4 Oct 2019

One Friday a few weeks ago I’m on my way home from work And was feeling a bit hornier than usual. I thought I’d stop off somewhere and have a quick wank, so I pulled off the GDE into the carpark at the Glenloch interchange, got my phone out and started looking at my secret porn stash. After a few minutes a car with dark tinted windows pulls up right beside me so I stopped what I was doing and was about to tuck it back into my pants when the passenger side window goes down. There was a sexy little ass poking at me with a pair of sheer lace knickers, I thought they must have seen what I was up too and was taking the piss until I seen her head bobbin up and down on the guys cock.

I get out for a better look and she spins around, spits on her hand, rubs it on my cock, turns back around and starts sucking his cock again while slipping down her panties. She had the sexiest little ass but the head that looked little a twisted sand shoe. I look over at the guy who was just staring at me with a stupid shit eating grin on his face. He looked like he could have been off the TV show Swamp People and could very well have been paying for this situation by the hour. He slaps her on the ass and said Your next. I give myself a few strokes and drive it balls deep in what was the loosest wettest cunt I’ve ever had wrapped around my cock.

After a few minutes they get out and she says “Lay Down On The ground” in her best Houso voice. Before I could get comfortable she had her anorexic little ass riding me while Swamp Man comes up behind her stroking what must have been a 9 or 10 inch cock. Explained why her pussy was so destroyed. He gets down and slides his cock in alongside mine and pushed it in with ease.

There we were 2 cocks in the wettest sloppiest pussy I’d ever had while traffic wizzed past on the GDE.

5 or so minutes later he blows what felt like a liters of cum inside her which was ok by me, he pulled out and stood beside her so she could suck him dry.

While she is sucking him he says “The others should be here soon”

A couple of minutes later two cars pulled into the carpark, I motioned for her to get up but she looks at me and says “I ain’t dun wiff ya yet”. Two guys casually walk up and gather around us and she starts wanking them while sucking on Swamp Mans huge cock. The older guy with a wicked bend in his cock walks around to her ass and scooped up some cum which was running down my cock, balls and ass crack by then and smears it over her asshole. It seemed apparent her ass was in no better nick than her pussy because he went straight in without the slightest bit of resistance.

While this was happening I’m still laying on the ground looking up at Swamp Man and the younger guy casually chatting away, it seemed like they had done this before. Another 5-10 minutes later I’m blowing my load inside here sloppy stretched out pussy, only then she lets me up while she gets on her knees and takes turn sucking us off.

I clean myself up, tucked my cock back in and get back into my Ute. Swamp Man thanks me and said if you see our car around again call in, we could always use another cock.

It’s Friday again and I’m feeling horny. Wonder where they will be this afternoon.