Written by beach babe

18 Apr 2013

the warm air bathed my body as I lay naked on our local nudist beach, it was so nice to get away from the family for awhile and soak up the suns rays, dosing on and off as the afternoon went on, I was tucked away in a dune, just in sight of the water, when I noticed I was now in the shade, opening my eyes, it wasn’t a cloud as I thought, but a guy standing next to me, he said sorry did I wake you, then introduced himself as Gary, I sat up, opps his cock now only inch’s away from my face and said Hi, I'm Jill. in reply, and before I knew, he was sitting down chatting, we chatted for some time, talking about family, and that I normal came to the beach on the weekend with hubby, and that this was the first time mid week, he laughed and said though so, as he had seen some guys watching me and playing with themselves’ while I was asleep. my face turned red, he said they often do that here, I must admit the juices in my pussy let me know that I wasn’t turned of by that though either, as I looked I could still see a few guys popping up over the dunes watching me, I shifted myself and more were behind me too, Gary said did I want to move as it seemed they were making me uncomfortable, I said no,, I'm cool, my pussy now soaking wet, why I thought, I also noticed Gary's hand had moved to his cock and he was slowing pulling his skin back and forth, why didn’t I run, without even knowing it, my finger now found my clit, they had turned me on, and I was well out of my normal comfort zone, Gary became more excited his cock now getting more attention from his fist, as I looked on wide eyed, he moved touching my boob, my gasp gave away the fact I liked it, he then kissed my nipples, oh wow, my clit exploded, as a orgasm shot though my body, taking away any nervousness I had, his cock now placed at my mouth was met with my tongue, licking his cock while he wanked , I was so wet, another orgasm rocked me, as he pushed his cock deep inside my mouth, gagging me some what, but I sucked him hard, my body now shaking with fear and excitement, as orgasm after orgasm hit me, what was I doing, I hadn’t noticed, but my pussy was now being eaten, but Gary was still in my mouth, what ? as I saw a guy eating my swollen pussy lips, Oh what the hell, as I gave way to another orgasm, this was so good but so bad too, my mind set on sucking Gary, as he began to shake his balls now locked in battle trying not to empty their juices but also fully enjoying my attention, he let rip, ream after ream filled my mouth, my pussy now felt strange, as I realised I was being fucked too, oh shit, mouth filled with cum and strange cock fucking me, another orgasm soon took that thought from me as I gave in to these guys, Gary moved back, another cock took his place, and all to soon, he to spent his seed in my mouth, now I was being moved by more than one guy as they used me, I was sat up, a cock penetrating my pussy, as I slid down, another mouth took to my clit licking me to new heights, all I could say was fuck me guys, fuck me,, as more cocks fucked my mouth, then a second cock was pushed to my pussy lips and with some effort burst into my cunt with the other cock, oh shit 2 cocks in me now this was to much, I nearly blacked out, as my body was used and abused, as guys now shot cum over me, then it happened, the guys fucking me cum, both letting go just about at the same time, shit , No condoms,, to late now, a orgasm hit me again, they pulled out and I was quickly lifted to my knees, my face pushed down on a cock, another guy took my pussy from behind and plundered my hole with his cock, I was turning into a cock slut now as I wanted them to continue, I was taking a hell of a fucking, when his cock slipped out and slammed back full force, but into my ass, oh boy I flew forward, nearly biting of the cock in my mouth, as I screamed, but nothing came out, my mouth so full of cock, the pain was huge, I had only done anal a few times with hubby, but no sooner had I started to resist, my body gave in of its own accord and I found myself pushing back, wanting him to fuck me harder, and he did feeling my movements he slammed home as hard as any guy could, my butt set to explode as I raced from one orgasm to another, with no let up, then the heat of his cum filled my butt, his fingers ripping my hips as he gripped me so tight, I shook, coming so hard it hurt, just as I come down some what, he pulled out, so finesse, just quick and fully, my ass now feeling empty, but not for long as another cock rammed deep into my cum filled butt, I had swallowed several guys cum loads now and the next cock that filled my mouth brought me down to earth, oh my god, it was so thick I could not take it in, he looked disappointed as I gagged trying, but told him, use my pussy, he didn’t need telling twice as he slid under me, pushing his thick cock in my used pussy, the cock in my arse moved out for awhile was slipped back in, to much as I orgasmed time after time, then I was in heaven, as all my holes were being used, never had I thought of doing this or thought I could, but as I had now lost count of how many times I had cum I didn’t really care any more, the guy in my butt cum and slipped out, I was turned and moved by thick cock as he started fucking me doggy, oh hell it was to good, then he too slipped out aiming right at my swollen little but pushed home in one go, shit as I shot up, falling back onto his cock, which now filled me like never before, he had a death grip on me, pulling so hard my hips hurt, trying to move I could feel him building to his climate, the noise as his body slammed into mine was loud, his balls hitting my clit set me of again and again, then he let out a loud groan and the swelling cock soon filled my butt with red hot seed, I was so turned on, I didn’t some thing strange, I turned and sucked his cock dry, tasting my juices and his for the first time, while I did another cock ploughed into my arse letting go within seconds, I stayed for awhile longer, a few guys still happy to fuck my cum soaked body, as Gary once more fucked my arse and cum, saying thank you as he left, other guys looked on, time was getting on I had to go, but sad faces told me a few wanted more, tomorrow is another day I said walking slowly cum running down my trembling legs, see you then,, it took hours to walk straight, and that night hubby was treated to one hell of a wet fuck, saying I had never acted like that before, especially when I sat down on his cock locking him in my butt until he cum.