29 Mar 2018

My wife works as a waitress , midweek there are a few traveling sales reps that dine there .a bit ago one gave her his

Card and said if u would like a fling

I am in town each Tuesday night ,she smiled and said well u never know ,as she really loves to flirt . Any way last Tuesday night he was back in again ,he as having tea and a few drinks

Ally was knocking off at 9 and when she was leaving he was I the car park waiting for a taxi .she said what are you doing here still he explained he was waiting for a cab to talk him to his motel which he called a hour before , she said well I can drop u off ! They made small talk on the way

But nothing sexual! When they got to the

Motel there was an bloke sitting out side the rooms drinking a

Beer he called out to the sales rep whom he knew and said want a beer and asked Ally as well

She agreed as it was a hot nigh a beer be good after work ! After a

Little bit of small talk the 2 new guy said would u husband be up set if he knew

You here drinking with two blokes

She said well he may be turned on that I could have been a bad girl ! With that the sales rep who we will call Kevin ! Stood up and hugged her pulling he inclose and pulled her shirt up showing her bra while he was hugging her the door was up he pulled her into a the room with the 2nd bloke close behind

Before she knew it her tits where out and both guys suckingnone

One each

She then dropped to her knees pulling out both guys cocks and having a suck on each ! Kevin's cock was thick the other guys was long but not so thick she said she sucked taken turns for a while than she was pushed on the bed and her pants taken off Kevin went down on her and gave her a good licking while she

Was given head to the other one after a while she was put in the doggie position and Kevin fucked her hard before the other bloke move around and ass fucked her for a while then Kevin tryied to get her to do dp but he could really get it right so she deep trout ed him till he came