12 Jul 2016

Im always out riding with mates (straight) and we like to head out on the weekends, gear up, muck about, have a few beers, lunch and head home.

There was a new guy that was a friend of one of the others, arrived on his ducati, geared up in the tightest of one piece leather suit which as soon as I noticed him my dick went hard. woof I thought.

The day started out like any other but my mind kept on going back to this guy and imaging what Id do if I had the chance.

We stopped a few times along the coast before lunch and Mick, the new guy situated himself next to me which I thought nothing of it but then his knee touched mine, (my dick sprung to attention) it doesnt take much.lol, and the lunch continued but before we got onto our bikes to head home - we found ourselves having a piss and things turned hot.

Mick mentioned that he hadnt seen a big dick like mine for awhile. I thought mmmm he must have seen some dick in his time.

The next thing he was on his knees sucking my all mighty. Face fucking him was a pleasure. He pulled me into the cubicle, we both unzipped some more and I began eating his arse before ploughing him good and hard. The best Id had for a while.

I knew the others were waiting so it was a good and solid fuck. We both went back to our bikes like nothing had happened until I received a text from him this afternoon asking for another ride. My dick is hard thinking about it already and I cant wait for another taste of him.

Im always open for new adventures.. woof