Written by Anonymous

30 Apr 2019

Right now he's in the shower, I just picked out his clothes. He just picked out a bloke and soon he'll be on his way. This is my husband's first bisexual encounter and I'm more excited them him. As I lay in bed, listening to the water pour over his hot naked body, I think about all he's going to do tonight. My pussy is pulsating, I wonder if this is how he'll feel with his cock down another man's throat. My nipples are erect, so hard and so tender, I imaging this is how he will feel. He's getting dressed now, he's looking so gorgeous. Just put on his shorts, he doesn't need a belt. He's about to leave and I read the text between him and this mystery man. I'm thinking about the way he'll hold another man's cock in his hand, leaning forward as he takes the head and places it between his lips. As he swirls his tongue around the tip, tasting his first drop of pre cum. Him moving forward with his mouth moving down the shaft . The other man placing his hands on the back of my husband's head, forcing him to take more. Of the sensations the other man must be feeling. My pussy is pulsating and I find my hands buried between my legs, not knowing how they got there. I imaging my husband increasing his pace as he sucks, me increasing the pace I rub my clit. The thoughts in my head are running wild. I can't hold it. Ahh!! My heart is racing, I'm trying to catch my breath. One last thought in my mind, will his orgasm be as powerful as mine

Tags: bi, bisex, clit, gay, masterbation