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Mildura night out

Mildura night out


4 minute read

It was a warm summers night and the Mrs mother had just come over to watch the kids so could head out for the night for a drink or to at a cocktail bar we had organise to meet up with a guy so my wife finally could meet him and hopefully have her way with him but unfortunately once we headed out he went on to cancel on us which was a shame as my wife who was usually reserved was wearing a black cocktails dress and looking very sexy. The night wore on and we where sitting at a cocktail bar in town and I could clearly see my wife had to much to drink as she was being very flirt with myself and I could see she was starting to perv at a few guys and girls that walked by I then made the decision since our guy was not rocking up to head down the river for some fun where we walked down the street I could gently lift up a skirt expires at naked ass as she walked down clearly in view of people and her not minding that people could view I then took the opportunity to sit on a park bench down Langtree mall take out my cock and order her to start sucking on my manhood he didn't hesitate not caring if there was anybody walking by hippo upper black skirt I can't expose a beautiful naked white ass and started bombing up and down in my cock I noticed the gentleman eating is KFC some 15 m away started watching clearly saying this woman with her white bum showing bombing up and down on her husband's cock sitting on a chair I had the urge to ask her to hop on but this was not going to happen as it was starting to get busier We proceeded to get in the car and head down the river in one of the vacant car parks just opposite some apartments we spend the next 20 minutes sitting in the car with my my wife's legs up on the dash ramming my fingers in and out of her with her occasional moan she then proceeded to get out of a car bent over the bonnet and asked me to start f****** her I proceeded to take off my pants put your face down on the bonnet and start thrusting slow abs deeply forlong I mentioned to her I can see a shadow in the distance and that it was probably someone coming to my surprise she said the keep going and suggested night the shadow in the distance was coming closer in closer before long I could see it was a male standing by the log with his cock out and see what we were doing I proceeded to talk to my wife and said that he was watching I expected her to say that she wanted me to stop I said hi to the male he was probably in his early 40s to come over my wife looked up and surprise I proceeded to whisper interior to just relax and that he seemed ok The Male proceeded to put his cock near my wifes head I kindly ask my wife if it was ok to suck it much to my surprise my wife started bombing up and down on this males cock as I thrust deeply in her in and out I found myself getting close an extremely turned on and I had to pull out I then proceeded to ask him to take my place my wife tentatively agreed with my wife grabbing my hand the male proceeded to take off his pants and start f****** my wife the pumping slower and slower I couldn't help but ask my wife 3 or 4 times if she was ok her response where now getting quiet and quieter and her noises were getting louder and louder it was at a time that I had to tell them both to be quiet or we were going to be caught I went around to my wife's head side and firmly placed my cock in her mouth as this strange male continued to thrust in and out of her it didn't take long for the male's voice witch sounded very deep and very turned on that said that he was going to finish I politely advise the male to finish on my wifes beautiful ass what we didn't realise was there was now 2 more men standing about 10 m away from us both with their cocks out watching just as I looked around to see them I heard a grunt from the male f****** my wife and looked over to see him squirt four or five times on her beautiful white ass I said to my wife we had another Watcher not mentioning to her that there was another two men and asked her if she would like someone else in her unfortunately see declined and asked me to finish in her this was prob the hardest IV cum in a while knowing there was three males standing there watching. It was a little awkward afterwoods but the feedback from my wife was shed do it again.

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