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Outdoor fun starting in the car

I was so hard and loved it when she leaned in through the window


4 minute read

I woke up so horny I struggled to get out of bed. I just wanted to lay back and pull myself stupid but fought off the urge... that can wait! I got up and showered and dressed ready for my early morning walk on the beach. The weather was warm but overcast and windy so it was going to be shitty walk with no one to perv on. Off I set and drove to the beach carpark. It started to rain and I was the only car there. I thought I would wait the rain out do I lay my seat back and relaxed. It did not take long for my mind to start thinking about sex and more sex and soon I was so hard I had to get my Vick out and let it free. I was stroking my cock slowly thinking that I really should just go home and forget the walk and finish wanking myself in the warm shower... But I was so turned on about being alone in the carpark and started to get really hornY thinking about the few times I had witnessed people digging in the same area. Though usually in the late afternoon...I payed right back and decided to take my shorts off completely and also my shirt. Fuck it I thought “let’s get naked”. I was laying back enjoying the erotic and naughty feeling when I caught a movement in my rear view mirror. I froze .... hope it is not the cops!! Funny thing was my cock stayed so hard!! It wasn’t the cops. It was a lady in Lycra work out gear and she was soaked. She was about 32 very fit, very tanned and had short blond hair. She was walking straight towards the car.... I did not have time to cover up so just pretended to be asleep, hoping she would not notice what I was doing. She walked past and I heard her stop and then start walking away. Shit I thought I better get dressed quick. I pulled my seat up and tried to grab all my clothes. I was freaking out thinking she would call the cops. When I looked out I saw her walking around the car park and looking back at me smiling knowingly. She slowly circled back and came up beside the car massaging her very erect nipples as she got closer. Holy shit I thought I was dreaming. She came closer and tapped on the window. I was still rock hard and naked. I could not get the window down quick enough!! And as soon as she had room she leaned in and grabbed my pulsing cock. She put one finger on my lips and stroked my cock. Then she d SSD lowly removed herself and opened the door. She slowly unzipped her Lycra top and let out the most amazing set of tanned boobs I have ever seen! I nearly came there and then. Her nipples were dark and very erect. I ran my tongue eagerly around them and sucked them eagerly but gently. She was already pulling down her tights of leggings and I could smell her sweet hot juices. I wanted do badly to taste her but she had one thing she wanted and that was my throbbing cock in her. She pushed me back in the seat and moved in and straddled my cock. Her pussy was so wet and hot. She slid on to my Vick slowly at first and then each lunge she would get deeper eventually taking my cock balls deep. She was wildly passionate and played with her clit as she ground down on my cock. I was sucking and licking her nipples and slapped her tight firm ass as she fucked me harder and faster. Every time I clapped that toned as she moaned and ground harder. I was going to cum and could not hold back. She sensed it and slapped me Hard across the face. Don’t you dare cum yet she hissed. It worked I kept going and within the next 20 seconds she came and then looked straight into my eyes as she rode me and told me to cum. I erupted inside her and could see how much she enjoyed it as she leaned back and fucked me harder. My balls were drained and she was full of my hot sticky cum. She leaned forward, kissed me deeply and at the same time hopped off my still hard cock. She slipped her leggings on and zipped her top up and looked at me with a smile as she walked off towards the beach. I was so hard still but knew I needed to leave just in case there would be another time

Tags: beach, breasts

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