and quicker. Her head tilted back, he mouth open and her chest heaving up and down, she unleashed a huge orgasm. It was loud and she did not appear to care who heard her. I felt her get wetter and wetter as she came, before slowly releasing my fingers from her pulsating pussy.

Mrs P cleaned me up and we looked at the time. Boy, we had been playing longer than we thought. We both had to work in the afternoon and needed to go home to get cleaned up before we headed off to work. Mrs P and Mr B got dressed and we said our goodbyes. With a kiss from Mrs P and a hand shake from Mr B, they were off.

I packed up my stuff shortly after and made my way to the stairs. As I was leaving, I was stopped by the old leather couple who congratulated me on the display we had put on for everyone. I half expected them to ask if I wanted to join them. I said a polite 'Thank You' before continuing on and heading home. Before work, I already had an email from Mrs P thanking me for the morning and inviting me for another date if I was interested. Boy was I interested, but that is a story for another time.

I had a shower, got dressed and went to work that afternoon with a massive smile on my face. Too this day, no one at work knows why I was so happy that day.