Written by wetnhardwest

24 Sep 2012

Who would have thought that a shopping trip to Sydney could turn out to be a experience I will never forget , walking through a busy street after many hours of shopping could feel that I was being watched ! While waiting to cross a busy road a quite sexy older man caught my eye it was him who I've noticed watching me ,he stared straight at my cleavage you could see the dribble out of his mouth lol as we crossed the road he waited for us on the other side came up to me and whispered hi wetnhard I nearly died I was scared but horny at the same time , this man recognized me from the chat room yes he was older but he oozed sex I smiled all the time my nipples were getting harder I looked at my husband and he smiled and whispered go for it so I did I dragged this sexy stranger to a alley way got on my knees unzipped his jeans and started to suck away hubby watched in complete shock his pants were also bulging , pulled out his member and proceeded to suck them both off in broad daylight my pussy was dripping wet I then stood up bent over in front of this sexy stranger lifted my skirt pulled my knickers to the side and begged him to pound me while I sucked hubby off his cock was massive felt so good in my wet pussy he pounded me harder and harder I'm moaning with a mouthful of hubbys cock he proceeded to pound me till he coukdnt take anymore he had to cum and cum hard he did then it was hubbys turn thus stranger stood back and watched hubby finish me off kissed me and said goodbye by far this was the hottest spur of the moment fuck I will never forget it pays to get in chat and go.on cam cause you never know whom might recognise you ! Best shopping day I can remember