Written by jeni126

5 Feb 2011

im at a nude beach with you, i take my clothes off lay the blanket down head off into the water. You follow me into the water, we swim then i face the shore you kneel infront of me. you reach up and massage my breasts, start to play with my nipples. I notice a guy watching. i suggest we go back to the blanket, i take the hand of the other guy and lead him back to the blanket. You turn me around so im facing the other guy, you return to playng with my nipples, he's watching, i smile at him letting him know that its ok to come closer, all the while you have moved to kneel in front of me, licking my very pussy. He moves closer and tentitvely touches a breast nervously looking at you seeing if you approve, you look at him with a smile moving his hand to my nipple letting him know its ok, with this he eagerly takes a nipple in his mouth. i search with my hand to find his cock, i finally find it, realise it has risen to the occassion, i stroke it, find ur balls take them into my hand squeeze them gently. By now im on all fours, with you underneath me, licking my very moist pussy. the guy is standing in front of me his cock still in my mouth, i can feel his balls getting tight, his cock getting harder throbbing. you sense im getting closer to orgasm. i start to squirt into your mouth, you use your finger on my cllit to make me orgasm.

You and the guy change positions, your cock is in my mouth he is licking my pussy. He decides he would rather slide his cock inside me, you watch as he thrusts hard, my sucking on your cock gets harder with the same rhythym. you cum, squirting your juice in my mouth. He cums, inside me. he says thanks and walks away.

i decide to go for a swim to clean up, while im walking back i notice a women watching me. she decides to walk over to us when i get back. She lets us know that was a very hot show. She then leans in close and starts to kiss me, moving her hand down to my now erect nipples, flicking them, lightly licking them, sucking on them, she then moves her hand and mouth at the same time, her hand down to my waiting pussy, her mouth to my nipples. She has obviously done this before, she expertly finds my clit, flicking it looking at my face knowing what its doing to me. i have now moved so i can play with her nipples, and find her pussy which is nearly as wet as mine. I move again so im laying under her in a 69 position, her licking me, me licking her, you are there watching us with your cock in your hand. You then decide you want your cock sucked and move to her. i can hear her sucking you, the sound makes me horny, i start to quiver, i can feel the orgasm start, i squirt in her mouth, i flick her clit more, i finger fuck her first with one finger then two then three, harder and harder, she squirts into my mouth, exhausted she lays on top of me, we start to kiss, i notice she is getting aroused, she is getting wet again, i slide out from under her, on all fours again, so we are kissing agian, she then moves so i can lick her out and you stand behind me, tease my pussy with the head of your cock, then you slide your cock into me, she has found my clit with her tongue. i feel you are close to cumming, i feel you fill my pussy with your cum, then i feel her drinking thirstly cleaning up my cum filled pussy, you then move her so im under her and she is on all fours, taking you. i have your balls in my hands and you thrust into her, massaging them, she is still licking me im licking her. You cum again i clean her up as you lay down. watching as i reach into my back and pull out my vib, turn it on and insert it into her, she looks at me, kisses me playing with my nipples, i thrust the vib in her hard then slowly, find her clit, rub it on it, she starts to squirt, screaming loudly. she then takes the vib out of my hand teases my clit, makes me wet, then inserts into me, making me so horny, finds my clit with her finger, getting me to squirt like i have never squirted before, i know your sitting there, watching us. she gets up kisses me and then you and walks away, leaving her number for another time..... anyone think they could help me fulfill this??