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She’s a good girl

The great outdoors


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So 3 months ago I met a really happy friendly positive smart peaceful lady on tinder after 7000 failed connections lol The sex was good at the start but it was always bed, head, missionary, doggy done. Which is fine but I was worried that would be it for ever as she doesn’t seem like the freaky type, Anyway I had a few too many drinks a couple week later and I started asking her if she had any kinks. She told me she always wanted to try dogging or having sex in public places. First of all it was an empty park. Fun. Next it was in the alley next to a nightclub we went too. Next she was pulling me into public toilets in the middle of the day and getting right into it. I was loving it!! A week later she told me to let her in a small park. I thought nothing of it. When I arrived I could see her kissing someone and I was pissed. I marched towards her angrily when I suddenly realised the other person was a female. They had there hands down each other’s pants and going for it! When I arrived she pulled my pants down and both of them started giving me head! It was the best thing I’ve ever seen!! who even was this random? I’m not questioning anything right now. She told me to have sex with her new friend while she went down on my GF. It was crazzzyyyy!! I won’t go into anymore detail but it got pretty X rated. Once finished she hugged her friend and said thank you. So next we want to try a couple and that’s how we ended up on this site 🔥

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