Written by Pepperberry

18 Jul 2011

It was a hot evening when I went for a walk down the board walk...I rarely wear a skirt but it was so humid and sticky I chose my loose long flowing skirt to wear, teamed with a light white shirt. My nipples are visible under the shirt as I opted no bra due to the sticky heat. As I walked along the wooden walk way, the breeze, cool from the water, lifted my skirt a little, the light breeze reminded me I wore no underwear at all, I shivered and smiled to my self. Under the board walk, on the beach, a small group of young men were kicking a soccer ball around. I made my way down to the beach. I walked right past the men and smiled sweetly, my nipples tightened as the four of them looked me up and down slowly. Walking slowly I reached the water, knowing if I got even close to the water the chances of my clothes getting damp and there for transparent was high and I was feeling highly provocative, especially around those boys....

I walked along the waters edge making the water splash up and making my skirt wet enough that it was now sticking to my thighs and ample hips. I stopped to look out at the water and suddenly I was grabbed and I fell into the water soaking me from head to toe. The three young men now were in the water with me the one that had grabbed me still held me and hauled me up on my feet, my nipples were clearly visible and the skirt now plastered to me showing the shadow between my thighs and the impressive curve of my ass.

I was feeling very hot now, my shirt was now ripped off me and I stood topless in front of the boys. hands were on me caressing my breasts and flicking my sensitive peaks, a hot mouth found a nipple, I shuddered and my head tilted back. Roughly I was lifted and carried out of the water, hands lifting my skirt as I was placed on a grassy patch next to the beach....

My skirt was now ripped of me, as both nipples were being licked and nipped and teased I moaned and my hands felt for something to tease back. I felt a long hard shaft guided to my searching hand and I wrapped my hand tightly around the thick heat. My legs were parted and a mouth kissed up my inner thigh, hands lifted my bottom as I shuddered when the heat touched my clit, I shivered even more, I could feel me getting wetter....hands on my body, lips on my breasts and my clit licking flicking nipping me to complete arousal. Then there was a beautiful cock bobbing in front of my face and I just had to reach out and lick it, softly flicking the tip wrapping my free hand around the base, squeezing gently taking the top into my mouth curling and swirling my tongue around. I spread my legs more, allowing even more room for that wondrous tongue on me, fingers dipped into me and I felt the wet warmth gush even more, my mouth took more of the cock into me and I felt more than heard the deep moan, I felt heady. The heat coursing through me, building, I could feel me cumming....my hands squeezed the two cocks, my mouth took the cock in further as I exploded from the attention given to my pussy, hand raised my ass higher and a was filled entirely with a huge smooth cock. He pushed and rocked me as I continued licking nipping the cock in my mouth.

I could feel the rise of arousal again as the rhythm got harder and faster. the cock I was sucking exploded with a shudder and a deep moan, I swallowed deeply and followed the rhythm of the fuck I was receiving, I tugged the other cock to my lips and started flicking and teasing again, my body convulsed as a second climax hit me the same time he let go deep in my body.

I was suddenly flipped on to my stomach and the me hard cock removed it's self from my mouth, I got on my hands and knees as a hard cock entered me from behind, I then felt hot lips and a hard tongue on my clit, one the the boys climbed under me to tease my clit further, at this a gave a suprised little scream then a hard cock was put in front of me again, I greedily took it into my mouth...swirling my tongue around the tip and licking the length, being fucked and licked at one end and face fucking at the other, I was feeling another exploding experience coming.

My body convulsed violently as I felt the shuddering release of the cock deep in my pussy, the cock in my mouth flowing his climax into my throat.

I collapsed rolling onto my back, my body pulsing with the pleasures I just had. The three boys withdrew from me and I breathed deeply, I was alone again. I found my skirt, pulled it on and did the same with my shirt...I then sat and looked out at the water, the three were gone and I was satisfied........