11 Jul 2019

“Can we go to King’s Cross,” she asked.

“Of course we can,” he said.

On the way in the cab they couldn’t keep their hands and mouths off each other and John had again slid his hand up her dress to rub Molly’s pulsing pussy through her stockings.

When the got out of the cab John told Molly he had a surprise for her.

“Daddy is going to take you to an adult cinema,” he said.

She’d never been before but was horny and game.

When they went inside to the dark room there was only one man standing watching the screen, he was gently rubbing his groin through his jeans.

Molly watched him as John wasted no time in bending her over the steel benches and puling her stocking down.

She was wet from the hours of foreplay and his cock slid straight in, making her moan with pleasure.

He grabbed her hips and fucked her while she continued to watch the man rubbing his cock through his pants.

John pulled Molly up and led her into a private booth.

“On your knees and suck Daddy’s cock,” he demanded.

She did as she was told and through a hole in the wall she could see into the room next door where a young Asian girl was sucking her boyfriend’s cock.

He was lent up against the wall leaning back and grabbing her head.

She looked up at John while she kept sucking his cock, taking her Daddy deep into her throat, leaving her spit all over his rock hard shaft.

She pulled her stockings back up and they went back out into the main room.

By now there was another man.

John and Molly sat on the bench and John pulled his cock out.

Molly didn’t need to be invited to wrap her lips around him and started hungrily taking his cock back into her mouth.

The new man asked john is he could sit beside and watch, John said he could but he wasn’t to touch molly.

While she was running her mouth up and down Daddy’s cock she could see the man wanking only centimeters form her face.

“This is so fucking hot,” he said.

John lifted Molly’s head from his lap and took her back behind the steel bench to bend her over.

The man got up and came and stood directly in front of Molly’s mouth still pulling his cock.

She looked up into his eyes as John slipped his cock inside her wet fuck hole again.

“Suck his cock,” John said.

“Yes, Daddy,” Molly replied.

She took the stranger’s dick in her mouth and was surprised at its width.

Her lips strained to as she took the whole length in her throat.

She started to cum, making muffled little moans while John kept pounding her pussy.

Once she was finished he ordered her back onto his knees and invited the man over to stand beside him.

“Can I touch her?” the stranger asked.

“I said no,” was John’s stern reply.

Molly took turns of sucking both men until John started to pull his cock so she concentrated on the happy stranger.

“Don’t take his cock out of your mouth,” John told her.

He pulled his cock faster and faster and molly started into his eyes.

She felt his hot load shoot all over man’s cock while it was in her mouth and she greedily sucked it all up.

“Please don’t go,” the stranger begged as Molly pulled her stockings up and zipped up her jacket to cover the cum that had dribbled down the front of her dress.

Without a word the pair left and disappeared into the cold Sydney night

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