Written by actsteeve999

27 May 2013

We met through the internet and our introductions were pretty ordinary when we met at the cafe. ‘Hi, how are you?’ etc ‘Nice to meet you’, and so on. I was in formal trousers – part of a suit, a white shirt and striped tie. She wore a summer dress, with strappy shoulders that showed the freckled suntan she had. The shape of her breasts was hidden by her bra which I could see through the dress. I sat opposite her in the booth. We were both a little nervous.

We both ordered coffee and made small talk while we waited. Online we had chatted boldly about her enjoying a dominant strong male and how she liked to be spanked – something I had an interest in but not much experience. She was after a D/s relationship. In my final email to her before we met I (half jokingly) told her to wear floral panties. I told her I would check.

So here we were, clearly getting-on, liking one another but not quite sure what comes next.

‘Did you wear the panties I asked for Alicia?’, I asked firmly.

Her face changed when she realised this was the point that the games began. ‘Of course’, she said while glancing furtively around to see if anyone heard.

‘I want to see.’

‘I can’t ... here ...’ she said, looking around nervously at the occupants of other tables and the people walking by.

‘It’s OK’, I said. ‘Just spread your knees a little’, I said while pushing them apart with my legs. ‘A little more ... keep going ...that’ll do’.

She sat there with her knees wide apart in a most un-lady like fashion. Her dress still covered her knees, but I had plans.

‘Pull your skirt up, to just above your knees’, on second thoughts, try mid-thigh’. She complied, never taking her eyes off of me.

I ‘clumsily’ pushed my teaspoon off the edge of the table and said, ‘Oops’. As I ducked down to retrieve the spoon, I could see right up her dress to where the crotch of her panties displayed the small coloured flowers I had been hoping for.

‘Very good ... not quite what I had in mind though. Take them off.’

‘Here? b but I can’t’ she stammered’. I could sense the fear in her eyes – fear of being embarrassed but I insisted and tried to calm her fears.

‘It’s OK’. ‘Just lift your bum and slide them down nice and slowly – no one will have a clue except me and you.’

It all happened a bit fast but next thing I knew she was handing me her knickers all balled up in her fist. ‘There’, she said defiantly, ‘all done’, a smile creeping onto her face. There was nothing more for me to do than lean across the table and kiss her gently. ‘Well done, shall we go?’.

We walked out to my car holding hands, she was squeezing me in that ‘I’m-so-excited-about –what’s-coming sort of way’.

We drove in silence and before long we were there – parked in the drive of a non-descript suburban house. She fumbled with her keys as we went in – I’m not sure if it was the nerves but I was getting horny just thinking about her, pantyless and willing to obey.

Given that we hadn’t touched our coffees at the cafe – too preoccupied with each other I guess – she offered me another. I accepted and she turned on the kettle, leant languidly against the edge of the kitchen bench and then hauled herself into a sitting position, legs dangling over the edge. Slowly she parted her knees and started inching her skirt up her thighs keeping her hands between her legs so I couldn’t see her pussy. All of a sudden she lifted the hem and flashed me, with a wicked smile on her face, ‘like what you see?’ she asked mischievously.

‘That’s disgusting’, I yelled back taking her completely by surprise. ‘Get off the bench and stand in the corner ... face the wall’. She obeyed.

I left her there in silence as I walked into the lounge and started re-arranging furniture. Making sure the soft padded lounge chair was directly facing the full length mirror. Anyone bending over the chair would be able to see themselves – and the person behind them.

I went back out to the kitchen, drawn by the whistle of the kettle as it boiled. Alicia hadn’t moved.

I poured a coffee and said to her, ‘Go into the lounge and bend over the chair, facing the mirror.’

‘I’ll be there shortly’.

... end of part 1 ...