Written by brissy couple

6 Oct 2012

This is true story and happened about 6 months ago. We had been chating to this couple, Sue and Mike, who wanted to play for the first time. We had swapped many emails, form both the male and female, and found out what they wanted. It was to be her first time trying bi, she wanted to try double penetration, and she wanted to be a little kinki. Well we dressed and set off waiting for the night to be cancelled, which ussually happens with beginners as nerves set in, but no call except to ask when we would arrive. My wife, Jess, had been playing with my cock all the way and i had been fingering her wet pussy in between and we were horny as.

When we arrived Sue was dressed to kill. We exchanged pleasantries, had a nibble on the hors devours, and had a drink. Sue had drunk too much, hoping the nerves would settle, but actually making her feel sick. She went to lie down and we continued chatting all the while Mike was apoligizing for Sue being sick. We understood and explained it happened to us. Mike said we could enjoy ourselves and he would watch as we had driven for over an hour and a half to get thier. My hot lady had my cock out in a jiffy. I said she must wait as i needed to taste pussy and removed her soaked undies and lay on the rug on the floor. I pulled her sweet pussy onto my face. My cock was so hard and Mike asked if he could wank himself as he watched. Jess said you better and she swung around and started wanking my cock and then asked him if he liked my cock. Mike said yes its very shiny and big. Jess asked him if he would play with it so she could watch. This was a first for me but i was buried in pussy so didnt care. He wanked my cock and before long asked if he could suck it. She said yes of course. My lady was grinding me hard watching this and let out a huge moan as she came on my face. Moments later Sue emerged from the bedroom and said how fucken horny that looks. Mike jumped up Startled, as this was his first time sucking cock and we didnt know, and Sue never knew he would suck cock either. She asked how could we start without her, laughing as she did, and apoligized for being tipsy. Its time for me to lick pussy and you men to watch, but before that i need to pee bad. Tess, never one to miss a trick, asked how kinki she felt. We had said in our emails we had a kinki side so would you like to enjoy with us. She said yes, for sure. My lady led her outside and took me by the hand. Jess gave Mike the camera and said take pics if you wish. Jess laid me on the ground naked and said to Sue we are now going to shower him. Sue said what do you mean and with that Jess stood over me and started peeing from top to bottom, then stopped, then asked Sue would she like a go. Without a moments hesitation it was hell yes, and she took position above me and let the pee flow. Sue peed for ages, the camera was clicking away, and Jess stood above my head and started showering me from the other end. Sue asked if she could pee on my face and Jess said lets both do it. I was like a telegraph pole and just as hard. The pee started to dribble and Jess said to Sue to sit on my face and make Tom clean your wet pussy. It tasted great. Sue pulled Jess close and started to lick her pussy clean. We decided it was cold and time for another drink and a shower. Sue , Jess and i got in the shower and Mike poured the drinks. We sat on the bed and discussed the events so far as we enjoyed our drinks.

As we sat all naked Sue said she now wanted to lick pussy and enjoy her first time. We sat back and i took pics of them kissing hotly. Why does 2 ladies kissing make a man so hard. They explored each other, Sue opened up Jess's pussy for camera shots and Jess did the same. The licking was intense and Sue took out her vibrator and asked Jess to fuck her with it. Jess fucked Sue and licked her clit. Sue was so horny it was under 10 minutes before she exploded in orgasm. Sue then kissed Mike and said can you taste her, and Jess did the same for me. Sue sat on Mikes cock as he lay thier and looked at Jess and said i have always wanted to be filled in both holes, do you mind. I thought i would get the Pussy and Mike the arse, but no, she wanted my cock to fill her arse. We tried for a while but Mike couldnt stay inside her. I was fucking her tight arse and Jess said to Sue it would be better if i laid down and she sat on my cock facing away, reverse cowgirl. Jess had this glint in her eyes and as we started fucking again Jess got Sue to lie back on me and started licking Sues clit and pussy. Mike lay under Jess and she plowed her pussy in his face. Jess grabbed the didlo and said this is the best we can do for double penetration and shoved the vibrating dildo up her wet and dripping pussy. Sue sighed deeply and i could feel the vibrations on my cock through her membrane wall. It took control not to cum yet. We fucked hard for ages and then Jess went one better and started to lick and suck Sue's clit. that was it. Sue went off like a fire cracker. I tried to hold on to her but she had saturated me in pussy juice and sue was sliding everywhere. Jess was lapping up the juices and after what seemed like minutes Sue finally came back to earth. Jess turned around and wanked Mikes cock and it just shot cum everywhere. We all just laughed. We sat back for a while and i said i need a shower after such a nice arse and headed off to the shower. I came back in the room and all eyes were on me. Jess and Sue lay me back down. They had a discussion and i was the only one that hadnt cum yet and they were going to treat me. I had hands and mouths all over my cock. i had my fingers in pussies and finally asked Jess to sit on my cock and fuck me. She knows how to move. She fucked me hard and bounced up and down. Sue tried to lick her clit but found it to hard so decided to use the vibrator on her clit. Jess screamed her orgasm and as she finished i asked her to wank me. Jess knew this meant i was close and wanked me hard and fast. Jess said for the others to watch out as i shoot cum everywhere. I didnt disappoint. Sue and Jess tried to get as much as they could in thier mouths but got more over their faces and in thier hair and even mike got hit at the end of the bed. Sue turned around and licked the cum of Mike, turned to Jess and said i better clean you too. What a sight to watch her lick the cum off my lady, and Jess to return the favour. I was spent, Jess lied next to me and we cuddled as we watched Mike get behind Sue and fuck her doggy style. It took Mike little time to pull out and shoot cum all over Sue's back. It was hot to watch. That was thier first time and lets say it wasnt thier last. We had to drive home to Brissy and it was 3 in the morning. Jess decided to keep me awake its best for her to play with me and she did a great job. We ggot home safe and sound, i bent her over the bonnet of the car and pounded her till my load sunk deep.