Written by Idiot

4 Nov 2017

It was a very long time ago when I meet the most amazing and beautiful woman i had ever met, she was tall with long legs Curley long black hair and the most amazing bodoncardonk butt and stole my heart from the moment I layed my eyes on her.

We first meet about 18!years ago spoke a while before we decided to met each other and it was the best day of my life knowing I had found the one. It was easy at first coz it was early in our journey even tho we were so far apart only getting to see each other twice a week sometime 3 times but when we did see each other it was perfect. We where both young ambitious and very attractive, she was also deeply in love and happy.

As time passed us by we start telling each other about our sexual desires and what turned us on. We basically had the best sex after telling each other what we wanted to try. In time I started to like the idea of soft swinging (same room sex, doing it in the car, watching and being watch etc) it was all very new to us but I had tried things before I met here but never thought I'd be open to swinging. As time went past we started doing some of the things we spoke about it was such a turn on to see how wet and hard we both us to get, each and every sexual encounter was better then the last. She was not open to swinging as I was and didn't think anything of it as we only us to talk about it but me in the other hand really got obsessed with idea.

Anyway one day I opened an account on SH with out consulting her and letting her know. So I had spoken to a lot of wonder ppl from here but inly meet a couple.

The moment that changed her:

One night she was going through our computer and ended up seeing a browser with a swingers sight, me not knowing I forgot

To delete the history. She read through everything a realised I had done things on my own with out her knowing which deeply heart her, she also realised I was very much into 3somes and couples. Wen confronted inexplain everything and she was shocked. We took time apart which was the beginning of the end. We started speaking after some time but she could never really forgive or forget what I had done to her betraying her trust. The time really didn't heal anything but it changed her. I found out she had actually been on sites herself as she meet a few times. Not thinking anything of it she meet this one guy on many occasions and started falling for him.

When i had finally found out about it, it was to late I had lost her heart whiched ended up breaking mine. She moved on and found happiness as did I.

Chapter 2. To be continued.