Written by MsD (MrMsD)

23 Jul 2016

His brilliant blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight and set her heart afire. This night began the journey in exploration of his sexual being of which she gratefully shared. Arriving at their destination she felt her heart beating and excitement in the evening ahead. The couple greeted her and her live with open arms and ushered them to the living room warmed by a fire and softened by the glow of candles. They talked, they breathed, they became aroused and their thoughts became one in desire. The couples gently disrobed passionately kissing their partners and caressing their bodies. The men proud of their glorious hard cocks approached each other and gently touching hands. Slowly they touched each others cocks,feeling the sensations and hardening under each others touch. She longed for this moment and gasped as her lover slowly lowered the man onto the lounge playing with this lovely strangers large hard cock and stroking his nipples. Her lover lowered his head to the strangers cock licking the head and then darting his tongue along the wet red shaft...the stranger groaned and arched his back as her lover sucked his cock and pleaded for more. The strangers wife so aroused with her pussy dripping kissed her husband and straddled over him, her pussy now in his face. She groaned as he licked her pussy gently at first then harder as her clit engorged. The stranger was groaning as the man continued to explore his bountiful cock , sucking his balls and fingering his arse. . his woman walked to him and lowered herself to the floor edging herself beneath those perfect balls and cock and gently massaged them, feeling their heat and size and wanting to taste his cum as much as he wanted the cum of the stranger in his mouth and on his face. The room was filled with the smell of sweat and sex and the beautiful groans of the couples. She loved her partner as a whole beautiful man who aroused and stirred her mind and body beyond this life. She felt his cock in her mouth and knew his peak was near....she loved his sweet taste. He in turn knew that the strangers cock in his greedy mouth would soon explode and although wanted all the cum...also desired to taste the juices of the strangers wife . He indicated for the wife to lower herself on the lounge and for her husband to stand over her.....he manouved his body to keep his mouth on the cock of the stranger as he stood over the wife....she opened her legs to show her pink wet pussy. He could taste the precum of the stranger and knew that the sweet man juices would soon arrive.... as the explosion commenced he grasped the strangers shaft onto the strangers wifes pussy and let the cum flow. Mutual groans filled the room and the male lover lowered his mouth onto the strangers wife dripping pussy and licked the combined juices with passion. Feeling his lovers hands on his cock and lips on his balls he knew that the combined efforts of the couples would soon end ....but what a magical evening.... he felt his climax and his cum being sucked by his beautiful ranga woman and knew he was loved and contentin his life and sexuality. He reached and kissed his lover and felted her beating heart through her beautiful breasts and they layed in each others arms and glancing briefly at the strangers equally wrapped in each others arms. They knew that what they shared was more than just sex....it was erotic love in its perfection......