Written by jojobaybeh

16 Aug 2010

we had been texting each other raunchy texts getting us all wired up for our meet up. we were both so horny when the day came, i so badly wanted his cock sliding in and out of my wet swollen pussy. i couldnt wait until it was finally due to happen. We planned to have a quickie at my house go out to dinner and then fuck somewhere public.

he pulled up outside my house i walked out to meet him, he got out and kissed me straight away, we both knew why he was here, i wanted to be fucked, not just fucked but fucked hard and fast. i had told him that quite a few times through the text messages. we walked straight into my bedroom i sat on the bed. he bent over gave me a kiss and held his body over mine. i could tell this was going to be wonderful sex just by the chemistry between us. and it was brilliant.

he pulled my tights off and slowly kissed his way down too my tight dripping wet pussy, i was moaning before he even touched it. i wanted him to suck my clit so bad. and he did he bought orgasm after orgasm he knew exactely what to do. he moved back up to kiss me, tasting my own juices seemed to turn me even more. i love the taste of my own pussy. he slid his pulsing hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.

he started to fuck me hard and fast i never wanted it too stop. doggy being my favourite position i flipped over and said "fuck me doggy" and he did. the best ive ever been fucked before as he was pumping in and out of my pussy he reached under me and started rubbing my clit at the same time. it made me scream! i came countless times, after a while he came filling my pussy up with his hot load. the feeling of it just made me want more and i couldnt wait for our public stop. that was the best 25 min quickie of my life.