Written by honey_2009

20 Aug 2011

I had met this guy Clay on a dating website we went for dinner and decided to meet up again the next day.

The plan was to go for a walk at Murrays Beach but we ended up detouring to Catho Beach to the little pub there, it was packed with a band playing out the back so we decided to go for a walk on the beach and go back later.

It was one of those perfect warm winter days, we walked along the beach and headed up the beach under the old coal loader, there weren’t many people on the beach despite the beautiful day. We walked along stopping to kiss every now and I could feel myself getting wetter every time, I was hoping this was going to go further but I had no idea how good it was going to be.

As we got up to the far end of the beach we met an old guy there with his 2 dogs and stopped and chatted with him for a minute then continued on.

We got out of his view and it wasn’t long until the kisses started getting pretty heated, and Clay had my top pulled up sucking and biting on my nipples. It felt amazing his warm mouth mixed with the cool sea air. But I wanted more.

I made my way down to his pants to find he was hard and wanting more too.

I undid his pants and eased his warm hard cock out into the air and my wanting mouth. I felt so horny as I started to lick and suck him and smiled when I looked up to see his eyes closed and that he was enjoying it too.

I had never done something like this in the open before but it felt exhilarating.

As I was enjoying the taste and feel of him I looked up to see the old guy watching us but he wasn’t alone now. He had a woman with him too she was younger and was pretty with an attractive figure.

At first I was shocked but then I felt even more turned on knowing we were being watched.

I thought why not really make some fun of it so I smiled at the woman and gave her a nod to come over and join me.

She didn’t hesitate, I was pretty sure Clay wouldn’t mind so as I continued to suck and lick him she started pinching my nipples and slid her hand up under my skirt and into my pants to feel my now very wet pussy.

I smiled and put my finger over my lips to be quiet and as I slid my mouth off Clay she slid hers on.

He immediately felt the difference and opened his eyes to find both of us kneeling over him, his face broke into a grin and he lay back and groaned – I guess he was ok with it after all!!

We took turns at sucking him and feeling each other while the old guy watched on with his cock out giving it a good pull. As I got right into sucking on Clays now rock hard throbbing cock our friend moved down to lick and pleasure my aching pussy. Clay had eyes open wide enjoying it all now and watched as my face showed the pleasure of that first mind blowing orgasm she brought me to.

He wanted in now and rolled me over to take me from behind as our new friend positioned herself where I could give her a good licking too.

As he slammed his cock into me from behind she moved down under us and began licking his balls and cock as it slid out of me before ramming back in.

I could feel the pressure building with her warm breath on my pussy licking Clays balls and it didn’t take long before we both groaned in pleasure and blew our loads.

We all collapsed on the sand and I looked up to see our old mate had got off too watching us.

We all grinned at each other and got up to drag our clothes back into place, we said our goodbyes and headed to the pub to listen to the band and have a much needed beer.

I kept in contact with Clay for a while after that day but we were heading in different directions in our life and the timing was bad.

But it’s a day I won’t forget in a hurry and I’m looking forward to my next adventure whatever that may be.