Written by BlueOnion

8 Jun 2012

I'll admit, when I walk into a room, I like everyone in it to notice me, always have, always will. That's why I wear as little as possible & what I do wear, stands out, either through it's bright colour or shortness.

This night I had been invited to an exclusive club by my boss, who was there entertaining three prospective new clients. I guess I was the eye candy, not that bothered me, wasn't if I hadn't used my looks & feminine whiles to my advantage before.

Anyhow, in I walked into what can only be described as the epitome of 19th Century England with the burgundy leather couches & chairs, elaborate chandeliers & mahogany tables spread about the room. It was a little on the dark side, but you still couldn't miss me in my red stilettos, black leather mini & short cropped white shirt with a clearly visible red lacy bra underneath.

The minute I walked in the murmur died to a hush as all heads in the room turned my way, just the way I like it. I walked up to the bar, noticing as I did that apart from the waiter, waitress, my boss & his 3 clients, there was no one else in the room.

I was immediately accosted by the waiter who took my vodka & tonic order as I walked over to meet my boss & his clients, who were all over from Europe. Clearly the boss wanted this deal & he was pulling out all the stops, expensive lunch & dinner in one of the city's most exclusive clubs. I knew which side by bread was buttered on too. if this deal went through then I was going to be well compensated, hopefully in more ways than one!

As I looked over it appeared the waiter & waitress were locked in a heated discussion. Both wanted to bring my drink over. I was used to that, happens all the time, though in this case I hope the waitress won out, she did look rather cute in her short black uniform which barely covered her well proportioned body.

As we sat down I was introduced to my boss' clients, Pierre from France, who I could tell instantly was somewhat of a ladies man, you just know these things, don't you? I'd say he was in his late 30's. Charles, in his early 40's from England who was carrying a few extra pounds around his midriff & Connor, the finance guy who was from Ireland & had the loveliest lilt to his accent & was the youngest in the group. Straight away my gay antenna registered, something I'm sure my boss was unaware of. Fortunately I was slightly ahead of the game here thinking of the waiter.

Anyhow, order seemed restored between the waiter & waitress as they alternated with drinks, which were really hitting the spot. Unbeknown to anyone I had removed my panties when I went to the toilet & from time to time I could see the waiter & waitress staring, dying to catch a glimpse & believe me I gave them a glimpse too!

After we had eaten I decided to take matters into my own hands by kissing the waitress passionately as she brought another round of drinks. She was shocked at my forwardness but didn't back away & she clearly loved the feel of my tongue in her mouth. I heard an audible & collective gasp as the 4 gentlemen on the table could barely contain themselves watching two very sexy girls kiss passionately.

I felt a presence behind me & knew it was the waiter, who was keen to be a part of the action. He began feeling me up, running his hands all over my breasts as I kissed the waitress. I could feel him pressing into me & knew he was hard, but I had other plans for him. For now though I let him get his thrills.

I undid my top & removed my bra, thrusting my erect nipples into the eager mouth of the waitress, who by now had abandoned all inhibitions. She sucked, licked & bit my nipples with relish as I slid my hand under her skirt & rubbed her through her knickers. I then undid her top & reciprocated, taking her lovely pink rosebud like nipples into my mouth.

I then pushed her onto one of the couches & removed all her clothing & wiggled my finger at our French playboy, who couldn't get out of his chair quickly enough. I suggested he move closer to the head of the waitress where he then undid his zip & removed his hardening cock & placed it near enough to the mouth of the waitress so she could suck it while I decided to lick her lovely waxed pussy, gently at first, just flicking my tongue at her clit as she started to suck to French cock.

I then pointed to my ass & the portly Englishman waggled over & slid his tongue in my ass & pussy from behind as I continued to lick the waitress who in turn sucked the Frenchman I must say, it felt rather good, not what I expected at all & I soon had his cock out & in me from behind. Fuck it felt good! And it was a nice long cock too!

The poor waiter was unsure of his role so i suggested he take care of the gay Irishman, to which he readily complied & began to suck some Irish cock.

So, there we all were, my boss sitting back playing with his cock, me licking a lovely waitress who in turn was sucking off the Frenchman whilst i was being brutally hammered by the tubby Englishman & the bi waiter sucking the gay Irishman off. All going along nicely, but time to change things up a little.

I lay the Frenchman on his back & straddled his cock from above him whist I gestured to the Englishman to fuck me too, I couldn't wait to feel his big cock in my ass. I love the feeling of being fucked by 2 cocks at the same time & was even more turned on as I saw the waitress being fucked from behind by the waiter who in turn had the Irishman buried deep in his ass, what a fucking turn on!

I was hungry for cock & it felt good being furiously fucked by the English & Frenchmen. I wanted their cum all over me, my tits, my face, my hair, my mouth, my cunt, it didn't matter where, I just wanted the feel of their spunk on me or in me.

The first to cum was the Englishman who pulled his cock out & sprayed a huge load of cum all over my ass & back. I rubbed it in as I continued to fuck the Frenchman who I could tell was getting closer to cumming himself. I hopped off his cock & took it in my mouth, I decided it was time for a treat & being a good little cum slut I wasn't going to miss out as I felt him explode deep in my throat, nice thick & warm. I continued licking his cock, tasting every last drop I could.

I looked up to see the Irishman spilling his seed into the waiter who in turn was about to cum himself. I quickly moved to the waiter & took his cock out of the waitress & greedily into my mouth. The waitress joined in & we sucked his cock together as he came in my mouth. I decided to share & savagely kissed the waitress passing most of the cum to her, but not all of it. Didn't I tell you I was a cum slut?

I wasn't finished though, I get the waiter onto all fours & slid my dirty slutty tongue deep in his ass, licking & sucking up the Irishman's cum & thought fuck it! I then sucked my boss' cock until he too blasted a load down my throat.

What an evening, loads of cum, lots of cock, some pussy to lick, a deal got done & I got a bonus!